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WKU Archives Bibliography - Glasgow Normal School

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Historical Facts of Glasgow Normal School

Citation: "Historical Facts of First Normal School of Glasgow and Bowling Green," Bowling Green, Kentucky Scrapbook No. 1, p. 52, Kentucky Library.

A writer in a recent issue of the Glasgow Times gives some interesting history of a normal school that was conducted in that city back in the Seventies.

It might be news to many citizens of Bowling Green to know that our two large educational institutions of which we are so justly proud, had a most vital connection with the Normal School founded first in Glasgow in 1874.

Among other historical facts leading up to the founding of that school the writer says:

"In 1874, Prof. A.W. Mell, fresh from the National Normal School of Lebanon, Ohio, came to Glasgow and took over the Urania College building and established the Glasgow Normal School. The Normal School at Lebanon was an innovation. Prof. Alfred Holbrook had originated this system of teaching and he and his methods of teaching were both under fire continually. Prof. Mell met with this same opposition in Glasgow. This system of education, as its name suggests, was something new and novel in Glasgow and old manners and established customs die hard, but the years have proved that this system is vastly superior to the old time one. In the Normal School, boys and girls were taught together, a course of study was arranged which greatly shortened the time required for graduation, the cost of tuition, board, books, etc., was greatly lowered and everything excepet [sic] the instruction was much reduced.

In telling more of the offers made by the school, the writer says:

"Text books can be rented at a small cost. A full corps of teachers will be employed throughout the term. New Classes will be formed in the ordinary branches, with special classes in surveying, bookkeeping, rhetoric and algebra. Special attention will be given to the training of teachers, in view of their work in the public and graded schools. Prof. J.C. Ridge, Cincinnati, will deliver a course of lectures during the coming term; thus affording to ladies and gentlemen the privilege of attending upon superior and skilled instruction in the art of elocution.

"Prof. A.W. Mell remained with the Glasgow Normal School for several years and did an excellent and lasting work. After he was joined by Prof. Tom Williams they decided to move to Bowling Green and establish a Normal School there, and the Glasgow Normal School passed into other hands. Out of the school established in Bowling Green came two very flourishing schools in that city today – the Western Kentucky State Teachers' College and the Bowling Green Business University.

Glasgow Normal School Alumni

Citation: Typed list of alumni of unidentified origin, 1876-1906 found in UA95, combined with article by "Old Urania College," by E.B. Terry from unidentified publication and other sources in University Archives. The typescript list probably includes graduates of the Southern Normal School. The list below is for the years 1876-1890 which reflects the Glasgow Normal School years.

Adams, Lizzie 1884 Dickinson, T.P. 1881 Neighbors, Basley 1879 
Alexander, James 1885 Dinning, James 1886 Newman, C.C. 1879
Alexander, Mollie 1887 Downs, J.M.N. 1886 Norris, Ed 1885
Angel, Louise 1883 Downs, May 1882; 1886 Owsley, Eugene 1884
Austin, John 1876 Eagleton, William 1884 Owsley, Lula 1884
Avis, R.K. 1884 Easton, C.D. 1881 Pare, Ada 1882
Bagby, Anna 1876 Ellis, B.G. 1876 Peterman, A.L. 1882 
Bailey, Lizzie 1882 Ellison, Eugene 1880 Pettingill, Bettie 1879 
Baird, Virgil 1886 Eubank, G.H. 1881 Phillips, B.S. 1878 
Baker, Sallie 1882 Eubanks, John 1878 Porter, E.H. 1882 
Baker, W.M. 1887 Evans, W.M. 1885 Rachford, James 1883  
Barlow, Kate 1882 Fawkles, Mark 1886 Ragleton, W.L. 1884
Beals, Callie 1889 Ford, Preston 1877 Renfro, G.Y. 1880 
Bell, J.F. 1880 Fry, W.H. 1886 Roaten, W.C. 1884 
Bell, L.W. 1882 Garner, Annie 1884 Robinson, Wallace 
Biggers, J.U. 1878 Gibson, S.F. 1882 Rousseau, I.L. 1885 
Black, Powell 1885 Gillenwater, J.D. 1885 Sanderson, Laura 1880 
Bloomer, Margaret 1886 Guthrie, Emma 1879 Shepherd, Lula 1880 
Bohannon, Elizabeth Hagan, J.M. 1882 Shepherd, W.W. 1879
Bohannon, Frances 1884 Hamlett, Mrs. Charles '76 Shipley, E.A. 1882
Booth, Eliza 1886 Hammer, Billy 1885 Shipworth, J.L. 1880
Booth, P.C. 1886 Hammer, John 1882 Sill, Charles 1886
Brents, J. Morgan 1880 Huddleston, A.A. 1887 Smith, Annie 1877
Brooks, James 1881 Imes, A.W. 1886 Smith, Burton 1886
Brown, Augustus 1886 Jones, Lillie 1879 Smith, Cleo 1885
Brownlee, Velona 1883 Jones, S.T. 1876 Smith, W.B. 1878
Bryan, A. Russell 1885 Kean, Cyrus 1885 Smith, W.S. 1885
Burchette, James 1886 Kelly, Dr. ? 1886 Snoddy, A.T. 1885
Burdette, Edna 1890 Leibing, Ella 1880 Snoddy, B.A. 1881
Burks, W.S. 1880  Loggins, T.B. 1886 Snoddy, Bettie 1881
Bybee, Bettie 1876  Martin, Minnie 1882 Snoddy Hayden 1878
Bybee, Rose 1885 Mayfield, Lizzie 1881  Spangler, Jennie 1886
Caldwell, Sallie 1885  McBeath, J. Mark 1884  Spear, Milton 1876
Carey, Dora 1885  McBeath, Theophilus 1884 Taylor, A.C. 1876
Chandler, J.L. 1884  McBeath, Tom J. 1882 Terry, Dora 1879
Childers, G.C. 1879  McCrackin, Pearl 1885  Tharp, Mary 1884
Craddock, G. Porter '84  McCreary, J.R. 1885  Thompson, Elizabeth 1884
Craddock, William 1884  McCuiston, E.H. 1876  Thompson, Stella 1884
Craven, James 1886  McIntyre, Tandy Tucker, Lizzie 1880
Crawford, J.C. 1886  McKenney, Ella 1886  Turner, L.W. 1885
Cummins, J.B. 1887  McMillan, Benton 1886  Unstatter, J.W. 1886
Davies, W.J. 1881  Meek, Fannie 1886  Venable, Lizzie 1886
Depew, George 1886  Mell, A.W. 1877  Watson, Sallie 1880
Devasher, D.M. 1886  Mell, M.P. 1877  White, John 1881
Devasher, George 1886  Mills, Estelle 1876  Wilborne, M.E. 1880
Devasher, Lela 1877  Mitchell, Florrie 1880  Williams, J. Tom 1877
Dickey, Joseph 1881  Murray, Captola 1882  Woodson, G.C. 1876
Dickey, Leslie 1882  Needles, Stanton 1886 Young, Florence 1886


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