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Clickers Faculty Instructions

Prior to the Session

  1. Be certain that your classroom is TurningPoint ready.
    • Instructional Technology personnel will be responsible for installing TurningPoint for any classroom. Request classroom setup
  2. Download the TurningPoint software
  3. Install the TurningPoint software onto your office computer.
  4. Tell your students to register their clickers by going to Blackboard.  See the Student Instructions page for more info.
  5. Create a TurningPoint-enabled presentation
  6. Download and save your participant list to a USB Flash drive.

During the Session

  1. Launch TurningPoint. (If PowerPoint is open, close it and launch TurningPoint from the icon on the desktop.)
  2. Open your TurningPoint-enabled presentation and choose your participant list.
  3. Provide your students with the channel number:
    • A channel number will be assigned for each classroom on campus.  Create a "channel number" slide in your PowerPoint presentation so that students will know what channel their clickers should be set to in the classroom. Ask students to make certain that their clicker channel number matches the channel number listed on the slide.
    • Students change their clicker channel as follows:
      • Press the Go or Ch button.
      • Press the channel number (ex: 04 for 4, 13 for 13).
      • Press the Go or Ch button again.
  4. Reset your session before you begin.
  5. Run your TurningPoint Session.

After the Session

  1. Save your TurningPoint Session to your USB Flash Drive.

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