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Western Kentucky University

WKU Archives - Faculty/Staff List - B Surnames

This is an alphabetical listing of faculty and some staff who have worked at Western Kentucky University compiled from a variety of sources. WKU Archives does not hold files on all former employees. This list does not include current members of the faculty and is a work in progress.

Personnel records of faculty and staff may include information regarding education, awards, honors and correspondence. Directory information regarding deceased faculty or those who left the university 30 or more years ago may be made available to patrons by request in the Harrison-Baird reading room. 

These records are in WKU Archives record group UA1D University Wide Personnel File.  A collection inventory of open files is available on TopScholar and will be updated quarterly as the records are processed. For more information contact the WKU Archives at









Baali, Fuad Sociology 1968-? no file
Baali, Linda
Babbs, George ?-9/1/1960
Baber, Eldora Counselor Education 6/16/1970-7/31/1970
Baber, J.A. no file
Babcock, James Foreign Languages 1968-?
Backer, Thomas History 9/1/1968-6/1969
Bagwell, Loyce Business 1975?-9/20/1975
Bailey, Bobby Physical Plant 10/1/1967-12/6/1977
Bailey, Buford Maintenance 9/1/1966-3/17/1969
Bailey, Charles
Bailey, Deborah Financial Aid 1974-3/31/1977
Bailey, Dessie
Bailey, Don Biology 1962-? no file
Bailey, Dorothy Nursing 2/1/1969-1969
Bailey, H. B. Maintenance 1/1/1962-8/31/1962
Bailey, Howard
Bailey, Jennifer Biology 12/18/1968-5/17/1971
Bailey, Katesie General Teaching 1911-1912 no file
Bailey, Marilyn WKU-Ft. Knox 1977-?
Bailey, Miriam English 9/1/1967-5/15/1970
Bailey, Paul Biology 1979-1980
Bailey, Philip Media Services 1980-?
Bailey, Sylvia ?-1958
Bailey, Wilson Physical Plant 4/1/1967-4/8/1976
Baillie, Sheila
Bain, Janice Home Economics 1972-1979
Baird, Nancy Library Special Collections 1975-2010 no file
Baize, Robert Media Services 1975-?
Baker, Brenda Food Services 4/23/1975-3/1/1976
Baker, Clarence Physical Education 3/1/1975-8/15/1984
Baker, David Food Services 10/18/1965-11/30/1965
Baker, Don Psychology 1963-1964
Baker, James History 1968-
Baker, James Physical Plant 7/27/1977-8/1/1977
Baker, John Military Science 1976-? no file
Baker, Karla
Baker, Kathy
Baker, Larry Physical Plant 4/8/1970-7/23/1970
Baker, Ralph Physical Education 8/16/1971-10/21/1974
Baker, Robert
Baker, Ruby Physical Plant 4/14/1969-8/13/1971
Baker, William Chemistry 1933-1941
Baldwin, Thomas Foreign Language 1968-? no file
Baldy, Mary Registrar's Office
Bale, Gertrude Music 1949-6/30/1975
Balfantz, Gary Student Affairs 8/15/1974-1975
Ball, Edward School Administration 8/16/1971-7/15/1978
Ball, Frederick Biology & Physics 8/16/1976-8/15/1977
Ball, Judith Communication & Theatre 1/17/1977-7/15/1977
Ballard, Roy Agriculture 1947-1948
Ballard, Sue Dean of Students 6/13/1961-1962
Balser, Diann Dining Services 1979
Balser, James Engineering Technology 1978-1979
Bandy, Randy Physical Plant 10/4/1978-12/7/1978
Banks, Betty Applied Arts & Health 1/2/1973-3/30/1973
Banks, Blanche Public Safety 4/1/1977-1/2/1978
Banks, James Chemistry 9/1/1964-9/1/1966
Bannister, David Physical Plant 2/16/1972-6/18/1972
Barbee, Marvin Food Services 11/6/1976-8/25/1978
Barber, Charles Physical Plant 4/17/1978-11/22/1978
Barber, Karen University Archives 1977-?
