Western Kentucky University

Minor in Digital Advertising

For students in the catalog year 2010 and thereafter the following curriculum applies:

The minor in digital advertising (reference number 351) requires 24 semester hours of course work and is appropriate for students interested in developing a better understanding of advertising utilizing emerging digital communication technologies. Students pursuing the minor will complete a core group of six classes and then select one track from the areas of branding, interactive advertising design, or print advertising design.

Core courses include: BCOM 201, JOUR 202, MKT 220, JOUR 232, 341, 340. Advertising minors selecting the branding track are required to take JOUR 346 and 349. Minors who select the interactive advertising design track are required to take JOUR 344 and 348. Minors that choose the print advertising design track are required to take JOUR 345 and either JOUR 343 or ART 331.

 Last Modified 7/23/13