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Western Kentucky University

WKU Archives - Faculty/Staff List - C Surnames

This is an alphabetical listing of faculty and some staff who have worked at Western Kentucky University compiled from a variety of sources. WKU Archives does not hold files on all former employees. This list does not include current members of the faculty and is a work in progress.

Personnel records of faculty and staff may include information regarding education, awards, honors and correspondence. Directory information regarding deceased faculty or those who left the university 30 or more years ago may be made available to patrons by request in the Harrison-Baird reading room. 

These records are in WKU Archives record group UA1D University Wide Personnel File.  A collection inventory of open files is available on TopScholar and will be updated quarterly as the records are processed. For more information contact the WKU Archives at








Cable, John History 9/1/1966-6/30/1969
Caffee, Belle Training School 1908-1916
Caffey, Charles Student Affairs 1/1/1975-1975
Cagle, Eugene Educational Television 8/16/1970-12/31/1974
Cagle, Jessie Mass Communications 1970-1975
Cahalan, Robert Physics & Astronomy 8/16/1976-8/15/1977
Caillouet, Diana
Caillouet, Larry Speech & Theater 1975-2010 no file
Cain, Kelly Physical Plant 6/1/1976-8/1976
Cairns, Debbie R. Food Services 1/22/1979-5/25/1979
Caley, Lena M. Food Services 2/8/1976-?
Calhoun, Alfred Military Science 1955-1958
Calhoun, Stella Accounting 2/1/1968-9/8/1975
Calhoun, Thomas
Calkins, Hugh History & Education 1931
Callaway, Grace Home Economics 8/16/1970-8/15/1978
Callis, James Biology 1951-1952
Calloway, James History 9/1/1964-6/30/1977
Calloway, Katherine Home Economics 2/1/1969-1973
Calvird, Rich Physics 9/1/1966-8/31/1968
Camp, H. Carl Government 9/1/1966-8/4/1967
Campbell, Deborah F. Accounts & Budgetary Control 11/11/1975-8/26/1976
Campbell, Evelyn College of Commerce 9/16/1964-6/22/1965
Campbell, F. Kent Music 7/15/1971-? no file
Campbell, Hugh
Campbell, James C. III Economics 2/29/1972-1972
Campbell, Jennifer Physical Plant 9/22/1975-7/30/1977
Campbell, John
Campbell, Judith
Campbell, Paul Physics & Astronomy 1970-? no file
Campbell, Susan Business Affairs 1/15/1973-5/8/1979
Campbell, Walter
Canale, Daniel
Candy, Dallas Psychology 1940
Cangemi, Joseph Psychology 1968-? no file
Cann, Kenneth Economics 1968-? no file
Cannon, C.T. Education 1909-1910; 1923
Cannon, Jane L. Barren-Green River Area Health Education System 5/3/1978- 5/25/1979
Cannon, Laura
Cannon, Susan C. Physics & Astronomy 9/11/1967-6/19/1970
Canon, C.J. Education 1909-1911 no file
Canon, Ernest H. Registrar 1925-1959
Canon, Lima no file
Cantrell, Edith
Cantrell, Ola J. Physical Plant 2/13/1979-4/3/1979
Cantrell, Richard Economics 1967-? no file
Cantrell, Timothy A. History 9/1/1968-12/1968
Cantrell, William R. Physical Plant 4/9/1975-4/3/1979
Canty, Eileen Physical Education 8/16/1978-7/12/1982
Capps, Joan English 2/1/1967-5/1967
Capps, Randall English/Speech & Theatre 1962-?
Carder, Anna L. Library Services 2/17/1971-1/12/1972
Carder, Leslie R. Maintenance 9/30/1968-?
Carson, Margaret Training School 1920-1921 no file
Cardwell, Jahala
Cardwell, James E. Physical Plant 6/30/1977-10/24/1977
Cardwell, Jerry
Cardwell, Sherman
Cardwell, Wavie Physical Plant 9/1/1966-3/9/1967
Carey, Diana
Cargile, Georgia BGBU 1936-1948 no file
Carlin, Lawrence Military Science 1951-1955 no file
Carlock, Elaine
Carlock, Lynn Admissions 5/18/1977-1977?
