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OU Campus Self Help

The OU Campus Self Help site is an extensive website setup to help you in a step-by-step fashion.  Please use the links on the right to access information about each topic.  Many of the topics include video tutorials and step-by-step instructions.

Below are several different options for getting help with OU Campus.

Video Tutorials

IT has produced many video tutorials that take you through a variety of tasks.  Visit IT's Training Site and click on the Video Tutorials tab - then select OU Campus to expand the menu of available OU Campus videos.

Peer Help

We highly recommend that webmasters across campus contact each other for help on websites.  If you see something on a different department's website, you may want to contact their webmasters to find out how they accomplished what you are seeing.  For a list of webmasters, login to the OU Campus Add-Ons website by clicking on the Add-Ons tab within OU Campus.  There you can view a list of sites and the people who have access to those sites.

Request Help Form

You can request help from IT by using the OU Campus Help Request Form.  This form should be used for technical help with OU Campus.  IT does not assist with content, but we can help you perform a specific task within OU Campus.  You can also email webmaster@wku.edu directly.

Help with Content

If your department needs help with creating or organizing content, please contact the Creative Web Services department in Public Affairs by emailing webservices@wku.edu.

 Last Modified 4/30/14