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Dr. Steven Wininger

Dr. Steven Wininger

Co-Department Head and Professor, Educational Psychology, Sport Psychology and Motivation

Office:  GRH 3016
Phone:  270-745-4421
Email:  steven.wininger@wku.edu
Website:  http://people.wku.edu/steven.wininger/

Research Interests

My research interests are primarily in Motivation & Emotion within the contexts of exercise, sport, and education. I also have interests in Measurement with regards to classroom assessment and examination of the psychometric properties of measures.

Current Research

The majority of my research interests are in motivation, specifically in teaching people to self-regulate. My research spans three different contexts: exercise, learning, and sport. I study how to teach people to self-regulate their exercise behaviors with the goal of long term exercise adherence. In the classroom, I am interested in how teachers should approach facilitating self-regulation of learning within their students. Last, I am interested in teaching people how to maximize athletic performance via the utilization of self-regulation skills.

The essential self-regulation model includes three phases. The first phase is task analysis which includes value clarification, goal setting, and strategy identification. Implementation is the second phase consisting of strategy implementation, self-observation, and strategy evaluation. The third phase is self-reflection and involves self-evaluation, attributions, and adaptive reactions.


My consulting experiences range from applied sport psychology to evaluation of educational programs. In the area of sport psychology I have worked with college diving, swimming, basketball, volleyball, and tennis teams.

Courses I teach


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