Carlson, Georgiana
Carlyle, Edgar Economics 9/1/1966-9/1/1969
Carothers, Tracy Registrar 8/22/1977-8/24/1977
Carpenter, D.C. Military Science 1941-1943
Carpenter, Howard Music 1953-?
Carpenter, James Teacher Education 1957-6/30/1984
Carpenter, Jean Public Relations 9/7/1962-4/12/1963
Carpenter, Nancy D. Registrar 6/16/1975-8/22/1975
Carr, Cherry
Carr, Hilda
Carr, John B. Jr. Engineering Technology 8/6/1971-? no file
Carr, Kay Nursing 8/16/1970-8/16/1972
Carr, Molly Training School 1960-1962
Carroll, Barry
Carroll, Deborah F. Accounts & Budgetary Control 8/20/1976-9/24/1976
Carroll, Donna J. Health Services 1/24/1974-2/5/1978
Carroll, Faye Government 1967-? no file
Carroll, Jamie
Carroll, Jeri Jones-Jaggers 1977-1982
Carroll, Robert Military Science 1947-1951
Carroll, Sandra L. Physical Plant 9/10/1976-4/15/1977
Carroll, Susan S. Financial Aid 5/17/1971-2/28/1974
Carroll, Virginia T. Graduate College 2/21/1977-4/30/1978
Carron, Christian
Carson, Margaret Training School 1919-1922 no file
Carson, Ruth Latin 6/2/1930-7/11/1930
Carter, Boyd Educational Administration 9/1/1967-8/31/1968
Carter, Brenda E. Personnel 1/4/1979-1/10/1979
Carter, David Library Services 5/12/1975-8/29/1975
Carter, Diana L. Academic Advisement 9/19/1977-3/13/1979
Carter, Dorinda
Carter, Edna H. Undergraduate Advisement 1/1/1963-11/30/1971
Carter, Esther Library Science 9/1/1969-8/2/1974
Carter, Everett E. Physical Plant 10/4/1971-8/5/1977
Carter, Floyd Physics & Astronomy 9/1/1963-4/10/1976
Carter, James D. Physical Plant 10/25/1976-6/1/1977
Carter, Jane Institutional Research 1966-1967 no file
Carter, Janice Food Services 10/1/1975-3/2/1979
Carter, John Physical Education 8/16/1977-8/15/1980
Carter, Kimberly
Carter, Linda
Carter, Luther
Carter, Marie Student Affairs 1965?-5/15/1976
Carter, Neville B. Physical Plant 12/20/1976-1/7/1977
Carter, Robert W. Industrial Arts 10/1962-12/1962
Carter, Ronnie W. Downing University Center 8/16/1976-10/15/1976
Carter, Susan F. Library Services 6/2/1975-8/13/1976
Carter, Thelma Education 9/23/1963-7/1965
Carver, Dorothy
Carver, Gayle Kentucky Museum 1940-1/30/1973
Carver, James W. Bookstore 12/5/1974-1/15/1976
Carver, Virginia Maintenance 9/1/1962-10/15/1963
Carter, Willie O. Jr. Purchasing 1972-
Carwell, Nancy Registrar's Office 1975-1979
Cary, Carol
Case, Richard
Casebier, Gertrude History 1948
Casebolt, Shirley Nursing 1980-1981
Casey, Diane
Casey, Dwane
Cash, Darrell W. Physical Plant ?-4/23/1975
Caskey, Edna Physical Plant 5/4/1976-9/14/1976
Caskey, Jefferson Library Science 1974-? no file
Caspe, Marianne M. Training School 9/1/1966-8/31/1967
Cassady, Barbara Geography / Geology 1966 no file
Cassady, Cherry Bookstore 8/1/1973-1974?
Cassady, Robert W. Food Services 11/17/1978-3/20/1979
Cassity, Mike
Casteel, Wanda
Castiller, Janice L. Business Administration 4/1/1974-3/24/1977
Castle, Terrie
Cates, Clyde B. BGBU ?-1963; Business & Government 9/1/1963-8/31/1965
Catlett, Kathy L.
Cato, Julie
Catts, Gordon Military Science 1942-1943
Caudill, Carlos
Caudill, Lynn Agriculture 11/22/1961-5/31/1962
Caudill, Tom University Publications 6/19/1976-1976
Causey, Phyllis J. Special Programs 1972-
Causey, Wallace Physical Plant 9/1/1969-?
