Western Kentucky University

Civil War Exhibit

A Star in Both Flags: Conflict in Kentucky

To book a field trip email Christy Spurlock or call, 270.745.6082

Photo of Civil War exhibit entrance

The Civil War, 1861 - 1865, split the nation apart. Kentucky, a southern state with strong ties to north and south, was caught in the middle. This interactive exhibit explores the Civil War in Kentucky. Field trip students will be guided by a costumed docent and engage in a variety of hands-on activities depending upon grade level. Examples of activities include dressing in period clothing, packing a haversack, and preparing a battlefield sling.

Classroom Printables

Civil War Codes Civil War Decoding Haversack CSA
Bandages & Wounds Housewives Haversack USA
Word Search Scouting  Civil War Timeline


Civil War exhibit with flags and guide

Civil War fieldtrip with docent and students  Photo of Civil War tent

Civil War era dresses  


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