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Western Kentucky University

WKU Archives - Faculty/Staff List - S Surnames

This is an alphabetical listing of faculty and some staff who have worked at Western Kentucky University compiled from a variety of sources. WKU Archives does not hold files on all former employees. This list does not include current members of the faculty and is a work in progress.

Personnel records of faculty and staff may include information regarding education, awards, honors and correspondence. Directory information regarding deceased faculty or those who left the university 30 or more years ago may be made available to patrons by request in the Harrison-Baird reading room

These records are in WKU Archives record group UA1D University Wide Personnel File.  A collection inventory of open files is available on TopScholar and will be updated quarterly as the records are processed. For more information contact the WKU Archives at



Saben, Tommy Dining Services 1964 no file
Sachs, Stephen Political Science 1965-1966
Sadler, Beverly Library 9/1/1967-8/31/1968
Sadler, Clarence Farm
Sadler, Eva Education 1974 no file
Sadler, Grace Physical Plant 1969-1971
Sadler, Simpson Physical Plant ?-1973 no file
Sadler, William Physical Plant 1960-1970 no file
Sagabiel, John Academic Advisement 1959-?
Sagabiel, Marjorie Extension Service 1966-1968
Sage, Brenda Public Affairs 1966-1969
Sailings, Everett
Salem, Mahmoud
Salings, Randell Physical Plant 1972 no file
Salings, Virgie Dining Services 1974-1976
Salisbury, Michele
Salisbury, Richard History 1976 2003 no file
Salmans, Elona Government 1976-?
Salmon, Judith
Salomon, Louis English 1931 1937
Salyers, Glynn Military Science 1953 1954 
Samios, Anastasios Physical Plant 1973-1975
Sams, Stanley Security 1962-1963
Sams, Vivian
Samson, James
Sanborn, Kenneth Accounting 9/1/1965-2/4/1988
Sandefur, J.T. Education 1971-?
Sandefur, Janice Computer & Information Services 1977-1979
Sandefur, Joyce Dining Services
Sandefur, P.L. Physics 1943-1965
Sander, David
Sanders, Albert Engineering Technology 9/1/1967-1969
Sanders, Anita
Sanders, Bobby Physical Plant 1968 no file
Sanders, Curtis Physical Plant no file
Sanders, Henry Student Affairs 1978-1979
Sanders, James C. Physical Plant 1970-1971 no file
Sanders, James E. Academic Services 1971-?
Sanders, Larry
Sanderson, Frederican
Sanderson, Robert
Sanford, Marion Farm 1977-1980
Sanson, Kenneth Physical Plant 1967-1975 no file
Sargent, Carla Physical Plant 1978-1979
Satterfield, James Elementary Education 9/1/1967-1972
Satterfield, Jerry Physical Plant 1972-1976
Satterfield, Pearl Health Services 1971-1979 no file
Satterthwaite, Doyle Communication & Broadcasting 8/16/1977-5/15/1988
Sauer, Daniel
Saunders, Ray
Saunders, Raymond
Savage, Karen Industrial Arts 1966-?
Savage, Sharon Dental Hygiene 8/16/1973-8/15/1976
Savage, William Business Education & Office Administration 8/16/1977-8/15/1978
Sawyer, Ann
Saxton, Margaret Library Science 1974 no file
Sayers, Ray Dining Services 1970-1973
Saylor, Deborah Public Affairs 1977-1978
Saylors, Marshall Physics & Astronomy 8/16/1977-12/15/1977
Sayre, Robyn
Sayres, Debra
Scales, Robert Student Affairs 1972-1973
Scarborough, Clarice Foreign Languages 1964-?