Cave, Lourine Psychology 1947-5/15/1976
Cave, Sharon R. Physical Plant 5/5/1976-2/9/1977
Cawley, Amy Nursing 8/16/1970-8/15/1973
Caywood, Stanley Training School 2/1/1960-8/31/1963
Centimole, Michael
Centimole, Stella Food Services 11/21/1960-?

Chaffin, Charlotte Food Services ?-1/10/1975
Chaffin, James Physical Plant 3/1/1968-?
Chaffin, Juanita Food Services 1967-1975?
Chai, Henry II Recreation 1/1/1977-5/1977
Chamberlin, Janet Foreign Languages 2/1/1967-5/1967
Chamberlain, John Chemistry 1964-?
Chandler, Billy Secondary Education 8/30/1971-1973
Chandler, Louis R. Food Services 10/1/1952-4/30/1958
Chandler, Mary Belle Personnel 1974-
Chandler, Nona Dietitian 9/1/1952-1958
Chandler, Rita Foreign Languages 9/1/1968-5/1968
Chandler, Susan Public Safety 1976-1977?
Chandler, Virginia K. Food Services ?-8/16/1974
Channon, Chester Music 1936-1945
Chang, Chun-Chih Physics ?-12/12/1977
Chansler, James
Chanthasomsack, Daophet
Chapman, Carol L. Library Services 9/1/1966-7/31/1967
Chapman, Debra L. Faculty Research Grant 5/1/1977-1977
Chapman, James Education 1915-1922 no file
Chapman, Mary Dental Hygiene 8/16/1971-5/15/1974
Chapman, Melva Dean of Students 10/23/1961-1/31/1963
Chapman, Randall G. Garrett Conference Center 9/1/1975-6/3/1977
Chappell, Hilary Sociology & Anthropology 10/1/1970-8/15/1971
Chappell, Mary Sociology 9/14/1959-8/31/1962
Chappell, Monica
Chase, Barbara J. Student Affairs 8/1/1977-8/6/1978
Chase, Jill
Cheatham, Franklin
Cheek, Nancy Business Administration 9/1/1969-5/15/1972
Chelf, Carl Political Science 1963-?
Chelf, Phyllis
Chen, Simon Library Services 9/1/1967-6/30/1973
Chenoweth, Robert Music 1949-1950
Cherry, Aline S. Health Services 10/28/1970-11/16/1972
Cherry, Bessie Swartz English 1923-1950
Cherry, Charles
Cherry, Eldon Custodian 2/16/1970-6/3/1970
Cherry, Henry President 1906-1937 no file
Cherry, Jennifer D. Food Services 10/2/1978-2/2/1979
Cherry, Josephine Physical Education 1920-1922 no file
Cherry, Novice E.Physical Plant 3/22/1972-8/31/1972
Cherry, Oscar M. Physical Plant 3/9/1977-7/29/1977
Cherry, William Jr. Health Services 1/1/1971-11/6/1972
Cherry, Youree P. Physical Plant 4/1/1968-4/30/1970
Chestnut, Ethel Music 1913-1914
Chick, Dottie Dean of Students 2/1/1963-1/31/1964
Chick, Kathryn Business Office 2/1/1964-7/31/1964
Child, Betsy L. Recreation 8/22/1977-6/30/1978
Childers, Danny
Childers, James Military Science 1974-1975
Childers, Shawn
Childress, Boyd Library Services 1976-1980
Childress, Buddy Bookstore 1961-? no file
Childress, Fonzole M. Speech & Theatre 9/1/1968-9/11/1974
Childress, M. Carolyn Admissions 8/28/1972-10/9/1978
Chiles, Mary Health Services 9/1/1966-8/31/1974
Chinn, Mary
Chisholm, Mary Music 1937-6/30/1973
Chism, Wilbur Physical Plant 1/1/1968-1/31/1968
Chitwood, Suzanne R. Student Affairs 3/29/1971-1/5/1973
Christenson, Inez M. Registrar 1/10/1977-1/12/1977
Christenson, Victor Educational Leadership 9/1/1969-5/4/1984
Christian, Regena L. Allied Health 4/2/1975-4/13/1978
Christie, Louise Training School 1930-?
