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Org Templates

New Org Templates Available

WKU IT and Web Services are now offering templates for use within the OU Campus Content Management System (CMS) for campus organizations and student groups. These templates are not branded with the WKU logo, simple in design, and are flexible enough to allow orgs the ability to easily create websites that will be housed within the WKU domain at orgs.wku.edu/yourwebsite. To view examples of available templates, please visit http://orgs.wku.edu/funnymonkeys

Any campus organization that currently has a website residing on the WKU.edu domain will be required to convert their websites into the new format no later than Fall 2012. The current server that houses these org websites will be shut down permanently and all data will be purged.

Who is eligible?

Any campus organization, or any on-campus, but externally sponsored (not funded by WKU) student group such as a student club, Greek or religious organization, etc. is eligible to move into the OU Campus CMS using the Org Templates. Off campus groups not moderated by WKU personnel are not eligible for participation.

How to request a website

To submit a request for a website using the Org Templates, visit http://www.wku.edu/apps/ouaddons. You must have a NetID to request and use the OU Campus software. All site requests must be submitted by a WKU faculty or staff advisor of the group making the request.


Once a site request has been submitted, anyone wishing to access the CMS must complete OU Campus training before access will be granted. In addition to classroom training, WKU IT is now in the process of creating an online training course through BlackBoard to allow people to take the training remotely.  Classroom training is scheduled via the IT training calendar: http://www.wku.edu/training and Online training will be available inside BlackBoard through the IT Training tab.

Please direct eligibility questions Creative Web Services at webservices@wku.edu.  You may contact IT with technical questions and questions about training at webmaster@wku.edu.

Important Points:

  • All websites hosted at WKU will be using the OU Campus CMS by Fall 2012.
  • A faculty/staff sponsor of the organization must request the org site here.
  • All users who access the OU Campus CMS must be trained before access will be granted.
  • URLs for Org sites will be in the following format:  http://orgs.wku.edu/yoursite
  • View sample templates at http://orgs.wku.edu/funnymonkeys
 Last Modified 7/23/13