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A Message from the Director

Welcome to WKU. I am delighted you have visited the WKU Judicial Affairs webpage.  This message is to all students of the main campus, Commonwealth School, extended campuses (Elizabethtown/Radcliff/  Fort Knox, Glasgow and WKU-O) and visitors to WKU. Your decision to view our webpage gives our office the opportunity to share some of the standards and expectations set for all students and guests of WKU.

It is the expectation of The Office of Judicial Affairs that all behavior is in accordance with the Students Rights and Responsibilities.  All conduct must reflect that of a positive WKU citizen. As a WKU student or guest you are to be guided by the principles of an active citizen in our community. As a member of this community you are expected to respect the rights of others in the greater spirit of higher education, no matter what their role may be. The Office of Judicial Affairs expects high standards of behavior of students, non-students, guests and visitors to our campuses.  This also applies both in and out of the classroom, on or off-campus. 

The University adopts rules and regulations that are necessary for the orderly, harmonious, and beneficial functioning of the WKU Community.  Accordingly, all WKU students must adhere to those known as the Student Code of Conduct. All students have the responsibility to recognize that their actions reflect upon each individual and the entire university community you are a member of.

To all students-I am pleased you have chosen WKU as your institution of Higher Education. Please work hard in the classroom and have responsible fun during your time as a WKU student.

I thank you for viewing our home page.  Please take some additional time to review our entire site as you will find more information about the Judicial Affairs. The Student Handbook also has information for everyone—prospective students, students, parents, staff, alumni, and professional colleagues.


My Best!


Michael P. Crowe, Jr.                                                                                          Director of Judicial Affairs


Our mission is to maintain a campus community conducive to a positive learning environment.



Promoting Ethics, Integrity, Civility and Responsibility of all Students







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