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Western Kentucky University

WKU Archives - Faculty/Staff List - E Surnames

This is an alphabetical listing of faculty and some staff who have worked at Western Kentucky University compiled from a variety of sources. WKU Archives does not hold files on all former employees. This list does not include current members of the faculty and is a work in progress.

Personnel records of faculty and staff may include information regarding education, awards, honors and correspondence. Directory information regarding deceased faculty or those who left the university 30 or more years ago may be made available to patrons by request in the Harrison-Baird reading room

These records are in WKU Archives record group UA1D University Wide Personnel File.  A collection inventory of open files is available on TopScholar and will be updated quarterly as the records are processed. For more information contact the WKU Archives at

Eaddy, Carroll Military Science 1942 1943
Eade, Richard
Eadens, Barbara Physical Plant 9/25/1972-2/28/1973
Eadens, Mack
Earl, Joseph Food Services 10/19/1970-10/31/1970
Earles, Charles Student Affairs ?-8/31/1964
Easley, William Archaeology 10/1/1975-1975
Eastham, Odell Literacy Center 3/14/1966-1967?
Eastin, Joy
Eatherly, Jay Military Science 1974-?
Eaton, Marilyn Technical Services 1974?-9/13/1975
Eaton, Mary Frances Training School 1929-1951
Eaton, Virginia
Eaves, Laura Reading & Special Education 9/19/1974-1975
Ebbert, Edward Mathematics 9/1/1963-1972
Eberson, Frederick Clinical Services 1956-1960?
Eblen, Harpending Training School 1917-1918 no file
Eckard, Ronald English 1976-?
Ecker, Judith English 9/1/1962-8/31/1967
Ecker, Tom Physical Education 9/1/1963-6/3/1966
Eckhardt, William Psychology 2/1/1960-1/31/1961
Ecton, Henry History 9/1/1966-8/31/1968
Eddleman, Norman English 1931
Edens, William Agriculture 1923-1942
Eder, Dinah Leadership Development 7/17/1973-10/31/1975
Edeson, Corinne Physical Plant 9/1/1958-?
Edmiston, William English 1930
Edmonds, Elizabeth
Edmonds, Geneva Physical Plant, Food Services 9/1/1965-11/15/1965, 8/5/1975-8/15/1975
Edwards, Alma Student Affairs 2/1/1968-6/1/1968
Edwards, Andrew Physical Plant 9/1/1965-8/1/1966
Edwards, Billy Physical Education 8/16/1977-present
Edwards, Brice Physical Plant 4/1/1969-?
Edwards, Dorothy
Edwards, Jacqueline Library Services 7/24/1974-5/21/1975
Edwards, James Accounting 8/1/1967-8/31/1968
Edwards, Madeline Extension Services 2/1/1961-5/12/1970
Edwards, Mary Training & Technical Assistance 12/17/1973-8/31/1977
Edwards, Robert Physical Plant 1/13/1970-10/12/1970
Edwards, Roberta Physical Plant 5/15/1967-5/31/1971
Edwards, Thomas Media Services 1/5/1976-2/17/1976
Edwards, Willa Physical Education 1/8/1969-1/23/1970
Egbert, Ercell History 1925-1966
Egenhoff, Anna Reading & Expression 1906-1907 no file
Egger, Charles Downing University Center 8/16/1977-1978
Eggner, H. H. Registrar 1907-1909
Ehemann, Jane Geography & Geology 1/10/1973-1973
Ehresman, Linda
Ehresman, Norman Educational Research 9/1/1969-11/20/1983
Eicher, Ronald
Eicher, Sue College Heights Foundation 8/22/1973-11/12/1973
Eicher, Vickie
Eidson, Carol
Eidson, Houston Physical Plant 9/15/1969-10/27/1969
Eifert, Joyce Philosophy & Religion 9/9/1968-8/8/1969
Eirich, Wayne Business Administration 9/1/1969-8/15/1972
Eisa, Mohamed Accounting 9/1/1969-8/12/1970
Eisemann, Margaret
Eisewerth, Elizabeth Nursing 8/16/1976-5/13/1977
Eison, Charles Psychology 1970-1974 no file
Eitner, Olga Music 1946-1948
Elam, James Athletics 1930-1932
Elbert, Elizabeth Home Economics 9/1/1968-8/15/1978
Elder, Joyce ?-3/31/1962
Elder, Virginia Physical Plant 9/28/1970-8/29/1973
Eldon, Marcellus 1929-1932
Eldred, Jean Foreign Languages 9/1/1964-2/28/1967
