Western Kentucky University

Department of Psychology

Master of Arts in Psychology, Industrial / Organizational Concentration


I/O Concentration Faculty

Betsy Shoenfelt, Ph.D. (Louisiana State University, 1983), Professor, Director I/O Concentration, M.A. in Psychology: training, EEO, motivation, group/team dynamics, performance, and sport psychology.

Reagan Brown, Ph.D. (Virginia Tech, 1997), Associate Professor: personnel selection, job analyses, psychometrics, and personality testing.

Sam McFarland, Ph.D. (Vanderbilt University, 1971), Professor Emeritus: social psychology, psychology of religion, and cross-cultural studies of personality.

Tony Paquin, Ph.D. (Texas A&M, 1997), Associate Professor: cross-cultural issues, productivity

Jackie Pope, Ph.D. (University of Louisville, 1991), Associate Dean and Professor: social psychology, diversity issues, jury decision making, and minority issues.

Amber Schroeder, Ph.D. (Clemson University, 2012), Assistant Professor: organizational and employee misbehavior, organizational online social networking use, cross-cultural issues and personality

Aaron Wichman, Ph.D. (Ohio State University, 2005), Assistant Professor: Social Psychology: interests include social cognition, uncertainty, cognitive influences on behavior, and self-regulation


Faculty Obligations

Faculty members who will be teaching graduate courses in the I/O sequence in any given semester will meet prior to the beginning of that semester to coordinate requirements among the classes offered that semester to ensure that collectively a reasonable graduate-level workload is placed on the students. Faculty expectations for each class will be described in the course syllabus distributed at the beginning of the semester. Substantial requirements should be identified in the syllabus and additional substantial requirements should not be added during the semester. Exams during the semester should be given with reasonable time limits (not to exceed 3 hours) that allow most students to complete the exam in an appropriate manner. I/O/Social faculty will meet at the end of each semester to review the progress of each student enrolled in the I/O concentration to determine whether or not the student will be recommended for continuation in the program.

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