Scarborough, John Education 6/13/1960-8/31/1983
Scarborough, Kathryn
Scarbrough, Henry Physical Plant 1969-1974 no file
Scarpella, Judith
Scarry, Donald Economics 9/1/1967-6/30/1969
Schab, Fred Psychology 1952 1958 no file
Schaser, Frederick Security 1969-1974
Scheidt, Barbara
Schell, Merrill Mathematics 1929 1966
Scherr, Alice 
Schickel, Jo Ann Home Economics 8/16/1970-8/15/1972
Schickli, Katherine
Schieferdecker, Ivan Art 1964-? no file
Schieferdecker, Marilyn Art 9/1/1966-1978
Schiller, William Military Science 5/15/1971-1975
Schira, Leonard Distributive Education 1976-? no file
Schira, Norma Health & Safety 1973-? no file
Schlenk, Robert
Schlinker, Jasper Library Science 1958; 1962
Schloss, Robert Health & Safety 1/1/1970-8/15/1972
Schmalz, Gail Home Economics 1/1/1976-5/14/1976
Schmid, Herbert Military Science 1935 1946 
Schmidt, Frank Psychology 1969 no file
Schmidt, James Student Affairs 1970-1973
Schmidt, Kathleen Dining Services 1971-1973
Schnacke, Stephen Education 1970-? no file
Schneider, Florence Registrar/Bursar 1911-? 
Schneider, Janet
Schneider, Robert Agriculture 1976-? no file
Schnepp, Roger Student Affairs 1979-1980
Schock, Jack Sociology & Anthropology 1968-? no file
Schoen, Edward Philosophy 1976-? no file
Schoen, Mary
Schrader, Robert
Schrader, Virginia
Schroader, J.C. Physical Plant 1967-1969
Schroader, Rebecca Registrar's Office 1970 no file
Schuler, Debra
Schult, Lynn Career & Vocational Education 1973-1974
Schultz, Leslie Bookstore 1976-1977
Schulz, Glenda Dental Hygiene 1970-1971
Schwan, Edward
Schwartz, John
Schwarzkopf, Janet BGBU 1959-1963; WKU English 1962-? no file
Schweers, Sheila Student Affairs 1973-1977
Schweizer, Edward Accounting 1965-?
Schwing, Ronald Physical Plant 1979-1980
Scott, Ather
Scott, Bobby
Scott, Briggs Physical Plant 1966-1947 no file
Scott, Christopher 1953-? no file
Scott, Ford Biology 1967-? no file
Scott, Harold
Scott, Iva Domestic Science 1911 1921
Scott, Janice Student Affairs 1966 no file
Scott, Julius Philosophy & Religion 8/16/1970-6/30/1977
Scott, Leighton Physical Plant 1961-1974 no file
Scott, Lena English 1936-1938
Scott, Mingo History 8/16/1971-5/11/1974
Scott, Robyn
Scott, Roger Physics 1968-?
Scott, Sara Libraries no file
Scott, Sarah Training School 1907-1908
Scoville, Magnolia Training School 1924-?
Scruggs, Rickey Physical Plant 1977-1978


Seabolt, Juanita Admissions1968-?
Searbrough, Edgar Physical plant
Sears, Anthanette Physical Plant 1977-1979
Sears, Betty
Sears, Ed Physical Plant 1961-1963
Sears, Rose Philosophy & Religion 1972-1977
Seaton, Myra Athletics 1965-1966 no file
Seeger, Barbara
Seeger, Ronald Geology 1959 -? no file
Seelmeyer, Lillian Education 1965-1967
Seitz, Betty
Seitz, Jeorg Political Science 1967-1969
Self, Edward Geography & Geology 1961-1962
Self, Rebecca Dining Services 1979-1980
Selove, Rebecca
Semans, Frank Biology 1930 1932-?  
Senn, Alta Dining Services 1974-1977
Sergent, Nettie Dining Services 1970-? no file
Serrato, Carlos
Settle, Margery Education 1957-1960
Settle, Mrs. Marshall 1910-1912 no file
Settle, Rebecca Business Office 1974-1975
Settlow, Gordon
Sevenish, Barbara Health Occupations 1974 no file
Sevigny, Maurice Art 9/1/1969-8/15/1977
Seward, Carolyn Training School 1934-6/30/1969
Seward, Roy College Heights Foundation 1909-?
Shadburne, Margaret
Shadowen, Herbert Biology 1961-?