Barber, Nancy Education 6/16/1964-8/7/1964
Barbour, Roger Biology 1942-1943
Barbre, Norris Physics 1943-1948 B27 F55
Barclay, Anna Model School 1907-1908 no file
Barden, John Sociology 2/1/1973-5/31/1973
Barkawi, Husam
Barker, Beverly Student Affairs 7/5/1977-1977
Barks, Rita Library Services 6/1/1966-8/31/1972
Barksdale, James Mathematics 1969-? no file
Barlow, Deborah
Barnaby, Gerald
Barnard, Ethel Education 1936-1964
Barnard, Tonya Library Services 2/2/1970-11/18/1971
Barnes, Carl Industrial Arts 1929-1961
Barnes, Curtis
Barnes, Cynthia
Barnes, May
Barnes, Ruth
Barnett, David Food Services 8/22/1975-11/25/1975
Barnett, Phyllis History 10/24/1977-1977
Barnhardt, Edward Physics 6/1/1962-1965
Barnhill, Mary English 1930-?
Barning, Sandra Counselor Education 6/24/1968-9/27/1968
Barrett, Katherine Computer Services 7/2/1977-8/15/1977
Barrick, John Recreational Activities 1980
Barron, Daphne Academic Libraries 1978-1980
Barrow, Jodie
Barrow, Joyce Food Services 3/1/1976-11/5/1976
Bartl, Johanna Admissions 1975-1978
Barton, Brenda Nursing 6/13/1972-8/4/1972
Barton, Rita Food Services 8/29/1974-8/23/1976
Barwick, Steven Music 1951-1954
Basenback, Angie Registrar's Office 1928-1930
Basham, James Physical Plant ?-7/25/1975
Basham, Janice Student Affairs 8/13/1969-2/28/1975
Basham, Margaret Physical Plant 2/9/1970-8/20/1976
Basham, Marvin Physical Plant
Basham, Patricia Dean of Students Office 5/11/1962-1/31/1965
Basham, Phil Eagle Prep 1973-1974
Basham, Ray Physical Plant 10/14/1968-9/9/1976
Basham, Suzie Bookstore 9/14/1976-1976
Basham, Terri
Basham, Wendolyn Physical Plant 1/16/1969-1/3/1977
Baskerville, Jesse
Bateman, Kenneth Physical Plant 8/22/1977-10/22/1977
Bates, Clyde Economics 9/11/1961-8/31/1963
Bates, Dean Physical Plant 1979
Bates, Georgia President's Office 1956-1979
Bates, Irene Student Financial Aid 1974-1979
Bates, Margo Physical Plant 1976-1980
Bates, Martha Kentucky Library 1945-1946 no file
Bates, Mary Library Services 1976
Bates, Mary Undergraduate Instruction 2/2/1970-6/30/1970
Bates, Wilfred Education 9/1/1968-8/31/1970
Bath, Patricia Dean of Business Office 9/27/1976-10/8/1976
Batson, Michael Eagle Prep 1/2/1974-8/13/1976
Baughman, Billie Nursing 1970-? no file
Baughman, Henry Health & Safety 1970-? no file
Baum, Robert Health & Safety 1972-? no file
Baumeister, Brenda Student Affairs 8/11/1975-5/17/1976
Bausser, Janet Library Services 8/1/1973-8/15/1976
Baxter, Karen Teacher Corps 1979-1980
Baxter, Luther Agriculture 8/1/1958-1/31/1966
Baxter, Robert Engineering Technology 1977-? no file
Baxter, William Music 1949-1951 B27 F58
Baynes, Carol Food Services 2/27/1974-5/2/1974
Baynham, Nell Training School 1924-1925 no file

Beach, Bennie Music 1953-1981
Beach, Elinor Voice 1915-1918
Beach, Hazel Training School 1951-1952 no file
Beach, Pearl Jones-Jaggers 1968-?
Beale, Elizabeth Training School 1921-1925
Beal, Ernest Biology 1968-7/1/1978
Beam, Glenna University-School Relations 8/16/1976-12/23/1976
Beamish, Julia
Bean, Dianna Jones-Jaggers 6/28/1976-7/30/1976
Bean, Earl Library Services 8/16/1974-8/31/1976
Bean, Jerry Physical Education 6/15/1971-5/13/1976
Bean, Martha Reading & Special Education 10/29/1973-3/14/1974
Beard, Bettina
Beard, Brenda Office Administration 9/1/1966-2/28/1967
Beard, Jerry Accounting & Finance 9/1963-1966
Beard, Sue Student Affairs 9/1/1960-7/31/1978
Beard, W.A. Engineering Technology 1969-? no file
Bearden, William Marketing 8/16/1975-8/15/1976
Beasley, Louise Training School 1908-1911 no file
Beasley, Phoebe Physical Plant 9/1/1966-12/22/1972
Beasley, Theodore Physical Plant 9/1/1966-4/7/1971
Beason, Sheila Bookstore 1979
Beauchamp, Katherine Training School 1927-? no file
Beauchamp, Peggy Registrar 6/1/1969-3/31/1971
Bechtel, James Purchasing 8/25/1970-12/24/1970
Bechtel, Terrance Student Affairs 1976-1979
Beck, Elton Education 9/1/1961-1962
Beck, Howard Physical Plant 1980-?
