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About Judicial Affairs

The Office of Judicial Affairs is the “Judicial Umbrella” at Western Kentucky University. Within the Division of Student Affairs, direct supervisory jurisdiction of disciplinary matters involving violations of The Student Handbook is assumed by the Director of Judicial Affairs who serves as the chief judicial officer of the University.  Under the direction of the Office of Judicial Affairs, the WKU Student Handbook will be reviewed every two years.



In order to foster an environment where student learning and growth can be maximized, The Office of Judicial Affairs has a responsibility to ensure that disruptions to the University Community are handled in an educational, fair, and timely manner.

In an effort to achieve these goals while keeping our community an environment conducive for learning, the office holds students accountable for their behavior who may violate the WKU Student Code of Conduct – in and outside of the classroom – whether on university property or off-campus.

 Last Modified 7/23/13