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WKU Archives - Photograph Collection

There are thousands of photographs, negatives, slides, post cards, drawings and digital images of documents and artifacts in the collection available for use by researchers in the University Archives. This website describes broad categories of images and provides short cut searches. There are no plans to scan every image. Check quarterly updates of TopScholar collection inventories for descriptions of photographs that haven't been digitized. Digitized images are available online using KenCat, use codes following descriptions below to search.

Images can be reproduced for a fee.

Unidentified Photographs - Can you help us identify images?  Search KenCat using the term "unidentified" and send us feedback. 



Views of WKU and its founding institutions showing multiple buildings.  Includes aerial photographs.

Buildings & Structures

Images of individual buildings and structures - collection inventory

Academic Athletic Performance Center / Diddle Arena UA1C2.1.* 
Academic Complex UA1C2.2.* 
Agricultural Exposition Center UA1C2.3.* 
Agricultural Pavilion & Farm Buildings UA1C2.97.* 
Barnes-Campbell UA1C2.5.* 
Barracks UA1C2.6.* 
Bates-Runner UA1C2.7.* 
Bemis Lawrence UA1C2.8.* 
Bowling Green Business University UA1C2.93.* 
Cabell Hall UA1C2.9.* 
Cedar House aka Faculty House UA1C2.10.* 
Cherry Hall, 1937+ UA1C2.13.* 
College Heights Foundation UA1C2.16.* 
Craig Alumni House UA1C2.28.* 
Cravens Graduate Center & Library UA1C2.17.* 
Diddle Dorm UA1C2.20.* 
Downing University Center UA1C2.21.* 
East Hall UA1C2.23.* 
Environmental Sciences & Technology UA1C2.27.* 
Felts Log Cabin UA1C2.100.* 
Frisbie Hall UA1C2.30.* 
Ft. Albert Sidney Johnston UA1C2.98.* 
Garrett Conference Center UA1C2.31.* 
Gilbert Hall UA1C2.32.* 
Glasgow Normal School UA1C2.101.* 
Gordon Wilson Hall UA1C2.33.* 
Greek Houses UA1C2.90.* 
Grise Hall UA1C2.34.* 
Guest Houses UA1C2.35.* 
Hardin Planetarium UA1C2.36.* 
Helm Library UA1C2.38.* 
Home Economics UA1C2.39.* 
Home Management House UA1C2.40.* 
Industrial Education UA1C2.41.* 
Jones-Jaggers UA1C2.88.* 
Kentucky Building UA1C2.96.* 
Lost River Cave UA1C2.60.*, see also UA1C11.25.* 
Maintenance Service UA1C2.46.* 
McLean Hall UA1C2.95.* 
Minton Hall UA1C2.50.* 
Music UA1C2.51.* 
Ogden Hall UA1C2.56.* 
Parking UA1C2.57.* 
Pearce-Ford Tower UA1C2.58.* 
Pioneer Cabin UA1C2.61.* 
Plant Operations / Facilities Services / Heating Plant UA1C2.37.* 
Potter Hall UA1C2.63.* 
President's Homes UA1C2.64.* 
Preston Health & Activities Center UA1C2.65.* 
Recitation Hall UA1C2.66.* 
Red Barn UA1C2.67.* 
Rock House UA1C2.68.* 
Rodes-Harlin Hall UA1C2.69.* 
Rural Demonstration School UA1C2.70.* 
Schneider Hall UA1C2.71.* 
Science & Technology UA1C2.72.* 
Smith Stadium UA1C2.74.* 
Snell Hall UA1C2.75.* 
Southern Normal School UA1C2.22.* 
Stadium & Colonnade UA1C2.80.* 
Structures UA1C2.83.* 
Tate Page Hall UA1C2.84.* 
Taylor Agricultural Pavilion UA1C2.85.* 
Thompson Science Complex UA1C2.87.* 
Unidentified UA1C2.102.* 
Van Meter Hall UA1C2.89.* 
Veterans Village UA1C2.99.* 
West Hall UA1C2.103.* 
Wetherby Administration UA1C2.91.*
WKU Glasgow Campus UA1C2.94.*


Images of individuals and small groups of people, includes faculty, staff, students and alumni - collection inventory.

