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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Western Kentucky University’s online programs. WKU now offers more than 50 graduate, undergraduate, and certificate programs online. If you are able to enroll in a combination of online, independent learning, IVS (Interactive Video Services), and telecourse offerings, you will find an even broader selection of programs available at a distance. Whether you plan to finish your degree or change career paths, there has never before been such flexibility in learning opportunities offered at WKU. You can find the balance you’ve been looking for right here!

If you would like to learn more about WKU's online courses and programs, visit the links below, call us toll-free at 888-495-8932 (888-4WKUWEB), or email us at learn.online@wku.edu.

Programs With Some Online Courses

A growing number of undergraduate and graduate programs offer courses online. Please contact the department that offers the degree for specific information on their online course schedule or call the Office of Distance Learning at (270) 745-5173 to learn more.

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 Last Modified 3/28/14