Western Kentucky University

Intramural Pro Pick em

Pro Pick em'

Please use the instructions below to register for the NFL Pro Pick Em Challenge

1. Go to the website, sports.yahoo.com

2. Click the Fantasy Button on the left of the page.

3. Click on the Pro Pick Em Button, middle of the page on the right column.

4. Select Join a Group

5. Enter the following information

  • ID # 24417, 37677, or 37682

    • Some of the groups may be full, so try each ID # until you are added to the group

  • Password: hilltopper13

6. Your team name should be your full name along with your organization and you want your entry to count for All-University points. If you are not a part of an organization your team name will be your name

7. Once Completed you can then select the winners of each game for the current week


Enjoy and Good Luck to all participants!

 Last Modified 9/5/13