Beck, Jacqueline Nursing 9/1/1966-8/31/1968
Beck, James Education 1966 1969-? no file
Beck, James Human Relations Center 1966-8/31/1968
Beck, Janice Military Science ?-1980 B29 F5
Beck, Louis Sociology & Anthropology 9/1/1969-10/27/1986
Becker, James Jones-Jaggers 1975-? no file
Beckham, Chester Physical Plant 5/21/1975-3/31/1976
Beckham, Sandra Nursing 5/16/1977-8/19/1977
Beckner, Carroll Medical Records 8/16/1976-6/30/1978
Beckner, Darrell Facilities Management 1977-1979
Beckner, Walter Physical Plant 6/29/1972-5/31/1973
Bedel, Alvin Agriculture 1977-? no file
Beeckler, Diane
Beeler, Mary Education 1909-1910 no file
Beeler, Warren Agriculture 1980-1981
Belcastro, Philip Health & Safety 1/7/1974-5/15/1974
Belcher, Doris Physical Plant 8/28/1975-8/29/1975
Belcher, Lyle Physical Plant 1979-1980
Belk, Robert Physical Plant 1976-?
Bell, Barry Student Affairs 1980
Bell, Belinda Library Services 10/23/1978-1/12/1979
Bell, Clara Dining Services ?-1980
Bell, Joyce Sociology 9/20/1965-1/28/1966
Bell, Lewis Tax Research Center 7/1/1965-8/31/1968
Bell, M.D.
Bell, Marvin Physics 9/1/1965-8/31/1967
Bell, Rhea Physical Plant 8/31/1971-10/5/1978
Bell, Roy Military Science 1941-?
Beller, Linda Physical Plant 4/26/1971-10/9/1978
Beller, Rex Public Safety 1/17/1974-2/11/1976
Bellis, Robert Physics & Astronomy 1975-?
Bellomo, Betty Dining Services ?-1979
Bellwood, Saundra Student Affairs 6/14/1969-5/31/1970
Bemis, Jack Music 9/1/1965-1966
Benardot, Dan Home Economics & Family Living 1979-1981
Benardot, Deborah
Benefield, Lyman Military Science 1976-? no file
Bennett, George Biology 1954-6/30/1974
Bennett, James History 1960-1991
Bennett, Nina Home Economics 9/1961-1962
Benninga, Jacques Jones-Jaggers 1/1/1976-8/15/1977
Benninga, Suzanne Faculty Research Grant 1977
Benningfield, Patricia English & Eagle Prep 4/10/1972-7/1/1974
Benningfield, Sandra Physical Education 9/2/1969-5/29/1970
Benningfield, Vicki Veterans Affairs 3/5/1974-1/10/1975
Benson, LaVonn English 9/1/1962-1965
Bentley, Annette Nursing 8/20/1975-8/17/1976
Bentley, Dorothy Mathematics & Computer Science 5/3/1977-1978
Bentley, Edith Nursing 8/16/1976-8/15/1977
Bentley, Judy Grants & Contracts 5/15/1974-12/31/1974
Bercowetz, Patricia C. Financial Aid 9/6/1974-8/11/1975
Bernardo, Nan Library Services 9/16/1968-10/17/1968
Bernot, Elizabeth Registrar's Office 1979 B29 F12
Berry, Charlene Student Affairs 2/20/1965-1966
Berry, Larry Student Affairs 9/1/1967-9/6/1979
Berry, Lottie Physical Plant 1959?-6/30/1974
Berry, Merlin History 9/1/1964-9/1/1966
Berry, Willie Sociology 1968-? no file
Bertram, Thelma Geography 1943-1944
Bessette, Phyllis
Bessinger, Randy Transportation 9/22/1977-9/23/1977
Bethune, Delethia
Bewley, Mary Central Stores & Continuing Education 9/1/1968-5/23/1978
Bewley, Ruby Counselor Education 3/15/1970-6/30/1970
Bewley, William Military Science 1976-?

