Western Kentucky University

Scholarship Program


Scholarship Information

The WKU SMARRT grant is funded by the National Science Foundation's Robert E. Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program. The scholarships are for juniors and seniors who major in a STEM discipline (biology, chemistry, earth/space science, mathematics, or physics) that choose to enter into the teaching field. Scholarship recipients must agree to teach in a high needs district for two years for every year that they receive the scholarship.


  • $14,000 Scholarship
  • Undergraduate and Post-graduate mentoring
  • Webcam
  • NSTA or NCTM membership


  • Minimum GPA 3.0 in major and overall
  • Must have a major in math or a certifiable science discipline
  • Must be a junior or senior
  • Completed at least 20 educational service hours
  • Approved Educational Service Hours
  • Educational Service Hours Form
  • Completed a minimum number of math and science course hours
  • Completed SMED 101, SMED 102, and SMED 210

 To Apply

Submit the following:

  • A completed application
  • College transcript
  • Vitae or resume
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Personal essay
  • Educational service hours
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