Christy, Janet Foreign Languages 9/1/1964-1967
Chubb, Richard Counselor Education 6/15/1970-7/31/1970
Church, Adeline Dietetics 1936-1937
Church, Judith
Church, June Counselor Education 6/15/1971-7/31/1971
Churchill, Marie Training School 1945-1946 no file
Cissell, Ann

Clagett, J.H. English 1908-1937
Clagett, Marjorie Foreign Languages 1928-6/30/1964
Clark, Ann E. Physical Plant 12/1/1969-7/31/1971
Clark, Bertha Training School 1931-1935
Clark, C. Charles Educational Leadership 9/1/1963-6/30/1981
Clark, Chico F. Food Services 11/23/1976-12/13/1976
Clark, Donna J. Public Safety 8/9/1977-5/5/1978
Clark, Elizabeth College Heights Foundation 8/1/1962-2/29/1964
Clark, Ethel Education 1923-1947
Clark, Frederick A. Accounting 8/16/1971-?
Clark, Hazel Training School 1936-1943
Clark, Hope W. Training School 6/1/1968-7/1968
Clark, Howard Physical Plant 1948-6/30/1976
Clark, J.C. Agriculture 1924-1925 no file
Clark, James
Clark, Jean Education 5/16/1975-9/30/1978
Clark, Johnnie Sue Physical Plant 2/13/1967-7/26/1968
Clark, Judy
Clark, Lynn Psychology 1968-? no file
Clark, Marcella Community College 7/20/1964-1966
Clark, Marilyn
Clark, Marion S. Physical Plant 10/8/1969-6/9/1970
Clark, Mark
Clark, Martha J. Library Services 1956-6/30/1976
Clark, Mary Nursing 10/25/1972-8/15/1973
Clark, Maudie C. Physical Plant 7/12/1977-10/11/1977
Clark, Nancy M. Physical Plant 11/16/1970-2/11/1972
Clark, Randall Industrial Education 1976-? no file
Clark, Sally
Clark, Sallye Russell
Clark, Samuel Physical Education 8/16/1973-8/15/1984
Clark, Sheila A. Eagle Prep 1/20/1975-12/11/1976
Clark, Susan
Clark, Sybil Graduate Studies 1966-1967
Clark, William
Clarke, Kelly Registrar's Office 1924-1927 no file
Clarke, Kenneth English 9/1/1964-6/30/1977
Clarke, Mary English 9/1/1964-6/30/1975
Clarke, Ray V. Continuing Education 8/16/1971-8/15/1972
Claycomb, Lloyd B. Training School 6/13/1960-8/1960
Claypool, Evelyn Maintenance 10/1/1964-1979
Claypool, J.R. Physical Plant 7/1/1967-10/4/1974
Clayton, Jack Physical Education 1947-1957
Clayworth, Suellen Nursing 1/10/1973-12/31/1974
Clements, Sandra J. Food Services 11/7/1977-1977?
Clemmons, Gertie Librarian 1971-1920 no file
Clemmons, Opal
Clifford, Brenda S. Center for Career & Vocational Teacher Education 10/30/1972-1/25/1974
Clifford, Virginia
Clift, Barbara Registrar 3/1/1962-6/15/1964
Cline, Anne
Cline, Dwight Center for Vocational Education 1976-? no file
Cline, Jeffrey A. Public Safety 10/1/1975-10/14/1975
Cline, Judy
Cline, Lois E. Speech & Theatre, Physics, Public Safety 11/2/1970-2/2/1971, 8/26/1974-11/30/1974
Cline, Marjorie F. Food Services 2/5/1962-?