Administratiors UA1C3.1.*
Faculty/Staff UA1C3.2.*
Faculty/Staff small groups UA1C3.5.* 
Studetns/Alumni UA1C3.3.*
Students/Alumni small groups UA1C3.6.*
Dignitaries/Visitors UA1C3.4.*
Unidentified UA1C3.0.*  

Groups & Organizations

Images of six or more people identified by association or organization.  These include faculty, staff, student and alumni groups - collection inventory

Administration UA1C4.1.*
Alumni UA1C4.3.*
Band UA1C4.4.* 
Classes UA1C4.5.* 
Dignitaries / Entertainers / Visitors UA1C4.14.*  
Dormitory Residents UA1C4.11.* 
Faculty / Staff UA1C4.2.* 
Fraternities UA1C4.6.*  
Groups & Associations UA1C4.7.* 
Military UA1C4.8.* - see also Pershing Rifles - UA1C11.12.* 
Ogden College UA1C4.15.*  
Potter College UA1C4.12.* 
Sororities UA1C4.9.* 
Southern Normal School UA1C4.16.* 
Student Government Association UA1C4.10.* 
Training Schools UA1C4.13.*


Images of students participating on official university teams, intramural sports and other sporting events - collection inventory.  See Portraits for images of individual athletes and Athletic Media Relations collection UA1C11.5.* 

Baseball UA1C5.1.*  
Basketball - Men UA1C5.2.* 
Basketball - Women UA1C5.3.*
Cheerleaders UA1C5.5.* 
Fans UA1C5.15.* 
Football UA1C5.6.* 
Intramurals UA1C5.7.*  
Rugby UA1C5.16.*
Soccer UA1C5.8.*
Swimming & Diving UA1C5.10.*  
Tennis UA1C5.11.*
Track & Field UA1C5.12.* 
Volleyball UA1C5.13.*
Wrestling UA1C5.14.*


Images depicting annual and one time events such as anniversaries, award ceremonies, banquets, conferences, dedications, entertainment, exhibitions or lectures - collection inventory.  See also Public Relations collection UA1C11.1.* 

Banquets / Dinners - UA1C6.4.* 
Commencement - UA1C6.2.*
Conferences / Workshops - UA1C6.5.* 
Dedications - UA1C6.6.* 
Demonstrations / Protests - UA1C6.9.* 
Entertainment - UA1C6.7.* 
Exhibits - UA1C6.8.* 
Homecoming - UA1C6.3.*


Images showing everyday activities of university departments.

Logos & Symbols

Images of logos, symbols and signs used to represent the university, athletic teams, departments and organizations, includes images of  mascots. 


Images of WKU Archives documents scanned for publication or on-line exhibits. 


Images of artifacts in WKU Archives scanned for publication or on-line exhibits.


Images of people, buildings, events, etc., related to WKU taken by individual photographers or collectors and donated as a collection.