Shakeel, Ghulamsabir Sociology 9/1/1965-6/1/1970
Shakeel, Hadia History 9/1/1966-1970
Shanahan, James Marketing 1964 1966
Shanahan, Patricia Education 1969 1974 no file
Shank, Joe
Shank, Lowell Chemistry 1966-? no file
Shank, Sharyn Talent Identification & Utilization 1967-1968
Shanklin, Nancy
Shanklin, William Business Administration 8/16/1972-5/15/1977
Shankweiler, Steve
Shannon, David Education 1969-? no file
Shannon, Jasper Government 1/1/1972-8/16/1974
Sharber, Sue Graduate College 1977-1978
Share, Dorothy
Share, Kevin
Sharer, Patricia
BGBU 1960-1961 no file
Sharp, Larry Philosophy & Religion 8/16/1976-1977
Sharp, Lorene
Sharpe, Debbie
Sharpe, Hollie Business Education 1965-
Shaver, Gladys Training School 1946 1952 
Shaw, Brenda Library Science 1975-1977
Shaw, Robin Mathematics & Computer Science 1979-1980
Shedd, Charles Psychology 9/9/1960-1/31/1967
Sheeley, Vernon Counselor Education 1968-? no file
Sheil, Richard Music 1946 1948
Shelby, Linda Military Science 1970-1972
Shelton, Charles Business & Government
Shelton, Doris
Shelton, Sibyl University Libraries 1970-1976
Shelton, Verne Art 9/1/1963-8/15/1975
Shemwell, Betty Training School 1937
Shenton, Nina History 1962-1964 no file
Shepard, Loretta
Shepherd, Donna Education 1964 no file
Shepherd, Marcia Eagle Prep 1974-?
Sheppard, Nathaniel Educational Research 8/1/1972-8/17/1973
Sheppard, Thomas History 1962-1965
Sherman, Nancy
Sherrill, Dorse
Sherrill, Lisle Biology 1946-7/1/1974
Sherrill, Sybol Eagle Prep 1973-1976
Sherry, Bill Physical Plant 1974-1975
Sherry, Judith Physical Plant 1974-1978 
Shewmaker, Jo Home Economics 8/16/1976-8/15/1977
Shiek, Carol Student Affairs 1977-1979 no file
Shiek, David Psychology 8/16/1971-8/15/1978
Shields, Gayle Military Science 1956 1963 no file
Shields, Jesse Physical Plant 1977-1979
Shields, Kaye
Shields, Nelson Institutional Research 1/15/1974-3/25/1976
Shields, Roscoe University Libraries no file
Shields, Wilbur
Shipley, Ben
Shipley, Jo Anna Student Affairs 1977-1978
Shipp, Allen
Shires, James Graduate College 8/15/1969-8/15/1971
Shires, Shelby Nursing 9/1/1969-3/20/1970
Shirley, Gene
Shirley, John
Shirley, Ronnie Physical Plant 1975-1977
Shkolnik, Don Literacy Center 1966 no file
Shobe, Patsy Home Economics 1924 1927 no file
Sholar, Linda University Libraries 1973-1976
Shollenberger, Ann
Shollenberger, Barry Physical Education 8/16/1976-6/15/1979
Shollenberger, Renee Academic Affairs 1976-1979
Shores, Helen Training School 1963
Short, Ellen Education 1968-1970
Short, James Physical Plant 1978 no file
Shoulders, Betty
Shoup, Cheryl
Shrader, Horace Student Housing 1973-1981
Shreve, Melinda Physical Plant 1973-1974
Shroeder, Laura Summer School 1957 no file
Shull, David
Shumaker, Earlon Library Services 1/17/1972-1/31/1975
Shutt, Catherine Library 9/1/1965-8/31/1969


Sibbald, George Military Science 1951 1955 no file
Siddens, Alice
Siddens, Frances Psychology 1964-8/15/1973
Siddens, Frederick
Siddens, Jackie Psychology
Siddens, Jennifer
Siddens, Linda Bookstore 1969-1970
Siddens, Robert Training School 1957-1962
Sidebottom, Linda 1958-1962 no file
Sidebottom, Marilyn
Siebold, Bert Industrial Education & Technology 1980-1981
Sikes, Glenn Military Science 1947 1952 
Silber, Leon Psychology 1969-?
Silcox, Elka Dining Services 1960-? no file
Siler, Jane Nursing 9/1/1968-5/29/1970
Siler, Waleta
Silliman, Deborah
Sills, Sara
Simmons, Charles
Simmons, Danny Physical Plant 1973-1974
Simmons, Frances Economics 1946-5/12/1973
Simmons, Geraldine
Simmons, Herbert Education 1975-? no file
Simmons, Joie Physical Plant ?-1976
Simmons, Margaret Biology 1958 1960 no file
Simmons, Raymond Public Safety 1970-?