Cline, Mary
Clippinger, Dorinda
Cloe, Mary Art 1936-1945
Cloninger, Geraldine Home Economics 1948-1951 no file
Close, Sandra K. Graduate College 1/2/1973-9/14/1977
Cloud, Charles Accounting 9/1/1969-5/13/1974
Cloud, Edna Physical Education 1972-11/3/1972
Clouse, R. Wilburn Library Services 4/23/1976-5/1976
Clowers, Dennis C. Physical Plant 11/21/1972-1/31/1973
Cloyd, John B. Sociology 10/1/1975-1975
Clubb, Beldon L. Maintenance 8/1/1968-11/1/1968

Coakley, Jean Nursing 8/1/1975-7/31/1978
Coates, Carolyn
Coates, Christine
Coates, T.J. Education 1911-1916
Cobb, Bobby
Cobb, Diane Physical Plant 11/1/1976-1/14/1977
Cobb, William Hydrology Project 9/1/1976-1976
Cochran, Robert Public Affairs 1948-2/18/1971
Cochran, Stephen Physical Plant 9/20/1975-8/12/1977
Cochrane, Donald Food Services 5/5/1978-10/13/1978
Cochrane, James Food Services 1/19/1978-7/26/1978
Cockrill, Willard Geography & Geology 1948-6/30/1980
Coffey, Carla Physical Education 8/16/1976-5/31/1979
Coffey, David
Coffey, Phillip Farm ?-12/31/1974
Coffin, Donald Economics 8/16/1975-5/31/1976
Coffin, John History 1929-1931
Cohen, Eileen Library Services 1977-1980
Cohen, Lynn Psychology 8/16/1977-5/15/1979
Cohen, Neil Accounting & Finance 9/1/1964-1965
Cohron, Merry Public Safety 7/31/1978-1/2/1979
Coker, Teresa Undergraduate Advisement 6/18/1969-3/4/1971
Cole, Basil Biology 1932-1945
Cole, Carolyn
Cole, Esther History 1929-?
Cole, Gary Archaeology 5/30/1977-1977
Cole, Mary Elementary Education 1931-8/31/1969
Cole, Phillip
Cole, R.T. Physical Plant 11/1/1966-3/1/1967
Cole, Wallace Physical Plant 11/1/1967-1/31/1968
Coleman, Benjamin Military Science 1948-1949 no file
Coleman, Donavon Psychology 9/1/1969-5/31/1970
Coleman, Lillie Eagle Prep 10/1/1974-12/11/1976
Coleman, Michael Downing University Center 8/15/1976-1977
Coleman, Ricky Food Services 1/4/1978-9/11/1978
Coleman, William Mathematics 1931
Coles, James Education, Student Affairs 9/1955?-1962?
Coles, Mary Food Services 10/12/1970-3/25/1971
Coley, Lena Food Services 9/1/1974-4/23/1976
Coley, Rebecca Library Services 4/3/1973-8/28/1973
Coley, Rupert Physical Plant ?-1969?
Colglazier, Marti
Collier, Albert Food Services 9/3/1976-4/25/1977
Collier, Marion Bookstore 8/16/1973-12/31/1973
Collins, Audrey
Collins, Camilla English 1972-? no file
Collins, Dalton Physical Plant 3/10/1969-8/21/1969
Collins, Garland Downing University Center 9/1/1975?-1978?
Collins, Joyce Switchboard 9/7/1965-10/4/1965
Collins, Thomas Physical Plant 9/26/1978-10/5/1978
Combest, Virginia Food Services 10/2/1958-1960?
Combs, Don English/Speech & Theater 1967-? no file
Combs, Geraldine
Combs, James Physical Plant 10/1/1967-?
Combs, Jimmie
Combs, Paul Physical Plant 9/9/1969-9/10/1969
Combs, Whitney no file
Combs, William
Comfort, Mark Art 6/14/1976-1976
Compton, Brenda President's Office 5/17/1971-1972
Compton, JoAnn Food Services 2/14/1974-1/3/1978
Compton, Karen
Compton, Maggie Food Services 9/1/1974-7/31/1975
Compton, Miriam History 1931-1932
Compton, William
Condit, Thomas Student Affairs 1979-?
Conklin, Elaine Registrar 6/1/1961-8/31/1961
Conley, Franklin Industrial Education 1968-?
Conley, Zenia Physical Plant 12/1/1974-?
Conner, Annice Library Services 6/1/1965-7/31/1965
Conner, Doral Geography & Geology 1976-? no file
Conner, Doris Psychology & Elementary Education 9/1/1969-1970
Conner, Edgar Physical Plant 9/25/1970-4/6/1971
Conner, Jack Psychology 6/1/1967-8/15/1972
Conner, Judy
Conner, Leroy Public Safety 12/2/1970-6/28/1972
Conner, Roger Physical Plant 10/15/1968-9/26/1969
Conner, Virgil Physical Plant 6/6/1977-?