Bhatt, Kumar
Bibb, Judy Accounting 4/1/1967-1/31/1968
Bice, Meddie Home Economics 1930-1931
Bieber, Trina Registrar's Office 1976-1979
Bigelow, James Military Science 1967-1969 no file
Biggerstaff, Ray Health & Safety 1971-?
Biggs, Linda Food Services 8/23/1974-7/22/1976
Biggs, Teresa Food Services 8/8/1977-3/23/1979
Bigham, Eugene Mathematics 1929 B28 F3
Billerdick, Lorene Music 1929
Billings, Marion Psychology 1926-?
Billingslea, Eleanor Student Affairs 1963?-10/17/1964
Bingham, James Geography & Geology 1965-? no file
Birdsong, Nellie Training School 1911-1915
Birdsong, Walton Military Science 1943
Birge, Glenda Public Affairs 9/22/1977-9/23/1977
Birkhead, Sheila Student Affairs 11/1/1967-1/31/1968
Birmingham, Thelma Business Affairs 7/1/1976-1/3/1977
Bishop, Bertie Dining Services 1980 B29 F13
Bishop, Earl Maintenance 6/1/1965-12/11/1970
Bishop, Gloria Teacher Corps 10/1974-8/1975
Bishop, Wilsie Nursing 8/16/1971-7/1/1974
Bishop, Zilla Student Affairs 6/19/1968-8/9/1968
Bitterling, Kenan
Bivin, William University Attorney 7/1/1969-9/27/1987
Bixler, Eva

Black, Martha Biology 3/23/1975-6/21/1978
Black, Mary Training School 6/1/1965-7/31/1965
Black, Toby Health Science 1980
Blair, Diana Physical Plant 5/2/1973-3/29/1974
Blair, Glenda Physical Plant 6/19/1978-10/16/1978
Blair, John Physical Education 9/1962-5/1963
Blair, Phyllis Secondary Education 8/1/1966-4/10/1968
Blair, Tom Recreational Activities 9/16/1976-1978
Blakey, Lois Physical Plant 1/1/1975-1975?
Bland, Ina L. Food Services 8/27/1975-12/1/1976
Bland, John Food Services 1923-1957
Bland, Virginia Library 1929-?
Blandford, Virginia Psychology 6/14/1976-10/12/1977
Blaney, Joseph Physical Plant 3/30/1972-2/19/1973
Blank, George Agriculture 11/7/1973-12/18/1975
Blankenship, Carol English 6/1/1965-7/31/1965
Blankenship, Faustine Literacy Center 6/15/1965-1967?
Blankenship, Hubert Maintenance 10/1/1957-8/31/1961
Blankenship, Joe Physical Plant ?-?
Blankenship, Ray
Blankenship, Wayne ?-1/31/1961
Blann, Barry Physical Education 7/4/1976-1976
Blann,Robert Mass Communications 1971-? no file
Blanton, Dianna
Blazer, Leah
Bledsoe, Michael Physical Plant 4/23/1969-7/11/1969
Blessing, Joy
Blewett, Doris Physical Plant 1977-1979
Blink, Reeda Physical Plant 10/7/1974-10/28/1974
Block, Wilbur Physics 1953-1956
Blome, Arvin Educational Research 7/15/1967-8/31/1969
Blue, Cheri
Blue, Tony Physical Plant 1980-?
Bluh, Otto Biology & Physics 8/16/1970-1/15/1972
Bluhm, Georg Government 1968-?
Blumberg, Aryeh Economics 9/1/1969-8/15/1973

Board, Donna Bookstore 1973-?
Boards, Martha Food Services 1967-12/7/1972
Boatright, Vernice Financial Aid 9/6/1966-5/31/1967
Boaz, Holland Industial Education 2/1/1962-8/15/1973
Boaz, Polly Library 3/27/1962-1/11/1963
Boaz, Holland Industrial Education 1962-1973 no file
Bobbett, Larry Food Services 7/28/1978-9/15/1978
Bochenko, Michael Student Affairs 8/16/1974-5/17/1978
Boddeker, Elaine Sociology 5/14/1975-1975
Boden, Dana
Boemker, Mary
Boercker, Fred Physics 1960-6/15/1962
Bogach, Steven Health Services 1979-?
Boggs, Ann Government 9/1/1971-12/27/1973
Boggs, Joseph English 1962-?