Simmons, Richard Physical Plant no file
Simmons, Roberta
Simmons, William Physical Plant
Simon, Bonnie Bookstore 1969-1970
Simons, Margaret Biology 1958-1960
Simpson, Adolfina Library Services 1977-? no file
Simpson, Imogene Library Science 1960-6/30/1987
Simpson, Judith Bookstore 1977-?
Simpson, Patricia Extension Service 1966-1968
Simpson, Robert Psychology 1965-? no file
Simpson, Sharon Public Safety 1976-1979
Simpson, Sheila
Simpson, Vickie Art 1970-1971
Simpson, Vola Home Economics 1951 1952 
Simpson, Warner Physical Plant 1968-1975 no file
Sims, Ann
Sims, Daniel
Sims, Gladys Music 1929 1933
Sims, Herman Physical Plant 1972-1974
Sims, Russell Physical Education 8/16/1980-8/15/1983
Sinclair, Hobson Applied Arts & Health 9/1/1969-2/1/1970
Siria, Margery University Libraries 1969-1970
Sisk, Delmar
Sisney, Ricardo Teacher Corps Program 6/29/1970-8/20/1971
Sites, Jehu Physical Plant 1973-1974
Sitz, Anthony
Six, Frank Physics 1966-?
Skaggs, Beverly
Skaggs, Joe Physical Plant 1961-1965 no file
Skaggs, Joyce
Skaggs, Steve
Skean, James Biology 1966-1991
Skean, Mildred  Kentucky Library & Museum 1979-1998 no file
Skean, Nellie Chemistry 1/15/1979-5/9/1981
Skees, Helen
Skiles, James Military Science 8/16/1972-1975
Skillern, Ron
Skinner, Georgieann Elementary Education 8/1/1969-8/15/1970
Skinner, John Chemistry 1926 1942 
Skinner, William Elementary Education 9/1/1969-8/15/1970
Slappy, Dorothy
Slaughter, Arthur Physical Plant 1969-1973
Slaughter, Lon Food Services 1957-1982
Slaughter, William Physical Plant 1968-1972
Slavik, Robert Purchasing 1977-2001
Sleamaker, Robert Teacher Education 9/1/1961-6/30/1978
Sledge, Deborah Financial Aid 1976-1977
Sledge, Marion Physical Plant 1965 no file
Sledge, Mary
Sledge, Otis Physical Plant 1964-? no file
Slezak, Beverly Intercultural Studies 1970-1971
Slinker, David
Sloan, Julius Government 1969-? no file
Sloan, Patsy Government 8/16/1970-8/15/1971
Slocum, Vickie
Slone, Donna University Libraries 1974-1976
Sloss, Ronnie Public Safety 1980 no file


Small, Donald Education 1967-?
Small, Nyla University Libraries 1973-1974
Smalley, Clay
Smallwood, Brenda Intercultural Studies 1972-1973
Smit, Johannes Music 1954 1955 no file
Smith, Ann Registrar's Office 1964-1967 no file
Smith, Bert Education 1923 1961 no file
Smith, Billy Business Office ?-1963
Smith, Birdie
Smith, Bobby
Smith, Brenda Ann Health & Safety 1977-?
Smith, Brenda Sue
Smith, Carol University Libraries 1977-1979
Smith, Cathryn
Smith, Connie Jones-Jaggers 1976-1977
Smith, Dale Social Work -2011
Smith, Deborah E.
Smith, Deborah G. University Libraries 1975-2000
Smith, Deborah M. Purchasing 1971-1976
Smith, Deborah R. University Libraries 1968-1975
Smith, Delsie
Smith, Dian Applied Arts & Health 1972 no file
Smith, Diane Extension & Field Services 1965 no file
Smith, Dolores Home Economics 9/1/1968-8/15/1973
Smith, Donald Secondary Education 6/1/1967-8/31/1968
Smith, Dorothy Human Resources 1960-1976
Smith, Douglas Education 1975-? no file
Smith, Edgar Office Administration 9/1/1966-8/31/1968
Smith, Eric
Smith, Faye
Smith, Grover Military Science 1962 1966 no file
Smith, Harold Accounts 1965-?
