Western Kentucky University

Summer Early Entry

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    Michelle Jackson


    (270) 780-2538

   Carlous Yates


   (270) 745-8703

   Adam Davis


   (270) 745-5011

How to sign up for SEE

If you are already admitted to WKU for Fall 2014, you will need to change your "admit term" to Summer 2014.

You can request your term to be changed here (Web Form)

  1. If you have been admitted, select an Academic Transitions Program (ATP) Date
  2. Fill out the 2013-2014 FAFSA based on 2012 tax forms – this is different from the FAFSA you will fill out for Fall semester.
  3. Register for classes – we can do this for you - either at ATP or contact us!
 Last Modified 2/12/14