Western Kentucky University

Department of Modern Languages: Study Abroad

Vienna and NACIA


WKU in Vienna, Austria

WKU has an exchange agreement with the State College of Education in Vienna- Austria's largest institution devoted to the training of elementary and middle school teachers. Located in the heart of one of the world's most exciting cities, the Padak offers WKU students a chance to learn German and other subjects in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Financial aid and grants are applicable toward the program costs.


North American Consortium for International Advancement (NACIA)

WKU's affiliation with the North American Consortium for International Advancement makes possible study abroad in French-speaking Canada (Universit de Laval, Universit de Moncton) and in Mexico (Universidad Panamericana, Universidad Veracruzana).

The WKU College of Business is the contact point for these programs:



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