Eldridge, Mike
Eley, John Government 9/1/1969-8/15/1973
Elias, Patricia Library Services 1/2/1975-2/28/1977
Elkin, Jessie Registrar 5/1/1969-1975?
Elkins, Maxwell Military Science 1951 1955 no file
Elledge, Clara Music 1931-1935 
Eller, Joyce Graduate College 6/28/1971-12/31/1972
Ellington, Ethel
Elliott, Della
Elliott, Joyce Economics 3/18/1968-4/15/1974
Elliot, Larry Biology 1965-? no file
Ellis, Deborah Psychology 4/19/1977-1977
Ellis, Gary Physical Education 8/16/1983-8/15/1985
Ellis, Inez Training School 1913-1930 no file
Ellis, Joe Sociology & Anthropology 1/25/1968-1/31/1969
Ellis, Lena Business Education & Office Administration 9/1/1964-5/7/1976
Ellis, Rhonda
Ellis, Vickie Food Services 12/6/1976-12/10/1976
Ellis, Wanda Physical Education 9/19/1932-6/30/1963
Ellison, Martha Food Services 9/2/1958-1958
Elmore, Brenda
Elmore, Connie Eagle Prep 2/7/1974-6/30/1974
Elmore, Doris Physical Plant 9/8/1971-
Elmore, Elaine Physical Plant 5/17/1976-7/30/1976
Elmore, Jackson
Elmore, Louise Physical Plant 11/1/1976-11/19/1980
Elmore, Mary
Elmore, Nada
Elmore, Ray Special Services 1963-?
Elrod, Jessie
Elrod, William Physical Education 9/1/1948-3/7/1970
Elwan, Shwiker Government & Sociology 9/1/1964-1965?
Elzinga, Lynne University Archives 1/5/1976-1/25/1977
Elzy, Robert Biology 2/1/1969-6/1969
Emberton, Joe Physical Education 6/1/1970-1/15/1971
Embry, Alfred Physical Plant 8/1/1970-10/24/1979
Embry, Bill Physical Plant 1/2/1975-1/21/1975
Embry, Floyd Physical Plant 4/26/1976-6/7/1976
Embry, Lendel Public Safety 2/6/1975-9/15/1976
Embry, Sandra Physical Plant 5/25/1976-9/13/1976
Embry, Teresa Physical Plant 2/19/1975-9/9/1975
Embry, Windel Physical Plant 10/1/1967-6/1/1968
Engel, Ferdinand Library Services 8/16/1970-11/15/1973
England, Charlene Admissions 6/1/1968-7/31/1968
England, James Physical Plant 1/1/1968-?
England, Janice Education ?-7/31/1967
England, Joe Farm 2/1/1961-7/15/1961
England, Lurad Secondary Education 2/1/1970-1970
England, Wilburn Media Services 2/27/1976-1976
Englebright, Alice
Englebright, Curtis Education 1967-1990
Englehardt, Mrs. C.F. Training School 1931-? no file
English, Carolyn Nursing 8/1/1974-8/15/1977
English, Charles Business Administration 1960-1969
Enlow, Clyde Farm 2/1/1967-5/31/1968
Ennis, Charles Farm 1924-1925 no file
Enright, Brian Special Education 1977-?
Epley, Clara Nursing 7/15/1957-?
Erffmeyer, Robert
Erskine, Irene Biology 1963-?
Erwin, Lucy Nursing 8/1/1964-8/15/1973
Eskridge, Veronica Physical Education 7/1/1969-8/15/1969
Esters, Elizabeth President's Office 1972-?
Estes, David Farm 4/17/1972-10/13/1972
Estes, Kenneth Educational Leadership 8/1/1968-6/30/1979
Estes, U.L Night watchman 1924-? no file
Estok, Samuel Print Shop 3/13/1978-8/18/1978
Eswalt, James
Esworthy, Jeffery
Etheridge, Richard Eagle Prep 1973?-7/1/1974
Etterman, Scott
Evans, Don
Evans, Elizabeth Government 9/1/1965-8/31/1966
Evans, Eugene Business Administration 9/1/1965-?
Evans, Evan Physical Education 8/16/1970-11/30/1972
Evans, James Bookstore 1970-1994?
Evans, James Counseling Services 8/16/1974-5/15/1979
Evans, James W.
Evans, Jean
Evans, John Bookstore 7/18/1977-8/19/1977
Evans, Margaret Superintendent of Buildings 1929-1945
Evans, Mark Bookstore 5/9/1977-5/13/1977
Evans, Roger Art 9/1/1966-8/31/1967
Evans, Susan Physical Education, Secondary Education 9/16/1968-5/15/1970
Evans, Stephen Philosophy & Religion 1980-1981
Everhard, Jackie
Everly, Phyllis 1965?-1966
Eversole, Margaret Music 1961-1969?
Eversoll, Robert Industrial Education 1973-?
Ewalt, James Sociology 7/1/1966-6/4/1972
Ewalt, Jane Library Services 7/29/1976-6/19/1978
Ewing, Edson Mathematics 9/1/1961-5/1966
Ezell, Ernest Industrial Education 1975-1981

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