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Shrikant Pawar

Shrikant Pawar

Full Name: Shrikant Pawar
Home City & Country: Khopoli, India
Degree & Major at WKU: Masters in Biology
Graduation semester: Spring 2012

"I had a very positive experience at WKU, especially in terms of research projects, faculty, research tools, and growth cultivating environment. I am thankful to my adviser's (Dr. Rinehart and Dr. Davis), the Biology department, and all my WKU friends who motivated me to give my best. I would like to specifically thank my international student office for giving me the opportunity to do my internship at Cornell University which has immensely helped me to gain research experience and future job and Ph.D. education opportunities."

What your immediate plans are after graduation?
"I am planning to do my Ph.D. Program in Biology with some reputed universities in my field, and have already secured a few positions in Kentucky and Georgia."

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