Western Kentucky University

2012 Kentucky Engagement Conference

State-wide Planning Committee

Eastern Kentucky University  - Karrie Adkins, Amy Martin, and Sara Zeigler

Kentucky Campus Compact - Gayle Hilleke

Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education - Melissa Bell and Linda Linville

Kentucky State University  - Anne Butler and Irma Johnson

Morehead State University  -  Louise Cooper and Jeffrey Marshall

Murray State University - Robin Esau, Kelly Rogers, Amber Schaudt, and Gina Winchester

Northern Kentucky University - Carole Beere, Jan Hillard, Mark Neikirk

Office of the Secretary of State - Matt Daley

University of Kentucky - Philip Greasley and Connie Robertson

University of Kentucky Area Health Education Centers -Seth Anderson, Janet Jones, and Jim Norton

University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension - Karen Ramage

University of Louisville - Henry Cunningham and Ralph Fitzpatrick

Western Kentucky University

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