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WKU Owensboro FAQs



How do I get an official transcript?

Requests for an official transcript must be in writing to the Registrar’s office. Forms can be found in the WKU Owensboro office or you can complete a request form on your own. An online transcript request form is available through the WKU Registrar’s website or through TopNet. Payment of $7 per transcript must accompany the request. Be sure to include your name, social security number or WKU ID and the location where you want the transcript sent. If paying by credit card, include the name on the card, the card number, the type of card and the expiration date. Send your request to:

Registrar’s Office
Western Kentucky University
1906 College Heights BLVD #11017
Bowling Green, KY 42101-1017
How do I look up a course syllabus online?
Course syllabi can be found on TopNet.  Use the Quick Links shortcut at the very top of every WKU page; use the TopNet or Schedule of Classes link and search for the term and specific course.  Once the search is complete, there is a "Syllabi" column.  Look for the hyperlinked "Yes" in this column to download a syllabi.  If there is no hyperlink, the syllabi has not been posted.
Where can I get a course catalog?
Undergraduate and graduate catalogs are available online.  Click here for a current copy of the Undergraduate Catalog.
How do I know when to register for classes?
Registration dates can be found in the registration guide for the particular semester for which you wish to register, or on TopNet under "Registration Status." The registration dates change for each new semester so you should check the registration guide or TopNet each semester. The link to the Registration Guide can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s website. Students may register without penalty any time after their assigned date to register through the day prior to the first day of the term.
How do I change my major or minor?
To change your major, minor or advisor you must go to TopNet, Student Services, Student Records, and then choose the Change of Major/Minor/Concentration/Advisor form. Follow the directions given on the website.  If directed to take the form to the specified departments for signatures, WKU Owensboro is happy to mail the forms for you.  Please see WKU Owensboro advisors with any questions.
How do I see which credits transfer to WKU?
To see which credits transfer to WKU, visit the Transfer Center's website and select the "How Will My Credits Transfer" link.  The Transfer Equivalencies Table link is located on this page. Choose the school that you are transferring from with the dropdown box at the top of the screen. Then follow the on-screen instructions.
Can I register for classes myself?

Yes! Continuing students register for classes on TopNet after meeting with an advisor.

  1. Log in to TopNet
  2. Select Student Services
  3. Select Registration
  4. Select Register/Add/Drop Classes
  5. Enter the desired term
  6. Type in the CRNs for the courses for which you would like to register

For a video tutorial on registering for classes, click here.

Can I be admitted to a KCTCS school and WKU Owensboro at the same time?

Yes! Joint admissions students can be admitted to WKU Owensboro and a KCTCS school at the same time, which gives students more access to resources, including advising, libraries, labs and student services.  These students typically have less than 30 college credit hours.  These students can still receive financial aid.

For additional Advising or Registration FAQs, please visit the Registrar's FAQ page.

For video tutorials on registering with TopNet, or using iCap, please click on the hyperlinks.

Financial Aid/Tuition

How do I pay my tuition?
You can pay via credit card on TopNet, in person at the Bowling Green office, or online.  Visit this website for information on payment options.
Are there any scholarships for WKU Owensboro students?
Scholarships are available for WKU Owensboro students and the application forms can be printed from the WKU Owensboro Scholarships webpage.  If you are from Hancock County, be sure to check out the J. Rogers Badgett, Sr., Foundation Scholarship.
What is a consortium agreement?
Students wishing to enroll in classes through Western Kentucky University and another college/university should submit a consortium request. The institution from which a student will receive his/her degree is considered the “home school” and will award financial aid. Classes taken at another institution, the “visiting school,” may be counted toward total financial aid hours.  For more information, visit here.


Student Services and Testing

Where and how do I obtain my textbooks?
The WKU Owensboro campus building includes a WKU Store, a textbook and apparel store. You can now purchase your books and supplies on site. The phone number for the WKU Store in Owensboro is (270) 852-5988. It is very helpful to reserve your textbooks each semester.  This can be done through TopNet.
How do I apply for graduation?
Login to TopNet and select the Student Services tab. Select the Application for Graduation link. Follow the directions on the following page.  There is a $50 application for graduation fee. Once a student reaches 90 credit hours, a student must apply for graduation.
How do I register for the Praxis test?
Booklets for the Praxis series tests are located in the WKU Owensboro office. You can register for tests on the Internet at  There are links on this site that will tell you what tests are required for the state of Kentucky. Once you go to that page, there will be a small teal colored link that says state requirements. Click on the link to find out which tests are required for your major. If registering online, it is helpful to have a Praxis bulletin for reference to test center codes.
How do I schedule to take a proctored exam at the Owensboro campus?
Call (270) 684-9797 to schedule an online or independent study test at the Owensboro campus. You will then fill out the examination request form on the WKU Testing website.



