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University Senate Meeting Agenda

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University Senate Meeting
Thursday, January 24, 2013 -- 3:45 p.m.
Faculty House


A.    Approve December Minutes
B.    Reports:
  1. Chair – Mac McKerral
  2. Vice Chair – Jennifer Hanley
  3. Coalition of Senate and Faculty Leadership for Higher Education Representative – Molly Kerby
  4. Advisory:
    a.  Faculty Regent – Patricia Minter - Report posted
    b.  Provost – Gordon Emslie
    c.  SGA President – Cory Dodds
C.    Standing Committee Reports and Recommendations
  1. Graduate Council: (Report Posted: Endorsed by SEC)
  2. UCC: (Report Posted: Endorsed by SEC)
  3. General Education/Colonnade Reports: (See New Business)
  4. Faculty Welfare and Professional Responsibilities Committee: (No report)
  5. Academic Quality: (Bi-Term Report and Bi-Term Resolution Posted and endorsed by SEC; Plus Grading Report Posted)
D.    University Committee Reports
E.    Old Business
F.    New Business:
  1. Verification of Student Identity in Distance Education Course (Posted: Endorsed by SEC)
  2. Time Requirements for Hours of Credit (Posted: Endorsed by SEC)
  3. Selection, Appointment and Reassignment of Department Heads/Chairs (Posted: Endorsed by SEC)
  4. Colonnade course approvals: MATH 116 proposal;MATH 116 Syllabus and MATH 183 (Posted)
G.   Information items:
  1. University Wellness Plan: Wade Pinkard, Employee Wellness manager
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