Boggs, Mike Student Affairs 6/23/1977-6/1977
Bohannon, Elvira 9/1/1971-9/12/1973
Bohlander, Edward Sociology 1973-? no file
Bohnenblust, Stephen Health & Safety 1974-1980
Bohuski, Thomas Physics & Astronomy 1975-?
Bokori, Marige Human Resources 1979
Boland, Susan Library Services 9/10/1968-7/7/1969
Boles, Carolyn Library Services 1976-?
Boles, Jerry Distributive Education 1975-? no file
Bomar, Suzanne
Bond, Jean English 9/1/1969-1972?
Bond, Marvin Engineering Technology 9/1/1968-8/15/1973
Bonds, Bobby Maintenance 2/1/1964-8/12/1965
Bonds, Wendell Maintenance ?–9/12/1967
Bonham, Aairon Physical Plant 9/8/1970-10/7/1976
Bonifield, Thomas
Bonnette, Martha Bookstore 1980
Booker, Linda
Booker, Vivian Extension Dept. 6/1/1959-1961
Boone, Lalla History ca. 1920 no file
Boone, Mable Financial Aid 7/15/1974-1/6/1978
Booth, Jothrey Physical Plant 9/7/1976-12/19/1978
Booth, Patricia Educational Services 5/2/1977-9/26/1977
Borden, James Hydrology Project 4/1/1976-7/7/1976
Borden, Scott
Borders, Brenda English 9/1/1963-1/31/1964
Borders, John Physical Plant 5/27/1975-5/7/1976
Borders, Loid Physical Plant 7/1/1967-6/9/1970
Borders, Nora
Borders, Paul Physical Plant 3/1/1971-?
Borders, Sue
Borei, Dorothy History1977-1979
Boren, Janet T/TAS ?-1979
Borie, Jonathan Physical Education 8/21/1976-1977
Born, Kate
Bostick, Arlene International Student Affairs 2/11/1976-7/19/1976
Boston, Tommye Military Science 1/25/1965-11/9/1967
Boston, Wilson Food Services ?-2/4/1974
Boswell, Sally
Bothe, Edna Library Science 1929-?
Botkins, Evelyn Food Services 1970?-8/1/1973
Bottorff, Doris Business Affairs 1966-6/14/1967
Boucher, Laurence
Bourland, Minnie Training School 1917-1921
Bowen, Hoyt English 1972-?
Bowen, Janice Teacher Corps 10/1974-8/1975
Bowen, Patricia
Bowerman, Scott Public Safety 4/24/1974-3/14/1975
Bowers, Vivian Extension & Field Services 2/1/1970-10/15/1970
Bowker, Ernestine Food Services 2/1960-?
Bowles, Janet Registrar 5/12/1975-8/8/1977
Bowles, Mary Public Safety 8/23/1976-6/29/1978
Bowles, Norma Physical Plant 9/20/1973-9/3/1976
Bowles, Romona
Bowlus, Goldie Modern Languages 1931-1932
Bowman, Bobby
Bowman, Lois
Bowman, Marvin Mass Media 8/15/1968-8/15/1972
Bowman, Mary Archaeology 8/6/1976-8/1976
Bowman, Rhonda Undergraduate Advisement 5/13/1974-6/7/1974, B16 F33
Boyd, Cheryl
Boyd, Clinton Physical Plant 11/15/1976-11/18/1976
Boyd, Elizabeth
Boyer, Franklin Chemistry 1949-?
Boyer, John Physical Plant 1/29/1973-2/14/1974
Boykin, McKinley Geography 1930

Bracewell, Barbara
Brackett, Walter Elementary Education 6/1/1962-7/31/1970
Brackin, Thomas English 1929
Bradford, Gary Speech & Theatre 9/1/1966-9/1/1969
Bradford, Janet
Bradley, Avonelle Unknown 1935 B28 F13
Bradley, Don Distributive Education 1977-1981
Bradley, Leon Errol Physical Plant 6/5/1978-12/15/1978
Bradley, Victoria
Bradshaw, William Economics 9/1/1963-8/31/1964
Brady, Jason Media Services 1/2/1975-8/31/1975
Brady, William
Bragg, James Physical Plant 11/6/1972-7/31/1974
Brahos, Andrew
Brake, Evelyn Biology 1966-1971 no file
Brand, Ora secretary 1924-?
