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Psychological Sciences

Children and Families Lab

We are currently recruiting families for a study involving infants and their parents when they are 4, 6, and 8-mos of age. Please see here for more information. 














The Children and Families Lab is an infant social and emotional development lab that utilizes longitudinal designs and multiple methods (e.g., experimenter-report, parent-report, physiological methods, observational coding, etc.) in order to examine social and emotional development. Families come into our lab located on WKU's main campus in Gary A. Ransdell Hall to participate in our studies.

We examine how individual differences in children (e.g., temperament) and parent characteristics (e.g., parenting & the marital relationship) contribute to the development of adaptive regulatory abilities and aspects of the parent-child relationship. We are also interested in the role of the father in his child's development, something that is less studied than the role of the mother. In particular, our research focuses on examining the similarities and differences between father-child and mother-child dynamics.

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