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Creating a Form with LDP

Live Delivery Platform's (LDP) Forms feature allows users to easily create and manage forms.. Users will create Assets, which can then be inserted into the appropriate page(s). Within the Form Asset creation, a user will be able to add any number of the six available elements.

While setting up the form you will have the ability to have the form submissions emailed to you and/or stored in a database.  You can have it set up to both if you wish.

We have also built in a few special tags within the Forms so you will have the ability to add non form elements.

There are two things you must do to have a form on your website.  First you must create the Form Asset.  Then you must add the Form Asset to your already created page.

Important Information
  • Please remember to click the "Save" button after making changes to your form.  You will also have to republish the asset to see the changes on the front end.  As with all Assets, there is not a lifesaver functionality with LDP Forms.
  • Please remember to change the access on your form to your group (aab_sitename).  If you do not others can change your form. If you forget to do this on the creation of your form you can do so in the expanded pain view by clicking on the access icon Access Icon.
  • If you do want to send an email from your form and you update your form don't forget to update your email to reflect those changes.
  • The Element name should not be longer than 20 characters.  However,  Element names are initially created from the label.  So, if you need a label to be longer than 20 should first create the label with less than 20 characters, save the form, and then go back into the form and edit the label to be longer.
Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a LDP Form
  1. To create a new form, please to to the Content Tab and then the Asset Link.
    Asset Location
  2. Click the New icon in the top right corner and select Managed Forms from the drop down selection.
    LDP Managed Forms
  3. A form will appear where you will have the following information to fill out:
    • Asset Name (Please Note: We recommend that you name your form sitename_form where sitename is your site folder.  For example our funnymonkeys site we would name the form funnymonkeys_contactform)
    • Content Editable by - Please make sure you change this to your site group (aab_sitename where sitename is your folder).  If you do not change this anyone can get in and modify your form or see your results if you saved it into the database.
    • Success Message - This is what will display when someone has completed your form.  This will appear in a green box above your form.
    • Failure Message - This will appear if your form has some sort of error message with it.  It will display above the error message tied to the error.
    • Save Results in Database - If you would like to save the form submissions in the Database just check this. 
    • Email Message - If you would like to receive an email when someone submits a form you will need to fill out this form.  You can create it so the form submission would be in the email.
    • Elements - This is where you will add the elements of the form.  Please see the LDP Elements page for more information on the elements available.
  4. After you have this filled out the form click the Save button. 
  5. Now you will need to publish the asset.  Please Note: If you receive and error message similar to FAULTCODE: 7 UNABLE TO FIND FORM, more than likely you forgot to publish your asset OR you have created element names that are too long (see important information above)
Step-By-Step Guide to Adding a Form to a Page

To tie a form to a page you will need to either create a new page, or edit an already existing page.  Once you have either created or located the page you would like to modify you will need to edit that page.  While in the WYSIWYG click on the Asset icon Asset Icon.  Locate your form asset you just created and click the 'Select Asset' button.  From there just save and publish your page.  Please Note: if your form does not show up on the front end please remember to publish the asset.


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