Smith, Harvey Military Science 1955 1956 no file
Smith, Icy Physical Plant 1970-? no file
Smith, Jack Education 1978-1979
Smith, Jackquelyn Physical Plant 1977-1979
Smith, James
Smith, Janice
Smith, Joe Mathematics 9/1/1966-8/15/1971
Smith, John Engineering Technology 1973-?
Smith, Joyce
Smith, Judith
Smith, Karen Student Affairs 1974-1977
Smith, Katherine Art 1932 
Smith, Kimberly
Smith, L.T. Industrial Arts 1920-1965
Smith, Leigh
Smith, Luther Financial Development 9/1/1967-8/31/1968
Smith, Lyda History 1928 1936
Smith, Marjorie Physical Plant 1971-1980
Smith, Maureen
Smith, Merlin Physical Plant 1975-?
Smith, Mona Chemistry 1966 no file
Smith, Nick
Smith, Patricia Training School 1965-?
Smith, Pennie
Smith, Richard A.
Smith, Richard M. Physical Plant 1976-1978
Smith, Robert Library Science 1973-?
Smith, Robert Education ?-2012 no file
Smith, Roy
Smith, Samuel History 1930
Smith, Sharon
Smith, Shirley
Smith, Stanley
Smith, Stevenson Accounting 1977-1979
Smith, Terry Physical Plant 1970-1973
Smith, Veleashia Diversity Programs ?-2012
Smith, Verna Physical Plant 1976-?
Smith, Wallace Mathematics 1925 1929 
Smith, Zelda Elementary Education 9/1/1966-8/15/1971
Snaden, John Geography & Geology 9/1/1967-12/21/1973
Snatchko, Parker
Sneddon, William
Sneed, David
Snell, Cathy Athletics 1975-1979
Snell, Johnny
Snider, Susan English 1966-1967
Snizek, William Sociology 8/16/1970-8/15/1972
Snodgrass, Joyce Health & Safety 1972-1974
Snyder, Andrew
Snyder, Mary
Snyder, Nancy
Soderberg, William Security 1963-1968
Solley, Nancy Library Services 1966-1987
Solley, William Physical Education 8/5/1965-8/29/1970
Sondergard , ? Military Science 1943-? no file
Soric, Pat
Southall, James Military Science 1943 1945 no file
Sowders, Christine Sociology & Anthropology 8/16/1973-12/20/1974
Soyars, Betty Physical Plant 1975-1978
Spacht, Roger
Spalding, Janie University Libraries 1974-1975
Spano, Bartolo Psychology 1962-1963
Sparks, C.
Sparks, Emery Dining Services 1971-1976 no file
Sparks, Judy Public Safety 1977-1980
Sparks, Opal Dining Services 1968-1980 no file
Sparks, Patricia Physical Plant 1976-1977 no file
Spath, Rose Mass Communication 1975-1976
Spaulding, Kenneth Economics & Sociology 1936 1938
Spaulding, Virginia Library 1924-26 no file
Speakman, Nora Bookstore 1972-1974 no file
Spear, Dorothy
Spear, Lloyd Physical Plant 1966-1967
Spear, Steven Physical Plant 1974-1978
Spears, Debra Applied Arts & Health 1973-1975
Spears, Fannie
Spears, Roger
Spears, Sammy Physical Plant 1975-?
Speck, Glenda
Spencer, Cindy
Spencer, Sherlene Industrial Education 8/16/1977-5/15/1978
Spiceland, James Philosophy & Religion 1975-?
Spicer, David
Spicer, Janice Student Affairs ?-1971
Spickard, Ronella Home Economics 1925 1926 no file
Spillman, David Physcial Plant 1975-1978
Spivey, Don Education ?-1967
Sponberg, Ky
Sponel, Mildred
Spoo, John Industrial Education 10/25/1976-12/17/1976
Spoo, Linda Extension Services 1969-1970 no file
Sporing, E.F. Education 1928-1932
Spottswood, Henry Business Administration 1963-1966; 9/1/1968-8/15/1973
Spriegel, William Economics & Sociology 1934 1948
Spring, E.F. Education 1928 1932 no file
Sprouse, Forrest
Sprouse, Judy
Spugnardi, Felix Dining Services 1969-1978 no file
Spugnardi, Nick
Spurlock, Barbara
Spurlock, John English 1964-?