Brandon, Jeanette Academic Affairs 3/22/1976-1976
Brandon, T.E. BGBU no file
Brannon, Betty Housing 8/8/1977-5/2/1978
Brannon, James Psychology 8/16/1976-8/15/1977
Branstetter, Joe Educational Television 1972-?
Branstetter, Vickey
Brantley, Jane Mathematics & Computer Science -2011
Braselton, Debra Speech & Communication 7/5/1977-1977
Brashear, Marcella BGBU 1951-1956 President's Office 1965-?
Brashear, Myrl BGBU 1950-1958, Business Education 1965-?
Brashear, Phyllis Business Affairs 9/1/1971-7/31/1972
Brasher, Mary E. Food Services 1/3/1968-7/27/1977
Braswell, Mamie Mathematics 9/1/1960-1961
Bratcher, Alice Food Services 8/23/1974-1974
Bratcher, Bennett
Bratcher, John History 9/1/1965-8/31/1980
Bratcher, Judy Physical Plant 4/21/1975-4/30/1975
Bratcher, Theresa
Brawner, Susan Student Affairs 9/1/1965-9/1/1966
Bray, Katheryn Food Services, Central Stores 11/1/1966-3/5/1976
Bray, Olin Biology 1977-1978
Bray, Orvil Physical Plant 1/1/1967-1/18/1973
Bray, Paula Physical Education 7/21/1975-1975
Bray, Samuel
Bray, Timothy
Breeden, Beth
Breegle, Gary
Breegle, Katina
Breit, Cynthia Applied Arts & Health 9/25/1975-5/16/1977
Brelsford, Pat
Brennan, Carol
Brennan, Doris Student Affairs 9/1/1969-1970?
Brennan, John
Brenner, Bette Admissions 1966-?
Brenner, Kenneth Education 9/1/1966-6/30/1986
Brents, James Physical Plant 2/19/1975-3/6/1975
Breuer, David
Brevitt, John Mathematics 1964-?
Brewer, Bobby
Brewer, Diana
Brewer, Larry Public Safety 7/14/1974-10/31/1974
Brewer, Martha Bookstore 8/22/1977-9/5/1977
Brewer, Rickey Sociology 10/1/1975-1975
Brewster, William Safety & Security 7/23/1971-1/12/1972
Brigance, Roy Sociology 9/4/1964-1966
Briggs, Beth Distributive Education 12/30/1974-5/31/1975
Briggs, Guy Physics & Astronomy 1969-? no file
Bright, Nancy Library Services 9/1/1969-1/2/1970
Brightup, Betty
Brightup, Donald Library Services 9/1/1968-10/31/1978
Brigl, Clemens Physical Education 9/1/1969-8/31/1970
Brigl, Robert
Briney, John English 9/1/1968-8/15/1971
Brinner, James
Brisby, Carleen Personnel Services 4/1/1974-5/31/1974
Brite, Robert Economics 9/1/1966-8/15/1970
Britt, Alonzo
Britt, Donald Career & Vocational Teacher Education 7/15/1976-12/31/1976
Britt, Donna Physical Plant 8/25/1977-8/25/1978
Britt, Felicia Food Services 8/22/1975-1976?
Britt, Jonell Physical Plant 3/10/1969-1/25/1979
Britt, Kenny
Britt, Ruth Food Services ?-2/28/1975
Britt, William
Britton, Joe English 9/18/1969-1/17/1970
Brizendine, Addie Bookstore, Registrar 8/1/1970-6/23/1978
Broach, Alba Training School 9/1/1962-9/1965
Broach, B.W. Education 1966-? no file
Broach, Billy
Broach, Doris Teacher Education 9/1/1966-5/7/1984
Broadhent, Geneva Home Economics 1932
Broadway, Norma Public Affairs 6/30/1969-6/25/1970
Broady, Ernest School Administration 6/5/1970-1973
Broderick, Edna
Broderson, Kathy Registrar 5/12/1975-8/5/1976
Broene, Frances English 1931
Bromley, Alleen Geography 1931
Bronson, James Physical Plant 8/17/1970-8/24/1970
Brooks, William Military Science 1973
Brooks, David
Brooks, Harley
Brooks, Mary Training School 9/1/1968-1969
Brooks, Mettie Physical Plant 8/4/1977-8/5/1977
Brooks, Paul Physical Plant 1/13/1973-1/15/1974
Brooks, Shizuko Art 9/15/1976-1976
Brooks, Stephen
Brown, Albert Physical Plant ?-8/5/1974
Brown, Ann
Brown, Audry Physical Plant 9/7/1961-1/15/1975
Brown, Barry Public Safety 8/1/1974-7/18/1975
Brown, Beverly Student Affairs 4/17/1972-5/20/1976
Brown, Bobby Physical Plant 3/27/1972-8/30/1972
Brown, Carol Foreign Languages 1967-1989
Brown, Clifton Physical Plant 9/1/1963-8/31/1965
Brown, Danny Student Affairs 8/16/1974-1975
Brown, Donald Physical Plant 1/2/1961-8/20/1961
Brown, Dorthea 11/14/1975-12/12/1975
Brown, Edward Physical Plant 3/15/1971-4/5/1975
Brown, Frances
Brown, Gladys Psychology 1940-1944
Brown, Hayward Training School 1927-1943
Brown, Helen Nursing 1977-? no file
Brown, Henry
Brown, Irvin
Brown, James Speech & Theater 1966-?
