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Adding / Modifying a Link

Adding a link has been simplified with the WYSIWYG editor. 

For more information, please view PDF of Step By Step Guide.

Step By Step Guide
  1. Type the link text and highlight it using the mouse.
    Highlight Text
  2. Click the chain iconLink Iconon the toolbar. This will open a dialog box.
  3. To create a link to another page on your website, click the button to the right of the Link URL field and follow the instruction below (skip to Step 6).
  4. To create a link to an external site, type in the site’s address including http://   (e.g., http://www.google.com).
  5. Click Insert to finish.
  6. If you want to create a link to another page or documentation on your site, make sure you know exactly where it is before you start. When you click the Browse button next to the Link URL field, you will open a list of folders and files. You will use these folders to navigate through the directories.
    Link URL Icon
  7. Click the folders or use the Location hyperlinks at the top of the dialog box to navigate.
  8. Click Select File to choose a file. If you are linking to an index.php (index.pcf file within OU Campus), select the folder and click Select Folder.  The file lists appears.  Choose your desired file.
    Select Link
  9. Make sure you enter a Title that describes what you are linking to.
  10. Click Insert to finish.
    Insert Link
Editing / Removing an Existing Link
  1. Click on the link in the text that requires changing.
  2. To modify a link, click the chain iconLink Iconin the toolbar. Follow the instructions to add a link above.
  3. To delete a link, click the icon of the broken chain Unlink Icon in the toolbar.
 Last Modified 4/30/14