Alpha Phi  Omega - UA1C11.27.* 
Anna & Betty Cook - UA1C11.64.*
Beta Gamma Sigma - UA1C11.59.*
Beulah Huggason - UA1C11.24.*  
Bill Lee - UA1C11.7.*  
Bowling Green Business University - UA1C11.76.*
Charles Patterson - UA1C11.74.*
Charles Ruter - UA1C11.72.*
C. Haskel McCauley - UA1C11.73.*
Cherry Family - UA1C11.22.*  
Clara DeWilde - UA1C11.10.* 
College High Class of 1957 - UA1C11.26.*  
Dan Curd - UA1C11.58.* 
David Livingston - UA1C11.84.* 
Dorothy Bennett - UA1C11.11.*  
Douglas Kirkpatrick - UA1C11.4.*  
Downing University Center - UA1C11.31.*  
Dwight Pounds Collection Inventory  
E.A. Diddle - UA1C11.16.*  
Edgar Albrecht- UA1C11.51.*  
Edgar Stansbury - UA1C11.21.*  
Edna Bagnian - UA1C11.71.* 
Etta Runner - UA1C11.86.*
Franklin Studios - UA1C11.29.*  
Gamma Sigma Sigma - UA1C11.77.*
Gary Ransdell - UA1C11.61.* 
George Page - UA1C11.56.*  
Gertrude Bale - UA1C11.35.*  
Goldia McKeel Dunn Curd - UA1C11.28.*  
Gordon Ford - UA1C11.60.* 
Gordon Wilson - UA1C11.55.* 
Helen Turner - UA1C11.65.* 
Howard Carpenter - UA1C11.87.*
Irene Gullette - UA1C11.43.*
Ivan Wilson - UA1C11.30.*  
Jamie Daly - UA1C11.88.*
Jim Jones - UA1C11.32.*  
John Minton - UA1C11.19.*  
Juanita Hood Stockton - UA1C11.13.* 
Julian Harper - UA1C11.34.*  
June Garrott - UA1C11.41.*
Lavinia Hunter - UA1C11.20.*  
Leon Garrett - UA1C11.6.*  
Leone Jones - UA1C11.50.*
Lost River Cave - UA1C11.25.*
Mae Pedigo - UA1C11.48.*
Marjorie Clagett - UA1C11.53.* 
Marcella Brashear - UA1C11.85.*
Marshal Ray - UA1C11.75.*
Mary Grise - UA1C11.69.*
Mary & Keith Cloe - UA1C11.44.*  
Mike Dowell - UA1C11.63.*  
Nancy Cron - UA1C11.83.* 
Nelson Graham - UA1C11.54.*
Pershing Rifles - UA1C11.12.* 
Phi Delta Chi - UA1C11.38.*  
Phi Delta Theta - UA1C11.37.*  
Potter College of Arts & Letters - UA1C11.62.* 
Ramona Stinson - UA1C11.68.*
Randall Capps - UA1C11.67.* 
Rebellettes - UA1C11.78.*
Rex Toothman - UA1C11.45.*  
Richard Minton - UA1C11.52.* 
Robert Eversoll - UA1C11.81.* 
Robert Johnston - UA1C11.36* 
ROTC - UA1C11.79.* 
Sarah Richardson - UA1C11.8.*  
Steeley Veatch - UA1C11.39.*  
Talisman - UA1C11.70.*
Thomas Tichenor - UA1C11.40.* 
Virginia Wood Davis - UA1C11.14.*  
Vaughn Stevens - UA1C11.42.*
W.H. Lowe - UA1C11.15.*  
Walter Nalbach - UA1C11.46.* 
Western Players / Summer Players - UAC11.66.* 
Will Hill - UA1C11.9.*
William Jenkins - UA1C11.3.*  
Wilma Klein - UA1C11.49*
Wilson Stemm - UA1C11.36.*
WKU Alumni Relations - UA1C11.17*  
WKU Amateur Radio Club - UA1C11.18*  
WKU Athletic Media Relations - UA1C11.5.* 
WKU College of Nursing - UA1C11.57*
WKU Dental Hygiene - UA1C11.47* 
WKU Photo Album - UA1C11.80.* 
WKU Physical Education & Recreation - UA1C11.82.* 
WKU Public Relations - UA1C11.1.*  
WKU University Libraries - UA1C11.23* 


Images of people, buildings, events, etc., in the collection, but not associated with WKU.  


