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Western Kentucky University

WKU Archives - Faculty/Staff List - F Surnames


This is an alphabetical listing of faculty and some staff who have worked at Western Kentucky University compiled from a variety of sources. WKU Archives does not hold files on all former employees. This list does not include current members of the faculty and is a work in progress.

Personnel records of faculty and staff may include information regarding education, awards, honors and correspondence. Directory information regarding deceased faculty or those who left the university 30 or more years ago may be made available to patrons by request in the Harrison-Baird reading room

These records are in WKU Archives record group UA1D University Wide Personnel File.  A collection inventory of open files is available on TopScholar and will be updated quarterly as the records are processed. For more information contact the WKU Archives at







Faine, Elaine
Faine, John Sociology & Anthropology 1973-?
Falcone, Virginia Food Services 5/2/1967-5/10/1967
Falk, Dixie
Fallen, Imogene Physical Plant 10/1/1968-4/21/1970
Faller, David Public Affairs, Print Shop 5/23/1978-3/9/1979
Falls, Scott
Falwell, Colleen
Falwell, James
Fancher, M.A. Penmanship 1952
Fancher, Sandra Public Safety 10/8/1973-5/29/1978
Fant, Elston
Fant, Joan ? -1/19/1962
Fant, Leslie Food Services 9/9/1960-5/31/1961
Fant, Patsy Biology 9/9/1971-5/31/1972
Fant, Prince ?-6/17/1965
Farago, Ronald
Faries, Fithian aka Jack Audio-Visual Services 6/12/1961-7/1/1978
Faries, Olive University Libraries no file
Farina, Robert Chemistry 1969-?
Farley, Diana
Farley, Doris
Farley, Gene Educational Leadership 1969-1982
Farley, George Physical Plant 9/1/1969-4/30/1971
Farley, Jeannette Kentucky Library 1969-1982
Farley, Seth Educational Leadership 9/1/1969-8/31/1979
Farmer, John Physical Plant 4/23/1979-6/1/1979
Farnsley, Juanita
Farnsley, Judith
Farrar, David
Farrar, Kerry
Farrell, Lawrence Business Education & Office Administration 8/16/1977- 8/15/1978
Farrington, Charmaine
Fass, Jack Recreation 4/16/1977-1978
Faught, Judith Education 6/1/1967-8/8/1969
Fauke, Norma Food Services ?-1/4/1975
Faulk, Lynn
Faxon, Mary Teacher Education 7/19/1978-4/12/1979
Faye, Edward
Fayne, Josephine Hall Director, 1906-1907 no file


Feck, Vincent Industrial Education 8/16/1971-8/31/1976
Federico, Antonia
Fee, Gordon Philosophy & Religion 8/16/1970-1970
Feeney, Sally
Fehrman, Virginia
Feibes, Erica Library 10/7/1974-1975
Feibes, Walter Mathematics 1967-?
Feighner, Forest Speech & Theatre 6/1971-7/1971
Feintuch, Burt Folk Studies 1975-?
Feix, Jimmy Physical Education 1958-?
Fendrich, Jerry Business Administration 9/1/1969-1970
Fenimore, Frederick Student Affairs 9/1/1968-5/31/1969
Fennelly, Alphonsus Physics 1974-?
Fennelly, Sara Library Services 6/7/1976-7/30/1976
Fentress, Elza Penmanship1934-1935
Fenwick, David
Fergenbaum, Martha
English 1931
Ferguson, Georgia Home Economics 8/16/1973-8/15/1977
Ferguson, Helen
Ferguson, Isabel History 1927-1928
Ferguson, Julia Correspondence Studies 11/16/1970-6/29/1973
Ferguson, Michael Public Relations 1/10/1977-1978
Ferguson, Stephanie
Ferguson, Terry Farm 9/3/1964-10/31/1964
Fernandez, Angela Computer Group Project 1976-1977
Fernandez, Diana Nursing 1977-?
Fernandez, Leo Art 9/1/1966-
Ferrante, Remo Foreign Languages 9/1/1964-8/31/1967
Ferren, Karen English 2/1/1973-5/17/1974
Ferriell, Betty
Ferriell, Francis Food Services 1972-


