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Senate Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

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Senate Executive Committee (SEC) Meeting
March 3, 2014 -- 12:00 p.m.

(Meeting rescheduled for Friday, March 7th, at noon, due to snow)
WAB 227 - AA Large Conference Room


Copy of Agenda

A.  Approve February Meeting Minutes (Posted)

B.  Reports

1.  Chair

2.  Vice Chair

3.  Secretary

4.  Committee Chairs

a.  Academic Quality Committee: (Report Posted)

b.  Faculty Welfare and Professional Responsibility Committee: (Report Posted)

c.  General Education Curriculum Committee: No Report

d.  Graduate Council: (Report Posted)

e.  University Curriculum Committee: (Report Posted)

i.  Policy items (Posted)

f.  Colonnade Implementation Committee: Policy item

i.  Proposal to revise an Academic Policy, Foreign Language requirements - Revision (Posted)

5.  Advisory Reports

a.  Faculty Regent (Regent Minter)

b.  Academic Affairs (Provost Emslie)

C.  Old Business:

D.  New Business:

E.  Information Items:

1.  WKU General Counsel, Deborah Wilkins, will attend the April 17th meeting of the University Senate to discuss issues related to IT policies and requests for electronic discovery

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