Conover, Rita
Constans, Evelyn Registrar 6/22/1977-11/18/1977
Constans, Phillip Education 9/1/1969-5/15/1990
Conway, Forrest Music 1944 no file
Conway, Michael Sociology 9/1/1968-8/15/1971
Conway, Nancy
Coohill, Patricia
Coohill, Thomas Biology 1972-? no file
Cook, Beverley Nursing 1977-? no file
Cook, Billy Dee Economics 2/1/1964-1965
Cook, Elsie BGBU 1914-1921 no file
Cook, James Mathematics 1933-? no file
Cook, Joe Ann Physical Education 1964-1965
Cook, Lawrence Maintenance 7/1/1966-1/17/1969
Cook, Patricia Bookstore ?-1972?
Cook, Patricia Food Services 1/29/1974-2/7/1974, 4/12/1978-7/13/1978
Cook, Paul Staff Assistant Dean of Faculties 1960-?
Cook, William Physical Plant 2/19/1975-4/13/1979
Cooke, James Mathematics, Education & History 1933
Cooke, Janetlyn
Cooke, Joseph 1961-1961?
Cooke, Mary Admissions 5/15/1964-2/15/1966
Cooke, Stan Speech & Theater 1975-? no file
Cookman, Claude Journalism 1/8/1979-5/1979
Cooksey, Elizabeth Teacher Education -2011
Cooksey, John Physical Plant 12/30/1968-9/13/1971
Coombs, Elizabeth Library Services 1932-8/7/1964
Coomer, Betty Library Services 8/16/1976-10/10/1978
Coop, Alice Bookstore 1/10/1977-1/31/1977
Coop, Richard Education 2/1/1966-5/1966
Cooper, Beverly Bookstore 1/8/1979-1/19/1979
Cooper, Eldon Physical Plant 6/22/1970-6/24/1970
Cooper, Gladys Nursing 8/1974-1975?
Cooper, Gregory Physical Plant 10/26/1976-1/21/1977
Cooper, Jean Training School 1946-1948
Cooper, John Physical Plant 6/20/1970-6/24/1970
Cooper, Joyce Registrar 1/19/1965-8/23/1968
Cooper, Patsy
Cooper, Rebecca Bookstore 8/1/1970-9/15/1970
Cooper, Robert Farm 7/16/1961-?
Cooper, Wallace Foreign Languages 8/16/1977-1977
Coppersmith, Robert Agriculture 1950-1951 no file
Cooter, George Physical Education 8/16/1971-8/15/1973
Cooter, Sandra Physical Education 9/18/1972-6/15/1973
Copass, Jimmie Library Services 11/18/1970-5/31/1972
Cope, Frances Archaeology 7/29/1976-8/1976
Cope, Martha
Copeland, Sally Training School 9/1/1967-1970
Coppage, Richard Accounting 1/1/1977-1977
Corbin, Brenda Housing 8/16/1976-4/15/1977
Corbin, Judith Student Affairs 7/1975-7/1975
Corbin, Peggy Library 1/4/1971-6/30/1971
Corbitt, Gary Food Services 8/2/1978-12/3/1978
Corder, Chester
Corder, Murl Physical Plant 8/1/1971-8/13/1979
Corder, Rachel Registrar 2/10/1959-8/31/1960
Cormney, Shirley Counseling 6/1974-7/1974
Corn, John Photojournalism 1977-?