Sroka, Anthony Industrial Education 8/16/1972-6/30/1977


St. Clair, Daniel Mathematics 8/16/1974-8/15/1978
Stahl, Antoinette Student Affairs 1965-1968
Stahl, Carol
Stahl, Flossie Physical Plant 1966-1969 no file
Stahl, John Philosophy & Religion 9/1/1966-4/15/1975
Stahl, Marcia History 1975-1977
Stahl, Mary
Stahl, Wanda Business Office 1971 no file
Stallard, Flora Training School 1907 1917 
Stallard, Mary Registrar's Office 1920-?
Stallings, Ethel English 1929
Stamp, Lois
Stamper, Rebecca Mathematics 1966-1968
Stamps, Charlotte
Stamps, Chester Physical Plant 1975-1976
Stanley, Nathaniel
Stanley, Tommy
Stansbury, Edgar Physical Education 1934 1947 
Staples, Richard
Stapp, Boyce
Stark, Cynthia Student Affairs 1980 no file
Stark, George
Starkey, Ruth English 1968-1971
Starks, Felicia
Starks, Mary
Physical Plant 1966-?
Starks, Katie Physical Plant 1970-1971
Starks, Saundra
Stasel, Mada
Stattman, Ruth University Libraries 1969-1973 no file
Stauss, Brian
Stayton, Vicki
Teacher Education -2011
Stearns, Joseph Speech & Theatre 9/1/1969-8/15/1975
Stearns, Sandra University Libraries 1969-1973
Stearns, Warren Military Science 1967-? no file
Steele, Bernadine Education 1960-?
Steele, Frank English 1968-? no file
Steele, Martha Business Office 1970-1971
Steele, Peggy University Libraries ?-1974
Steen, Barry Health & Safety 1971-? no file
Steen, Kay Education 1971-1973
Steen, Nancy Library Services 1974-?
Steen, Nelda
Steenbergen, Roger Security 1968-1969
Steenberger, Frank
Stefl, Charles
Stegall, Adelyn
Home Economics 1946
Stella, John Training School 1957 1958 no file
Stephan, Geraldine Librarian 1935 1938 
Stephan, Leon B. Training School 1926 1929 
Stephan, Leon L. Geography 1935
Stephens, Alonzo Kentucky Library & Museum 1978-1980
Stephens, Bernice
Stephens, Helen
Stephens, Henry Biology 1927-6/30/1969
Stephens, Justin Physical Plant 1976-1977
Stephens, Larry
Stephens, Ruth History 1915 1916 no file
Stephenson, Jennifer Business Office 1975 no file
Stern, Joyce English 1967-1969
Sterrett, James English 1928 1945 
Steven, Gregory Physical Plant 1977-1978
Stevens, Craig Biology 1964-1966
Stevens, Daryl Farm 1970-1971
Stevens, Harry Physical Plant ?-1953
Stevens, Paula Engineering Technology 1970 no file
Stevens, William  Biology 1964-1965
Stevens, William D. Business Administration & Sociology 1966-1967
Stevens, Willie Training School 1939 1941
Stevenson, Dulcie Psychology 9/1/1969-6/15/1975
Stevenson, Ilona Bookstore 1974-1979 
Stevenson, Robert Education 1969-? no file
Steward, Christopher
Steward, Faith University Libraries 1974-1977
Stewart, Barbara Extension Services 1963-1965
Stewart, Joe Physical Plant 1965-?
Stewart, Karen Educational Television 1971-1973
Stewart, L.W.
Stewart, Larry Farm 1965-1966
Stewart, Pauline Physical Plant 1970-1973
Stewart, Phyllis Accounting 1966-1967
Stewart, Wilburn Physical Plant 1969-1971
Stice, Craig
Stice, Elmus Physical Plant 1975 no file
Stice, Eva Dining Services 1973-1974
Stice, Harlan Physical Plant 1960-1962
Stice, Holland Physical Plant 1968-1980
Stice, Linda Dining Services 1970-1977
Stice, Mildred Dining Services 1970-? no file 
Stice, Robert Physical Plant 1974-1976
Stice, Terry Physical Education 1969-1971
Stickles, Amdt History 1908-1954
Stickley, Allen
Stidham, Gordon
Stidham, Hope Mathematics 1963-1965
Stierle, Anna
Stiles, Lucille Home Economics 1960-?
