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"I love teaching online. It is flexible and engaging in so many ways that are not possible in a classroom setting. It has given me new ways to communicate--I can link my words directly to websites that illustrate concepts and information instantly. It's almost like letting students see what I'm thinking."

Ingrid Cartwright, Art Professor

Transcribing Services

Priority Request Form:The form below is intended to notify us of priority transcription needs. This form should only be submitted if you have been notified by Student Disability Services that a currently enrolled student is in need of special accommodations.

It is our goal to ensure all online courses meet ADA standards. We achieve this in part with transcribing services for all online courses. We have a team transcribers on staff who continually work to ensure all course related videos are transcribed. It is not necessary to request transcribing services, unless you need to notify us of a priority situation. If you have questions, please contact Distance Learning at distance.learning@wku.edu

Have you been notified by Student Disability Services that a student enrolled in this class is in need of special accommodations?
Do you plan to submit this course for Quality Matters review?
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