Cornelius, David Speech & Theatre 2/1/1969-6/30/1969
Cornelius, Russell Auditor 11/18/1965-2/28/1990
Cornelius, Ruth
Cornell, Mark
Cornell, Melinda
Cornette, James English 1930-1944
Cornwell, Lisa Publications Workshop 6/1976-7/1976
Cornwell, Lloyd Postal Services 5/20/1977-1977
Cornwell, Luther Physical Plant
Cornwell, Sandra Food Services 6/26/1974-3/22/1978
Cornwell, Sara Accounts & Budgetary Control 1969-1981 no file
Corpe, William Biology 1950-1953
Corson, Michael
Corts, Paul Academic Affairs 9/1/1968-6/14/1978
Cosby, Charles Food Services 10/1/1971-9/29/1972
Cosby, Evelyn
Cosby, James Food Services ?-6/21/1968
Cosby, Joan Maintenance 10/1/1964-7/8/1969
Cosby, Louise Physical Plant 4/17/1979-4/18/1979
Cosby, Lynne
Cosby, Robert
Cossey, Elizabeth Library Services 8/16/1971-9/1/1986
Cossey, Mary Library Services 6/14/1977-8/5/1977
Cossey, Ray
Costin, Jill
Cothran, Hazel English 9/1/1964-8/31/1967
Cotton, Gary Student Affairs 8/16/1974-5/1975
Courson, J. B. Student Affairs 1979-1981
Courtenay, William Physics 7/15/1968-8/1/1988
Courtney, Glenda Educational Research 6/22/1972-8/20/1973
Covington, Barbara Graduate College 1978?-6/30/1979
Covington, Thomas Extension Services 6/7/1960-9/1960
Cowles, Anthony
Cowles, Linda Library Services 7/10/1972-8/28/1972
Cowles, Maybelle Home Economics 9/15/1969-1970?
Cox, Betty Physical Plant 1975-1977?
Cox, Deborah Student Affairs 8/16/1975-5/15/1976
Cox, Edith Food Services 5/2/1975-9/15/1975
Cox, Harvey Physical Plant 9/2/1974-1987?
Cox, John Business Administration 8/16/1970-5/15/1974
Cox, Juanita Housing 6/1/1972-5/31/1973
Cox, Kenneth Physical Plant 8/10/1972-8/19/1974
Cox, Mary Food Services 1/1/1976-10/20/1978
Cox, Patty Admissions 5/17/1971-8/30/1971
Cox, Rena Physical Plant 8/4/1970-10/29/1971
Cox, Robert
Cox, Roger Physical Plant 3/1/1977-1977?
Cox, Sherralyn Dental Hygiene 1972-?
Cox, Thomas Physical Plant 10/1/1972-?
Cox, William Physical Plant 9/2/1974-1984
Coyle, Larry Mass Communications 1/6/1975-8/15/1976

Crabb, A.L. Education / Dean 1916-1927
Crabill, Blake Military Science 1938-1942
Crabtree, Frances
Crabtree, Glenn
Crabtree, Susan Independent Study 8/1/1965-1992
Crady, Janet Physical Plant 8/15/1968-8/31/1969
Craft, Edwin Communication Technologies -2011
Craft, F. W. Farm 3/1/1911-12/1911
Craft, Judy
Craft, Pamela
Craft, Silva Physical Plant ?-9/1/1971
Craig, Dorothy English 1939
Craig, Ethel English 1946
Craig, Gavin Penmanship 1922-1965
Craig, James Psychology 1969-? no file
Craig, John Chemistry 1976-? no file
Craig, John Physical Plant 9/1/1969-1970?
Craig, William Alumni Secretary/Personnel 1908-1959
Craighead, Gerald Physical Plant 7/1/1961-1995
Craighead, H.C. Physical Plant 11/18/1971-9/30/1973
Crain, James Physical Plant 3/8/1977-11/18/1977
Crandell, Pearl secretary 1908-1909 no file
Crane, Michael Food Services 8/5/1975-8/24/1976
Cranston, John
Cravens, Raymond Academic Affairs 1958-?
Crawford, Dennis Farm 12/11/1965-1/31/1966
Crawford, Diane
Crawford, Eddie Physical Plant 8/21/1975-10/8/1975
Crawford, Kurt
Crawford, Nicholas Geography & Geology 1976-? no file
Crawford, Peter Computer & Information Services 1977-1980
Crawford, Robert Mathematics 1970-? no file
Crawford, Sharon Library Services 8/16/1970-8/15/1978
Crawley, Alton
Creasy, Kathy Admissions 8/1/1967-6/21/1968
Creech, Lois Physical Plant 8/8/1978-2/28/1979
Creed, Dana Downing University Center 8/16/1974-1975
Creek, Phillip
Creek, William Physical Plant 1/23/1979-5/9/1979
Crennel, Romeo Physical Education 8/16/1971-1/14/1975
Crennel, Rosemary Library, Physics, Biology 9/1/1967-2/14/1975
Crenshaw, John Mathematics 8/16/1971-?