Can you help us identify images?  Search KenCat using the term "unidentified" and send us feedback.  UA1C3.* + unidentified

Photographers / Artists

Adams, Jeanie
Adler, Francisco
Aero-Graphic Corporation
Allen, Louis
Allis, Jan
Alumni Magazine
American Composite Corporation
Applewhite, Scott
Arbeleaz, G.
Arrasmith & Judd
Arrasmith, W.S. & Joseph P. Wilk
Ashby, Frank
Astin, ?
Baker, John
Baker, Tom
Banahan, David
Barnes, Donnie
Barrone, Bert
Bass, William
Battles, Jim
Beauchamp, Donnie
Bell, Ron
Benson, Steve
Bettcher, Adam
Bettison's Gallery
Bewley, Drew
Bishop, S.
Bishop, Wilsie
Bohannon, ?
Borchuck, James
Bottomley, T.F.
Boyar, Stephaine
Boyd, John
Brady, Jason
Brockmeyer, C.
Books, David
Brooks, Mark
Bruce, Don
Bruno of Hollywood
Buchanan, Todd
Bullock, M.D.
Burrill, Stuart
Burris, Todd
C.T. American Art
Carneal, Sandy
Carpenter, M.
Caufield & Shook
Cayce Photo
Chappell Studio
Chard, Robin
Cherry, Thomas
Chism, Pat
Clark, Gary
Clayworth, ?
Cline, Photo
Coffey, Bob
College Heights Herald
Collins, Bill
Collins, Mike
Conway, Sheila
Cook, Harry L.
Cornetet, Robin
Courtney, Pat
Covington, Orion
Cunningham, Crystal
Curt Teich & Co., Inc.
Curtis, Stacy
Cuson, Greg
Dalton, B.H.
Daniel & Tippit
Davis, Brinton B.
Daniel's Creative Photography
Daniel, J.
Davis, Billy
Deckle, Tom
Deel, Judy
Deputy, ?
DeWolfe, Henry
Dexter Press
Dieht's Studio
Doane, Jim
Douglas, Mike
Drake, Sandi
Draper, Bill
Dunn, David
E.C. Kropp Co.
Eans, Kevin
Eastern Kentucky University
Edwards, Bruce
Ericson, O.T.
Erwin, Mark
Evansville Junior Chamber of Commerce
F.M. Kirby & Co.
Flora, S.
Four Footed Fotos, Inc.
Frank, David
Franklin Studio
Franklin, Julia
Fuskine, Robert
Gardler, F.
Gardner, Lewis
Gardner, Richard
Gensheimer, Jim
Gibbons, David
Gibson, D.
Gibson, Tommy
Glowacki, Joe
Goldberger, Edward
Gordon, Mark
Gosnell, Omer
Gough Photo Service
Graham Photography
Graham's Studio
Griffith, Rachel
Hagan, Cliff
Hagen-Booth, Sheryl
Hairlson, Gary
Hamilton, T.J.
Hammer, Robbie
Hampton, Thomas
Harper, Ken
Harris, Brian
Harrison, L.
Haskins, Ron
Hassler, Eric
Healy, Mike
Hearion, Ernie
Henderson, Andrew
Hensley, Allen
Herion, Ernie
Hesse Studio
Hightower, Paul
Hinkle, Harvey
Hinshaw, Fred
Hoskins, Ron
Howell, Dan
Hughes Photography
Hughes, Tommy
Imel, Joe
Johnson & Cain
Johnson & St. Clair Architects
Johnson, Ches
Johnson, H.L.
Johnson, Johnson & Roy, Inc.
Johnson, R. Ben
Jones, Walton
Just, Paul
Kelty, E.J.
Kem, Judy
Kentucky Post Card Co.
Kentucky. Division of Publicity
Kentucky. Governor's Office
Kessinger, Jim
Kewanee Manufacturing Co.
Kidd, Vernon
Kincaid, ?
Kirkham, Wolfgang
Kirves, Tony
Kolarik, Kim
Koski, Jason
Krell, M.L.
Krull, Carol
Lawrence, Mike
Lawson, Owen
