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ART 100 Art Appreciation(3.0 hours) Web
Partial fulfillment of the humanities requirement for all students. Expressive, formal and technical components are explored in a manner designed to provide the student with a more complete understanding and appreciation of the visual arts.15, 1 paper, 2 quizzes, 2 (midterm after lesson 6)
Meets General Education Requirement: B-II Humanities, Electives

ART 325 Art of Asia, Africa, and the Americas(3.0 hours) Web
Prerequisite: ART 105 and ART 106, or junior standing with permission of instructor
Visual arts of indigenous cultures from four continents: Asia, the Americas and Africa.4 modules w/18 lessons, 1 paper, 1

ART 334 Survey of Graphic Design(3.0 hours) Web
Prerequisite: ART 105, 106, 231 or approval of instructor.
This course investigates the evolution of graphic design from pre-historic visual communications through the computer graphics revolution.15 lessons, 1 exam (Final)

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