Crews, Thaddeus Physical Education 1974-? no file
Crider, Norma Biology 1/28/1969-5/29/1970
Crisp, Jeff Industrial Education 1962-?
Crisp, Mary Education 1963-?
Criss, David Archaeology 10/1/1975-1975
Crittenden, Stella
Crocker, Helen History 1970-? no file
Crombie, Jean Library Services 4/16/1972-5/15/1974
Cronin, Catherine Summer School 1915
Crooks, Corydon Education 8/7/1971-?
Cropper, Earl Physical Plant 9/1/1962-2/5/1973
Cropper, Kathleen
Cropper, Linda
Cropper, Sharon Sociology & Anthropology 1/10/1973-1973
Crosby, Carolyn Biology 9/1959-1961
Crosby, Emory Biology 9/1/1961-7/1962
Cross, Eva secretary 1911-1915 no file
Cross, Jetta Computer Center 6/16/1969-1973?
Crowder, Thomas
Crowe, Crawford History 9/1/1964-6/30/1982
Crowe, Dorothy Physical Plant 3/1/1966-6/30/1969
Crowe, Lucy 1908-1909 no file
Crowe, Paul Economics 9/1/1968-6/15/1970
Crowe, Sara Office Administration 9/1/1969-1970
Crowe-Carraco, Carol History 1970-present
Crowell, Charla Educational Services 11/1/1976-7/14/1978
Crown, Linda Psychology 3/26/1965-5/20/1965
Crown, Sharon University Publications 8/3/1976-8/1976
Crumb, Glenn Physics & Astonomy 1972-1974 no file
Crumbaker, Patricia Financial Aid 8/11/1969-6/4/1971
Crume, Charles Physical Education 1969-? no file
Crume, Rosa Physical Plant 6/1/1961-3/14/1964
Crump, Arthur Food Services 1967-5/27/1971
Crump, Clara
Crump, Daisy
Crump, Fred
Csallany, Agnes Biochemistry 1975-1976
Csallany, Sandor Geography & Geology 8/16/1974-8/15/1977

Cudd, John Library Services 8/15/1986-11/30/1987
Cudd, Michael
Culbert, Jean Physical Education 1924-1925 no file
Culbertson, Roy
Cull, Martin
Cullen, Joe Physical Education 1947-1948 no file
Culley, David
Cummins, K.R. Education 1934-? no file
Cummins, Nettie History/French/Geography 1928-? no file
Cummings, Delbert Security ?-8/13/1965
Cummings, Doris Physical Plant 2/26/1979-4/5/1979
Cummings, James Farm 11/1/1964-7/15/1965
Cundiff, David Physical Education 8/16/1970-5/15/1974
Cunningham, David Education 9/1/1964-8/31/1968
Cunningham, Doyle Public Relations 10/25/1975-1977
Cunningham, Floyd Geography & Geology 9/1/1966-1970
Cunningham, Jerry
Cunningham, Kay Jones-Jaggers 8/16/1972-8/15/1975
Cunningham, O.L. Agriculture & Biology 1915-1920 no file
Cunningham, Peggy Eagle Prep 9/15/1974-12/11/1976
Cunningham, William Physical Plant 9/11/1970-9/17/1970
Cunningham, William Psychology 9/1/1959-6/30/1986
Curd, Margaret Art 1946-1951
Curl, Glen
Currier, Mary Home Economics 1929-1930
Curry, B.L. English ?-1976
Curry, D.P. History & Art 1920-1924 no file
Curry, Edith English 2/1/1962-5/8/1976
Curry, Leonard
Curry, Lerond History 9/1/1967-1970
Curry, Sandra University-School Relations 7/7/1975-12/21/1976
Curry, Sheila
Curtis, Alvin Library Services 8/16/1977-8/24/1977
Curtis, Ann Home Economics 9/1/1968-8/15/1972
Curtis, Delbert Physical Plant 5/1/1970-5/31/1975
Curtis, Vickie
Cushenberry, Joyce Food Services 9/30/1961-8/6/1965
Custead, Homer Art 1969-1980
Custead, Patricia Business Administration 9/1/1969-11/30/1974
Cutherbertson, Sterrett Student Affairs & Regent
Cutliff, Freida
Cutslinger, Herbert Military Science 1948-1949 no file
Czikowsky, Leon Sociology 9/1/1961-1965

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