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Independent Learning Courses


MGT 200 Legal Environment of Business(3.0 hours) Web
Prerequisite: Sophomore Standing
An introduction to the American public law system; use of law to achieve economic and social goals; legal responsibilities of the business manager.No lessons, 3 exams

MGT 210 Organization and Management(3.0 hours) Web
Prerequisite: Sophomore standing
An introduction to organization theory and organizational behavior. The course focuses on managing people and material resources to enhance organizational productivity and effectiveness. Attention is given to the managerial functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling.4 modules, 4 exams

MGT 313 Decision Modeling(3.0 hours) Web
Prerequisite: ECON 206, CIS 243
This course deals with modeling problems that are similar to those faced by business managers. The problem is viewed as the focal point of analysis, and appropriate decision modeling tools are applied to obtain a solution.3 modules, 3 exams

MGT 361 Business Communication Fundamentals(3.0 hours) Web
Emphasis on communication fundamentals essential for business. Electronic communications in the business environment, research tools for business, reports, presentations, resumes and correspondences.5 modules, 3 exams (only Final to be proctored)

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