Western Kentucky University

DPT Prerequisite Requirements


Prerequisite Courses


Prerequisite Courses:

  1. Biology/Anatomy:Twelve hours (three semesters) of laboratory and lecture-based biology (one anatomy course with      laboratory or anatomy/physiology course with lab is required)
    • At WKU, these courses are as follows (course descriptions - Biology) :
    • If the anatomy and physiology courses (appropriate for science majors) at  your University are 3 hours each and DO NOT have an associated laboratory component, taking BOTH of these courses is acceptable as ONE (1) of the THREE (3) required semesters of Biology/Anatomy.  The remaining two prerequisites need to be biology courses WITH LABS. 

 2.       Chemistry: Two semesters of laboratory and lecture-based inorganic (general) chemistry (for science majors)

3.        Physics: Two semesters of laboratory and lecture-based physics (for science majors)


*** At least five of the above seven prerequisite science courses should be completed

     by the end of the Fall 2014 semester (for applicants wishing to start Summer 2015). 


4.       Social/Behavioral Sciences: Six hours (psychology, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, ethics, etc.)  

5.       Statistics: One semester statistics or research methods (options  &  & )


Recommended Courses:  

Medical Terminology as well as more common content areas in Biology and Exercise Science. 

For any questions, please contact the respective department(s).  



***No grade lower than a C is acceptable in the above prerequisite courses.



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