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Established in 1967, the Recreation Administration major at WKU prepares students for a wide array of career options within three very broad sectors, or categories, of organizations:

  1. Public/Government
  2. Nonprofit
  3. Private/Commercial

This part of our website (started July, 2014) is part of an ongoing effort to help our students, parents, school counselors, and advisors more fully understand our profession and the career options available to our majors.

Sample Careers by Categories

General Info

It is helpful to note that very similar recreation-related career opportunities and skillsets quite often appear in several categories.

For example, a recreation program director could work for a city parks and recreation department (public/government), a youth serving agency like the YMCA (nonprofit), or a resort (private/commercial).

This can be make it a little difficult at times to sort career options simply by a job title. As a starting point for organizing career opportunities on this website, we have used some of the categories suggested by Schwab et al (2014) in A career with meaning: Recreation, Parks, Sport Management, Hospitality, and Tourism (2nd ed.).

Community Recreation

City Recreation and Parks Department

County Recreation and Parks Department

Park Districts

Nonprofit Organizations


Big Brothers/Big Sisters



Armed Forces Recreation


Outdoor Recreation in Federal, State, & Local Parks


Recreation Therapy & Therapeutic Recreation


Campus Recreation & Intramurals


Sport Management & Sport Teams


Event Management


Hospitality Industry


Travel & Tourism


Commercial Recreation & Leisure Businesses


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Due to the vast coverage of our profession we can't hope to be comprehensive in the materials we provide. Our hope, however is to provide some basic, useful information.
Please visit this page often and check on our progress. Feel free to let us know what information you need.
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