Brown, Jane Switchboard 7/1/1965-7/3/1965
Brown, Jimmie Student Affairs 1914-?
Brown, Jo Nell Library Services 3/22/1973-6/11/1975
Brown, Judy Regional Career Education Development Project 10/1/1972-6/30/1973
Brown, Judy Food Services 1/16/1967-?
Brown, Leonard Agriculture 8/1/1966-8/27/1982
Brown, Melayna
Brown, Opha English; Extension Service 1930-1932
Brown, Pamela
Brown, Rebecca
Brown, Sam Training School 6/1/1968-8/8/1969
Brown, Sanda Physical Plant 5/17/1976-7/30/1976
Brown, Sue Dean of Students 11/7/1958-1959?
Brown, Thomas Physical Plant 6/2/1975-7/25/1975
Brown, Vivian Undergraduate Instruction 5/1/1969-7/1/1969
Brown, William Physical Plant 7/24/1972-?
Brown, Wilmot Treasurer 1935-?
Browne, Harry Health Services 1/1/1980-12/31/1980
Browning, Marelle Training School 6/1/1964-7/31/1965
Browning, Mary Training School 1917-1918
Browning, Paul Physical Plant 4/1/1966-10/15/1966
Browning, Ronald Health & Safety 8/16/1972-8/15/1973
Broyles, C.W. Veterans Bureau 1924-1925 no file
Broyles, Jane Training School 1969-1975
Brumfield, Michael
Brumfield, Stanley Counselor Education 1968-? no file
Brumley, Eva Library 6/11/1962-1962
Brummett, William
Bruner, Betty
Bruner, Margaret English 1969-?
Brunner, Rachel
Bruns, Steven
Bryan, Nancy Registrar 9/1951?-1976
Bryant, Betty Physical Plant 11/9/1972-9/30/1974
Bryant, Byron Public Safety 1965-9/16/1975
Bryant, Cathy
Bryant, Christine Graduate School 1966-1973
Bryant, Clifton Sociology 9/1/1967-7/24/1972
Bryant, James Physical Plant 3/1/1974-2/26/1975
Bryant, Jane
Bryant, Marilyn Student Affairs 5/8/1972-11/7/1972
Bryant, Patricia Physical Plant 7/1/1965-9/7/1966
Bryant, Peter
Bryant, R.L. Veterans Bureau 1924-1925 no file
Bryant, Redea
Bryant, William Physical Plant 11/7/1974-5/16/1975
Bryson, Margaret

Buchanan, Beverly Business Affairs 10/19/1972-4/30/1973
Buchanan, Claudette Student Affairs 3/27/1977-5/2/1977
Buchanan, Jimmie
Buchanan, Joe University Center 8/15/1977-1978
Buchanan, Philip English 9/9/1960-8/31/1961
Buchanan, Rose Food Services 10/19/1960-7/16/1965
Buchanon, Loren Physical Plant 5/1/1967-1/31/1977
Buchanon, Sharon Student Affairs 8/16/1971-1977
Buchmann, Hattie
Buchmann, Matt
Buck, Leroy
Buckberry, Laura Nursing 12/1/1965-1/31/1966
Buckles, Kathy
Buckman, William Physics & Astronomy 1967-?
Bucy, Jay Agriculture 8/16/1972-8/15/1973
Buechele, Beverly Student Affairs 12/1/1957-?