LeMarr, Lynn
Lenoir, Joel
Lewis, Clinton
Lindsey-Jaggers, Trish
Lineberger, Brady
Lions Club of Baton Rouge
Littell, H.B.
Loewen, Roger
Loomis, Rick
Louisville Courier-Journal
Lovett, Greg
Lowry, Steve
Luppino, Brad
Luster, Bill
Lyons, Andy
Lyons, Mark
Lyons, Mary
MacDonald, Arthur
Magee, Jim
Martin's Studio
Martin, Jerry
Masters, John
Maupin, Joe
Maupin, John
McFee Company
Megenity, Tresa
Melear, David
Mershon, Brent
Middle Tennessee State University
Mills, Alan
Morehead State University
Morse, Mike
Mounce, Bill
Murphy, D.X.
Musacchio, Rick
Neel, Phil
Nollau, Louis
Normal Heights
Orlando Lodge No. 1079
Ortmann, H.
Osler, Mark
Page, Leslie
Page, Ron
Panella, Scott
Paolucci, Christina
Parson, Eric
Patton, Blaine
Photo Craft
Pickens, ?
Pickerell, Brian
Pillow, Robert
Piscotty, Marc
Planetary Photo
Poral Photo
Potter, Jerome Whitfield, 1851-1923
Powell, L.T.
Preston, Bill
Pride, Paul
Prins, Rudolph
Ramberg, Elin
Recreation Club (WKU)
Redd, Bernard
Redding, Art
Reggae Graphics
Reynolds, Les
Robards, Martin
Roberts & Johnson, Architects
Roberts, Lisa
Robinson, Jim
Robinson, Scott
Rodes, Robert
Roe, Bobby
Rogers Studio
Rogers, Beth
Rogers, Samuel (S.G.)
Rossell, Tina
Roth, John
Rott, John
Royal Photo Company
Russell, John
Ryan Associated Architects
Ryan, Cook & Zuern Associates, Inc.
Salmon, Kelly
Sanborn Map Company
Sanders, William
Scherr, Wayne
Schmitt, Mort
Schooley, Skip
Schuhmann, Paul
Schwager, Rob
Scott, Cheryl
Scott, K.
Seitz, Joerg
Sharp, Chris
Sherryl Lockett Studio
Sherwood, Linda
Shirley, Margaret
Shively, Don
Shuffitt, Gordon
Shults, Chuck
Sinclair, Harold
Skipper, Bob
Smart, Steve
Smith, P.C.
Smith, Selby
Smith, Veronda
Snider, James
Southern Normal Bulletin
Spalding, Tom
Spencer News Co.
State Journal Company
Stephenson, David
Stewart, John
Stockman, ?
Strahm Music Club
Strode, Bill
Stuart, Robert
Student Alumni Association (WKU)
Suiter, Gary
Sutherland, David
Svada Mirror of Art
T.C. Company
Tatum, Omar
Teachers College Heights
Temple, Al
Thomas, Ray
Thompson, E. Kelly, 1909-1993
Thompson, L.D.
Thornton, Stephen
Tirpak, Brian
Trapasso, Michael
Triplett, William
Tucker, Mark
U.S. Army Air Force
University of Louisville
Van Eman, Lanny
Van Houten, ?
Vinion, Kurt
W.M. Cline Company
Ward, Ovada
Warren, Alan
Watkins, Darrell
Watson, Judy
Wayward Students Home Publishing Co.
Wedding, George
Western Alumnus
Western Newsletter
White, Robin
Willfinger, Jennifer
Williams, Charles
Wilson, Emma
Wilson, Jamal
Wilson, Tammie
Wilson, Ted
Wint, Paul
Wm. H. Cobb Company
Wright, Henry
Wright, Jerry
Wright, Lynn
Wright, W.R.
Xavier University
Yarbrough, H.M.
Young, J.L.
Young, Wellington 

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