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Sociology Faculty - Edward Bohlander

Dr. Edward Bohlander

Dr. Edward Bohlander

Professor of Sociology

Office:  Grise Hall 118
Phone:  (270) 745-2299
Email:  edward.bohlander@wku.edu


Penology, Criminology, Organized Crime, Delinquency, Law & Society, and Corrections.

After what many would consider too long a time, I have moved to a part-time teaching assignment in the Department of Sociology.  For the foreseeable future I will continue to teach a course in Penology in both the fall and spring terms, as well as administering the Department’s Internship and Co-op programs.  This latter responsibility I am sharing with my colleague, Dr. Holli Drummond.  Closing down shop on other offerings such as Organized Crime and the Sociology of Criminal Law should only prove to enhance the quality of these courses as they will now be taught by some of the greatest minds and finest teachers available.  I plan to be working toward earning the honorific title of Professor Emeritus.


PhD, The Ohio State University - 1973.

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