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Program Requirements

The Associate’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies requires completion of 60 credit hours with a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average. These hours must be distributed among general education requirements and two areas of emphasis.

Students who have previously earned 60 hours of credit with a 2.0 cumulative grade point average or above in all higher education course work completed at Western Kentucky University and have met all other requirements for the degree, may apply as candidates for the Associate of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree. If, upon evaluation of their transcripts, such students meet all the requirements for the degree, the degree will be awarded at the next graduation ceremony.

Academic Requirements

General Education/Colonnade Curriculum (21 hours required)


General Education for AIS Degree Students Starting Prior to Fall 2014

Credit Hours

Colonnade Program for AIS Degree Students Starting Fall 2014 or After

Credit Hours

Cat. A1: Organization Communication of Ideas
ENG 100: Freshman English
Approved category A1 elective


College Composition (WC)
ENG 100: Freshman English and
Approved WC elective


Cat. B: Humanities
Any class from Category BI or BII


Arts and Humanities (AH)
One class from the approved AH list


Cat. C: Social and Behavioral Sciences
Two classes from Category C


Social and Behavioral Sciences (SB)
Two classes from the approved SB list


Cat. D: Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Any class from Category DI or DII (Science or Math)


Quantitative Reasoning (QR)
MATH 109 or MATH 116


Category E: World Cultures
Approved Category E elective


Colonnade Elective
One class from Foundations or Explorations


Total Hours Required General Education Program


Total Hours Required for Colonnade Program



Schedule of Classes and General Education/Colonnade Information

Students who are ready to plan their degree program should refer to http://www.wku.edu/online/online-classes.php for more information regarding the General Education/Colonnade program. The schedule of classes is also accessible from that page, and allows students to see past, current and upcoming course offerings.

Areas of Concentration (27 hours required)

The AIS program allows great customization of the degree based on each student's academic and professional goals, and personal interests. Students must select two areas of emphasis from the list of approved categories. An overall total of 27 credit hours is required, with a minimum of 9 hours in each of the two selected concentrations. Additionally, students must complete 12 credit hours of electives, which may be strategically selected to build upon the student's goals and objectives.

AIS Degree: Approved Areas of Emphasis


Organization and Communication of Ideas




Social and Behavioral Science


Social Justice and Equity Studies



Electives (12 hours required)

In addition to the 21 hours of general education/colonnade requirements, and 27 hours in concentration areas, students are required to complete 12 hours of electives. Electives can be selected from any college level course. Students may use elective hours to further build their expertise in a specific area, explore areas of interest or develop new skills. 

Please note the following additional information:

  • The Associate’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies cannot be filed as a second degree program; as a result, students applying for concurrent or secondary associate degrees must file the Associates Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies as their primary degree program.
  • Developmental courses do NOT count toward the total number of hours earned.
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