Stilley, Allen
Stinnett, James
Stinson, Lynna Registar's Office 1971-1975; Barren-Green River Area Health Education Systems 1975-1978
Stinson, Pernie Physical Plant 1969-1970
Stinson, Resi Financial Aid 1977-1979
Stinson, Sadie Library Services 9/1/1964-3/1/1970
Stith, Emma English 1928-1979
Stith, Mary English 1929-? no file
Stivers, Donald IT 1964-1969
Stock, Mark
Stokes, Joseph Mathematics 1962-? no file
Stokes, Maxine
Stomps, Walter Art 1975-? no file
Stone, Betty
Stone, Linda Government 1969-1970
Stone, Mary
Stone, Richard History 1969-? no file
Stone, Thomas Music 1956 1965 
Stone, Wilson
Stonecipher, Sibyl Foreign Languages 1929-1964
Stoner, Betty Registrar's Office 1960-?
Stoops, Norma Dean's Office 1963
Storer, Walter Foreign Languages 9/1/1966-1972
Storm, John
Stout, James Physical Plant 1970-1973
Stovall, James ?-1963 no file
Stovall, William
Straeffer, William Admissions 1970-1973
Strahl, Mary Speech & Theatre 9/1/1965-5/15/1973
Strahm, Franz Music 1910 1941
Strahm, Louise Music 1913 1918 no file
Strande, Barbara Nursing 1974-?
Strange, Carrie secretary 1924; 1928-? no file
Strange, Wandelyn
Strasburger, Charles University High 9/1/1969-1970
Strausburg, Brenda
Strawn, William Safety & Security 1969-?
Strayhorn, Elizabeth Mathematics 1928 1940
Strickland, Maxine Dining Services 1966-? no file
Stringer, Caroline Journalism 1976-? no file
Strode, John
Stronks, William Foreign Languages 2/1/1961-8/31/1968
Stroube, Barbara Music 1976-?
Stroube, William Agriculture 9/1/1966-10/1/1982
Strugill, Claude History 1962 1964 no file
Strunk, Delmus Physical Plant 1967-1973
Strunk, Flonnie Business Education 1966-1971
Stuart, Brill
Stuart, Jacqueline University Libraries 1971-1972
Stubblefield, Jessie
Stubblefield, O.G.
Stubblefield, Sharon
Stuckwisch, Harlan Education 1966-1970 no file
Studer, Anna
Stuebing, Susan Student Affairs 1973-1975
Stull, Alice Art 1971-1975
Stunson, Charles Student Affairs 1971-1972
Sturgeon, Marilyn
Sturgeon, Ruth 1957-? no file
Sturgill, Claude History 1962-1964
Sturgill, Sandra
Sturgill, Sherry Financial Aid 1974 no file
Sublett, Georgia Education 1967-1968
Sublett, Judith
Sullivan, Bobby
Sullivan, Brian Legal Area Studies 1976-? no file
Sullivan, Carole Student Affairs 1967-1968 
Sullivan, Eugene Military Science 1976-?
Sullivan, Katheryn Library 1930 1938 no file
Sullivan, Peggy
Sullivan, Rebecca Financial Aid 1977-1978
Sumilhig, Sallie 
Summers, Kathy Physical Plant 1976-1977
Summers, Martha
Summers, Nancy
Training School 1948-1951 no file
Sumpter, Ward Chemistry 1928-1965
Sun, Bob Library Services 6/16/1969-8/15/1974
Sundmacker, Gary
Surmann, Freda Music 1912 1914 no file
Survant, Joseph English 1970-? no file
Sutherland, David Journalism 1973-1979
Sutherland, Regina Career & Vocational Education 1975-1976
Sutherland, Sarah Nursing 8/16/1970-8/15/1977
Sutton, Gary Physical Plant 1975-1978
Sutton, Mary
Sutton, Paula
Sutton, Ronnie Dean of Scholastic Development 1963-? no file
Sutton, Suzanne Nursing 8/16/1977-1/8/1979
Swafford, Preston
Swanson, Rosemary Grant & Contract Services 1976-1977
Sweatt, Donna
Sweany, H.P.
Agriculture 1946-?
Sweeney, Alana
Sweeney, Calvin
Sweeney, John
Sweeney, Ruth Training School 1922 1924 no file
Sweet, Thomas Military Science 11/1968-1970
Swift, Michael
Sydnor, Wallace Physical Education 9/1/1964-6/30/1983

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