Bueker, Helen Nursing ?-8/1/1977
Bueker, Robert Mathematics 1966-? no file
Buford, Frederick
Bugel, Joseph Physical Education 9/1/1965-5/23/1969
Bullington, Pamela Bookstore 1/8/1979-1/19/1979
Bullock, Charles Physical Plant 11/3/1969-10/14/1970
Bullock, Kitty Registrar 9/1/1962-9/12/1965
Bullock, Peter Physical Plant 8/25/1976-1977
Bunch, Charles
Bunch, Leland Veterans Bureau 1922-1926 no file
Bunch, Marie Teacher Education 10/26/1976-7/26/1978
Bunch, Martha
Bunch, Teresa Food Services 4/25/1973-1975?
Bunton, Charles 10/5/1957-?
Bunton, Granville Public Safety 5/14/1973-2/14/1975
Burba, Wanda
Burbach, Cheri
Burch, Deborah Business ? - 2011
Burch, Juanita Physical Plant 4/5/1977-8/22/1978
Burch, Raymond
Burch, Roger Physical Plant 7/14/1970-7/28/1970
Burchett, Jerry
Burd, Jesse Air Force Cambridge Research Project 9/1966-1967
Burden, Joyce President's Office 8/11/1958-9/1958
Burford, Anna Dean of the Faculties 1/14/1963-8/19/1967
Burke, Judy
Burke, Richard Education 1929
Burkeen, Emmett Counselor Education 1966-?
Burkhalter, Charlotte Agriculture 9/1959?-6/1959?
Burkhart, Donald Food Services 9/26/1975-10/2/1975
Burkhead, Carlos Physics 6/15/1959-8/1959
Burks, Alene Training School 6/23/1969-7/3/1969, 7/1972-8/1972
Burks, Gene Training School 6/1/1968-1968
Burks, Tommy Recreation 1/1979-5/1979
Burnett, Lynvel Military Science 1973-1974
Burnett, Margie
Burnette, Horace Physical Plant 1/1/1967-4/10/1970
Burns, Amy
Burns, William
Burris, Guy Physical Plant 3/1/1970-9/24/1974
Burris, Jimmie Physical Plant 4/10/1978-10/3/1978
Burris, Patsy Financial Aid 9/11/1965-9/21/1968
Burris, Sue Independent Study 9/16/1974-7/20/1977
Burt, John Health & Safety 6/15/1973-6/5/1981
Burt, John Physical Plant 6/15/1964-5/31/1968
Burt, Mary Dean of Women 7/1/1964-6/30/1968
Burton, Alonzo Rural Education 1913-1933, B27
Burton, Mrs. Alonzo Hall Director 1915-1920; Library 1925-1927 no file
Burton, Donna Financial Aid 9/16/1974-1/20/1976
Burton, Sharon
Bush, Arthur Engineering & Technology 1974-?
Bush, Michael
Bush, Pauline Physical Plant 7/20/1970-8/17/1970
Bush, Rebecca
Bussell, Judy Library Services 5/22/1977-8/4/1977
Bussey, Charles History 1970-? no file
Butler, Beverly
Butler, Delores
Butler, Donald Career Planning 1976-?
Butler, Nancy
Butler, Reginald Chemistry 9/1/1964-8/31/1967
Butler, Roy Philosophy & Religion 9/1/1967-8/15/1972
Butoryak, Kathleen Physical Plant 9/12/1973-12/3/1973
Buttermore, Jane Library Services 2/1/1969-8/10/1972
Butts, Arletta Physical Plant 3/1/1964-10/1/1964
Butts, Marjorie Maintenance 9/1/1958-4/15/1970
Butts, Phyllis Bookstore 8/22/1977-9/5/1977
Buys, Fred
Bynum, Janice Applied Arts & Health 6/13/1972-5/21/1973
Byrd, Boris
Byrd, Brenda
Byrd, John Sociology & Anthropology 9/1/1969-7/31/1970
Byrd, Larry Chemistry 1969-? no file
Byrd, Lois
Byrd, Willoughby Print Shop 7/1/1970-3/4/1974
Byrn, Nancy Training School 1929-?
Byrn, O.G. Registrar 1909-ca. 1919 no file
Byrne, Francis Chemistry 1978-1981 no file
Byrne, Michael
Byrnes, William Kentucky Museum 9/1/1972-1/31/1975
Byrum, Loretta (Vicky) Health & Safety 11/17/1969-8/4/1972
Bywater, Richard Mathematics & Computer Science 1979 no file

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