Fickes, Adeline
Fiducia, Frederick Finance 1980-1981
Fiegenbaum, Martha
English 1931
Fields, Earline Food Services 8/1970-9/19/1977
Fields, Euel Jr.
Fields, Euell Sr. Physical Plant 9/1/1964-1979?
Fields, Frances English 1972-?
Fields, Katherine
Fields, Louann Personnel 7/5/1972-1/8/1973
Fields, Noland Geography & Geology 1962-?
Fields, Nyle Physical Plant ?-10/20/1973
Fields, Shelia Bookstore 1/8/1979-1/19/1979
Fields, Terry Physical Plant 10/24/1972-12/8/1972, 10/24/1975-10/10/1977
Fife, Diane Physical Plant 1/10/1977-5/31/1977
Fife, Victor Academic Library Services
Finch, Loyd Physical Plant 1/1/1968-?
Finely, Laurence Geology 1962-?
Finnegan, Mildred Foreign Languages 1929
Finley, Frederick Military Science 1942-1943
Finley, Hazel
Finley, Rita
Finley, Thomas Student Affairs 9/1/1966-5/31/1967
Finn, Claudine Food Services 1976-1976?
Finn, Sara BGBU 1945 no file
Finnell, James Student Affairs 9/1/1967-5/31/1968
Finney, Debra
Fiorella, Michael Student Affairs 1974
Fischer, Martha Business Affairs 2/16/1970-2/12/1971
Fish, Margie Registrar 8/16/1976-1/14/1977
Fish, Mark
Fisher, Mrs. G.P.
Training School 1923-1934
Fisher, Mrs. Glen History 1931
Fisher, Lyle Military Science 1941-1943
Fisicaro, Sebastiano Psychology 1977-?
Fitch, Suzanne Hardin Planetarium 10/18/1971-8/16/1972
Fithian, George English 1941
Fitzgerald, Thomas Economics 9/1/1969-8/15/1972
Fitzpatrick, Douglas
Fitzpatrick, Ronnie Print Shop 5/9/1967-6/16/1967
Flaherty, Robert Physical Plant 12/4/1972-3/22/1974
Flanigan, Jackson
Flannigan, David Chemistry 6/1958-8/1958
Flaugher, Terri
Fleenor, Fitzpatrick Physical Plant 2/14/1977-6/3/1977
Fleenor, Sheila Physical Plant 1/6/1977-6/30/1977
Fleming, Mary Eagle Prep 6/16/1975-12/11/1976
Flener, Bettie Personnel 1973-?
Flener, Osburn Mathematics 1959-?
Flenniken, Lydia Training School 1906-1907 no file
Fletcher, Harold Business Administration 1975-?
Flint, Harold Economics ?-9/1/1966
Flora, Betty Physical Plant 1972-?
Flora, Nola Food Services 1970-1982 no file
Flowers, Edward Engineering Technology 7/1/1967-8/15/1974
Flowers, Neva Training School 6/11/1962-7/31/1965
Flowers, Paul Physical Plant 4/10/1979-4/26/1979
Flowers, Sonja
Floyd, Betty
Floyd, Laverne
Floyd, Remona Food Services 6/7/1976-1976
Floyd, Sally Correspondence Studies 1969-1969
Floyd, William Psychology, Home Economics 1968-?
Flynn, James English 1972-?
Flynn, Lana English 1973-1980
Flynn, Maria Foe, Vivian


Foe, John Information Technology 1960-?
Fogg, Mary
Student Affairs 8/20/1977- 5/17/1978
Fogarty, Jerrold Recreational Activities 1976?-10/3/1976
Foltz, Greg Physics & Astronomy 1979-1981 no file
Fong, Lou Ella Home Economics 1970-?
Forbes, Deborah Physical Plant ?-1980
Forbis, Kenny Art 10/28/1975-1975 
Ford, Ann Dean's Office 10/1/1958-1960?
Ford, Bessie University Libraries ?-1960
Ford, Helen Library 9/1958-8/1959
Ford, Jon
Ford, Marie Physical Plant 9/1/1959-?
Ford, Marion Agriculture 1913-1940
Ford, Osberne Physical Plant 9/28/1971-1/10/1972
Ford, Robert Downing University Center 11/19/1970-2/2/1971
Ford, Royetta Teacher Corps 10/1974-8/1975
Ford, Sandra
Ford, Scott Biology 1967-?
Forgette, Franklin Educational Television 10/1/1969-11/15/1974
Forgy, Alice University-School Relations 1/2/1977-1978
Forgy, Jane Speech & Theatre 1/13/1971-1971
Forkum, Raymond Physical Plant 12/1/1965-5/1/1966
Forman, Guy Physics 1929-1943
Forrestall, James Physical Plant 1/17/1977-6/3/1977
Forrester, Chester Art 1965-?
Forrester, Howard
Fors, Carl Education 2/29/1972-6/30/1973
Forsee, Linda
Forshee, Caffa
Forshee, David Physical Plant 1973-?
Forshee, Douglas Physical Plant 9/1/1959-?
Forshee, Gary
Forshee, Paul Physical Plant ?-2/6/1976
Forshee, Versie Physical Plant 1976-1983
Forsting, Marguerite secretary 1913-?
Fort, Lucile Library 1915-1916
Fortner, Linda
Foshee, Beverly
Military Science 1964-1966
Fost, Carolyn Economics 1972-?
Foster, Adon Music 1948-1953
Foster, Carl
Foster, Constance Library Services 1978-?
Foster, Gary
Foster, Imogene Library Services 9/1/1965-11/30/1980
Foster, Levata
Foster, Rebecca
Foster, Robert Business & Government 9/1962-1964
Foster, Robert Geograph & Geology 9/1/1968-7/31/1976
Foster, Thomas Media Services 1973-?
Foulk, Lynn
Fowler, Watson Counseling 6/1972-8/1972
Fowlks, Wilma Art 10/7/1968-7/3/1970
Fox, Jack English 1/9/1960-1/31/1962
Fox, James Military Science 1962-1964
Fox, Maureen Academic Affairs 1/29/1973-5/15/1974
Fox, Theodore Frady, Claude School Administration 9/1/1968-9/1/1982


