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Creating an Image Gallery

Live Delivery Platform's (LDP) Image Galleries feature allows users to easily create and manage image galleries in OU Campus. Users can upload images into the gallery; provide a title, caption, and description information; and drag and drop images to modify the order. OU Campus will automatically generate thumbnails based on user-defined settings.  You can view the different galleries on our Funny Monkeys site.

There are three things you must to do have a gallery on your website.  First you must create the Gallery.  Then you have to add images to you gallery.  Last you will need to add your Gallery to your page.

Important Information
  • Please remember to click "Save" after making changes to a gallery.  If you do not do so it will not automatically save.  There is no lifesaver function with Galleries.
  • When uploading images, the browser may present a warning that the digital signature could not be verified. Make sure to click "Run." It is advisable to check the box next to "Always trust content from this publisher" prior to clicking "Run."
  • Images can only be selected from your local computer.  As of right now you will not have the ability to select an image that has already been uploaded.
  • PNG files will be converted to JPG's when you upload them.  This will remove any transparency and make that transparent section black.
  • If the thumbnail is larger than 150 pixels wide the image may display behind the Title, Description and Caption. 
Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Gallery
  1. To create a new image gallery, please go to the Content Tab and then the Assets Link.Assets
  2. Click on New in the top right corner and select Image Gallery from the drop down section.
    Image Gallery
  3. Name the Image Gallery. (Please Note: We recommend that you name your image gallery sitename_galleryname where sitename is your site folder.  For example for our funnymonkeys site we would name the gallery funnymonkeys_galleryname)
  4. After selecting Save you will be taken to a screen to fill out various information. 
    • Thumbnail Size - Change the Height and Width of the thumbnail size.  Please visit our Funny Monkeys site for thumbnail size preferences.  You can modify this after the gallery has been created.  It will change all thumbnail images in the gallery.
    • Thumbnail aspect ratio - If you want the thumbnail to be the exact size of your specified Maximum Thumbnail Size then you will need to choose Crop.  Otherwise the thumbnail will maintain the original aspect ratio of the image when resizing the thumbnail.
    • Content editable by - Please change this to the access group of your site.  You will need to change it to aab_sitename.  For example, I would change the funnymonkeys gallery to aab_funnymonkeys
Step-By-Step Guide to Adding Images to a Gallery
  1. While in the Gallery you want to add an Image to, click on the New Button (either one of the two). You must have java installed in order to upload an image to the galleries.  You also will have to have the image on your local machine.  You will not be able to navigate to a location on the server to get your image.
    New Image
  2. After you select the image it will bring up the image editor.  If you have not already made the image the proper size you can do so through this editor. 
  3. After you have the image sized properly select the Upload As Button to upload the image.
    Upload As 
  4. Once the image has been uploaded don't forget to put in a Title, Description and Caption for ADA compliance. Please visit the Funny Monkeys site for details on which item is displayed.
  5. If you wish to change the order of the galleries you can do so by dragging the image from the gray bar to the appropriate location.
  6. After you have added all images you would like click the "Save" button.  If you do not click the save button your changes will not be committed.
Step-By-Step Guide to add a Gallery to a Page

To tie a gallery to a page you will need to create a new page and choose the appropriate gallery template (galleriffic, yoxview, and image rotation).    Please visit our self-help page on adding pages for a reference. 

After adding the chosen gallery page, edit the page, and click the "Edit Picture Area" button.  In the gallery chooser, choose the gallery you created and click "Save".  If the gallery you are choosing is in red, then your gallery has not yet been published.  In this instance, you should return to your gallery and publish the gallery.

Make sure to save and publish your page after adding the gallery.

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