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Comic Image of Bruce Kessler

Dr. Bruce Kessler, Author
Art by: Tressa Tullis

Judy Glass
Gifted and Talented Coordinator,
T. C. Cherry Elementary School,
Bowling Green, Kentucky

"Accelerated students want challenge and we search daily for math lessons that include predictions, imagination, creativity, and intriguing questions that correlate with the Kentucky Core Academic Standards. The Operation Comics #3: Not Your Average Cat provided the kind of “hands on” resource we needed for these exceptional students. The mathematics concepts of the arithmetic mean and graphing points on a coordinate plane were presented by Dr. Kessler to students who were excited to tackle the “Super-Tricky” challenges. We were surprised and more than pleased with students responses to the “Comics” challenges!"

Below are a few of the student journal entries about their lessons using Operation Comics.

4th Grade Student at Cumberland Trace Elementary

 “Today I learned math through comics (Operation Comics). When I learned math through comics, I learned how to find the middle of a few points on a grid. The author of the comics came over and we read one of the comics. We could read silently or with a partner. That book had the “grid lesson” in it. Then we got to figure out the center point. First we guessed. Then we figured out what the real one was. I was the first to figure it out. I had a fun day.”


4th Grade Student at Cumberland Trace Elementary

“We learned some math from Bruce Kessler. He taught us some math. He taught us about grids. He told us how to do averages. For example…2+4+6=12 divided by 3=4 and 4+4+2=10 divided by 3=3.1.”


4th Grade Student at Cumberland Trace Elementary

“I also did some math with division and solved where the cheetah’s home was. And I had a hard time at first then it got easier.” 

4th Grade Student at Cumberland Trace Elementary

“Today I learned how to use coordinates and the average. It was a fun time!”


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