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Public Health

PH 100 Personal Health(3.0 hours) Web
Examines behaviors and environmental conditions that enhance or hinder an individual21 lessons, 1 exam
Meets General Education Requirement: F Health and Wellness

PH 165 Drug Abuse(3.0 hours) Web
This course offers an opportunity for the student to explore the drug culture, and both healthful and harmful use of drugs. The scope will include marijuana, hallucinogens, narcotics, stimulants, depressants and volatile chemicals. Pharmacological, psychological and sociological aspects of drug abuse will be studied through individual research, group discussion, lectures and field trips when practical. Equivalent to HED 165C.18 lessons, 18 quizzes, 1 exam
Meets General Education Requirement: F Health and Wellness

PH 261 Foundations of Health Education(3.0 hours) Web
Prerequisite: PH 100
An introduction to the discipline of health education, including history, theoretical basis, comparison and contrast of work settings, ethics, professional organizations, and perspectives on the future.10 lessons, 1 exam

PH 365 Human Sexuality(3.0 hours) Mail, Web
Prerequisite: PH 100 and junior standing
Examines sociological, physiological, and psychological aspects of human sexuality in relation to family life, courtship, marriage, reproduction, education, and aging. Includes information on sexual assault, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and HIV/ AIDS.18 lessons, 1 exam

PH 381 Community Health(3.0 hours) Mail, Web
Prerequisite: PH 261 or appropriate background
Study of international, national, state and local health problems, and the governmental, voluntary and private sectors of the health care system. Emphasis is placed upon preventative strategies appropriate for contemporary public health concerns.18 lessons, 1 exam

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