Western Kentucky University

Department of Psychology

Master of Arts in Psychology, Industrial / Organizational Concentration


Thesis Requirement

Students are required to complete a thesis. The thesis is not necessarily a "unique contribution to the field," but more typically a demonstration of the kind of research the student might be called upon to do at the MA level (e.g., test development, validation of a particular instrument, etc.). It has less of a theoretical orientation and more of a practical orientation. Students are strongly encouraged to select a thesis topic late in their first year in order to complete the thesis by the end of the second year. The student must select a thesis committee of three graduate faculty members, one of whom will serve as the chair. The student will work closely with the chair of his/her committee to write a thesis proposal which is presented to the full committee prior to beginning of the data collection phase of the thesis. Upon completion of the thesis, the student is required to defend the thesis before the committee and other interested members of the Psychology Department. The thesis format must follow American Psychological Association guidelines as well as any stipulated by the Graduate Office of Western Kentucky University.

 Last Modified 10/31/13