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Information Technology Security

Welcome to Western Kentucky University's website for information technology security. Here you will find information on security threats and steps you can take to better protect yourself and the campus network from such threats.  WKU is committed to providing a safe and productive network for both students and staff. To that end, we've outlined several areas of safe computing that you can read by following the links on the left.

The information technology security office performs many roles to help improve the security of WKU's network. This includes managing various campus firewalls, anti-virus services, update services, and helping to inform both students and staff in safe computing practices.

DMCA complains are also handled by the security office, as required by Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Higher Education Opportunity Act. Follow the File Sharing link to the right to learn more about file sharing and how to protect yourself.

If you have any unanswered questions related to information security, please email itsecurity@wku.edu

Network Secuirty


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