Frady, Claude Education 1968-?
France, Orena
Physical Plant 1/2/1961-6/1/1966
Francis, Anne College of Commerce 8/1/1970-2/3/1972
Francis, David BGBU 1947-1950 no file
Francis, Robert Physical Education 1931-1935
Francis, Nancy Undergraduate Instruction 7/20/1966-7/31/1968
Francis, Vicki Physical Plant 10/26/1971-1971?
Frankenhauser, Neil Art 9/1/1967-5/30/1970
Franklin, Robbie Physical Education 9/1/1968-6/1/1973
Franklin, Susie Physical Plant 1975-1976?
Frantz, David Astronomy 9/1/1968-8/15/1970
Frantz, Deborah
Frantz, Joanne Nursing 2/1/1969-5/29/1970
Fray, Juanita Military Science 1/3/1977-7/31/1979
Frazee, Laura Training School 1908-1915
Freas, David Physical Plant 1970-? no file
Freas, Linda Public Affairs 10/12/1964-3/8/1968
Freas, Pamela Purchasing 5/1/1974-8/15/1975
Frederick, Helen Academic Affairs 12/1/1968-1/4/1969
Freedle, Martha Training School 9/11/1961-1962
Freeland, Elmer Military Science 1965-1966
Freeman, Beverly Education ?-7/20/1976
Freeman, Evelyn BGBU 1936-1943 no file
Freeman, Charlotte Placement & Alumni 9/7/1966-12/31/1968
Freeman, Chester Agriculture 1923-1925
Freeman, Terry Physical Plant 1/20/1977-4/27/1977
Friedman, Louis Training School 1931-1932
Fremd, Lydia Mathematics 1935-1936
French, Sue Elementary Education 12/1/1969-6/30/1970
French, Judith
French, Margaret
French, Margie Financial Aid 6/5/1967-5/31/1968
French, Mary Downing University Center 8/16/1972-5/16/1973
French, Melinda Nursing 9/1/1969-8/15/1973
Freville, Michael Teacher Education 7/1/1973-6/30/1976
Fridy, Ann Undergraduate Instruction 9/1/1967-4/5/1968
Fridy, Cathy Food Services 8/15/1977-8/25/1977
Fridy, Katherine
Fridy, Tommy Student Affairs 9/1/1968-8/8/1969
Fridy, Wilford English 9/1/1966-?
Friedman, Louis Music 1931-1932
Friend, Melinda
Fries, Robert
Music 1943 
Frisbee, Tim
Frischkorn, John Physical Plant 4/1/1966-6/22/1974
Frischkorn, Lena Alumni & Placement 9/16/1968-1/2/1974
Fritch, Philomena
Fritz, Leroy
Training School 1947-1948
Frizzell, Deborah Bookstore, Military Science 1/10/1977-1/31/1977, 8/22/1977-8/30/1977
Frost, Jack Counselor Education 6/1/1968-8/15/1973
Fugate, Obie
Fulcher, Douglas Physical Plant 10/8/1970-10/27/1970
Fulks, Virgie ?-3/31/1962
Fuller, Lorretta ?-9/30/1957
Fuller, Ruth Education 2/1962-1964
Fuller, William Secondary Education 1963-8/31/1966
Fullerton, Nancy
Fulmer, Eunice Library Science 6/1972-8/1972
Fulton, C. W. Drawing & Penmanship 1906-1908
Funk, Gretchen Health Services 10/1/1970-8/31/1971
Funk, Hattie Hall Director 1922-1926
Fuqua, John Military Science 1950-1953
Fuqua, William BGBU no file
Furlong, Michael
Furlong, Roswitha Foreign Languages 1/1/1976-1977
Furlow, Richard Sociology & Anthropology 9/1/1968-12/31/1974
Futrell, Maurice Biology 1947-1948
Futrell, Walter

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