How do I find my WKU ID Number (800 number)?

1. Click on the TopNet link at the top right side of each WKU Owensboro webpage.

2. Look on the right hand side of this page and click on "What is My WKU ID?" Enter required information and be prepared to write down the ID number. It will only stay on the screen for a short time. If it does not work, call (270) 745-3352 (WKU Registrar) or WKU Owensboro office at (270) 684-9797 and they will verify that you are a student and give you the ID number.

How do I set up my TopNet account?

1. Click on the TopNet link at the top right side of each WKU Owensboro webpage.

2. Enter your WKU ID Number (it begins with 800)

3. Your pin number will be the last 6 digits of your social security number. Enter and click "log-in." You will be asked to change the PIN number to another 6-digit number. This 6-digit number will be your TopNet PIN number and will give your access to TopNet after your initial login. Enter that number and follow directions.

How do I find my Net ID /Setting password (for email logon, blackboard, etc)?

1. Click on the TopNet link at the top right side of each WKU Owensboro webpage.

2. Look on the right hand side of this page and click on "What is My Net ID?"

3. It will ask for your WKU ID (800 number) and PIN number. Once your Net ID is on the screen write this down because you will use this to log into Toppermail, Blackboard, TopNet, etc.

4. Set your password by clicking on the NET ID Account on the left side of the page. At the bottom of the page click on change/reset password" and follow the directions for setting the password. If this is not present then go to and the accounts and logins will be on the left side. *Remember, once you set this password this is the password you will use this for Blackboard, TopperMail, TopNet, etc. If you change the password, it will reflect on blackboard, TopNet, Webmail, etc.

How do I find my e-mail address?

1. Go to

2. Click on LDAP account on the left side.

3. Look up LDAP account and enter required information. This will give your first.last name followed by numbers. Add at the end and this will be your email address.

How do I access WKU e-mail?

Using the "QuickLinks" shortcut at the top of each WKU webpage, select TopperMail and follow the instructions.

When do I get my WKU email address?

Students are issued a TopperMail email account within 24-48 hours after their initial course registration.  Students do not get an email account upon admission to the University, they must register for classes first.  Students should access email using their TopperMail email address (aka Windows Live ID) at

How do I access Blackboard?

1. Know your WKU Net ID.

2. Click on Blackboard at the top right side of each WKU Owensboro webpage.

3. Your Blackboard "username" is your Net ID. Your password is your Net ID password.

 What is/how do I use iCap?

iCap is a way to track your progress in your degree program. iCap filters all courses (in-progress, completed, and transferred) through degree, major, minor, and concentration requirements. Courses that do not fulfill degree requirements or are not or are not articulated to a course needed for a requirement fall to general electives.

iCap can be accessed through TopNet. After logging in to TopNet, click on the Student Services tab. Then click on iCap (Interactive Degree Audit). Click submit an audit and then click on your name on the next page. Your audit will open in a new window. See your advisor for help with reading iCap.

Video tutorials for using iCap are located here.

How do IVS courses work?
If you see “IVS” on the schedule, that means the course is broadcast on television via interactive television to our campus. Your instructor can see and hear you; however they are broadcasting from a different campus instead of being face-to-face with you. To speak to your instructor, you speak into a microphone. A camera then focuses in on you so that the instructor knows who is speaking. Students at all campuses where the class is being broadcast can also see and hear you.

Frequently Needed Phone Numbers

  • Admissions……………………………………………...1-800-495-8463
  • Billings……………………………………………………(270) 745-6381
  • Bookstore (WKU Owensboro Campus)………………(270) 852-5988
  • Financial Aid……………………………………………..(270) 745-2755
  • Graduate Studies………………………………………..(270) 745-2446
  • Registrar’s Office………………………………………..(270) 745-3351
  • WKU Owensboro Computer Lab……………………...(270) 852-5992
  • Owensboro Community and Technical College……..(270) 686-4400

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