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Conference Session Winners

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43rd Annual WKU Student Research Conference Session Winners / March 23, 2013

Graduate Students

Graduate Paper Session 1: Business / Kyle O'Donnell Utilizing Energy Saving Performance to Position WKU as a Net-Zero Emissions Campus (Dr. Brian Sullivan)

Graduate Paper Session 2: Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies / Logan Scisco The Duty of the Rich to Pay and the Poor to Use: Compulsory Education Laws in Gilded Age America (1866-1900) (Dr. Patricia Minter)

Graduate Paper Session 3: Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies / Leslie Nichols Connections Through Time in Typewritten Portraits (Dr. Kristi Branham)

Graduate Paper Session 4: Natural Sciences / Elizabeth Tyrie Diffusion Tensor Imaging Analysis Using the Medical Image Processing and Visualization (MIPAV) Application (Prof. Leslie North); Additional AuthorsAlexandra Bokinsky, Justin Senseney, Julie McEntee, Dzung Pham, and Matthew McAuliffe

Graduate Paper Session 5: Natural Sciences / Linda Baizel Characterization of the Chesterian Big Clifty Tar Sand from Northern Warren County, Kentucky (Dr. Michael May)

Graduate Paper Session 6: Natural Sciences / Alexander Larin Intelligent Multi-Functional Artificial Olfactory System (Dr. Vladimir Dobrokhotov)

Graduate Paper Session 7: Humanities / Brandi Button Plain and Simple: The Will to Live Sustainably in an Unsustainable World (Dr. Jane Olmsted)

Graduate Paper Session 8: Natural Sciences / Amanda Seaton The Left Operon of Bacteriophage HK639 Is Essential for Viral Growth (Dr. Rodney King); Additional Author Rodney King

Graduate Paper Session 9: Natural Sciences / Nicholas Lawhon High-Resolution Monitoring of Winter Storm Responses of the Lost River Groundwater Basin, Kentucky (Dr. Chris Groves); Additional Author Jason Polk

Graduate Paper Session 10: Social Sciences-Services / Angela Byrd The Sick Role and End Stage Renal Disease (Dr. Jerry Daday)

Graduate Poster Session 1: Business, Humanities, and Interdisciplinary Studies / Joseph Kimeu Region-Based Athletic Performance: An Insight Into Positional Segregation in Professional Team Sports (Dr. Dennis Wilson)

Graduate Poster Session 2: Natural Sciences / Laura Osterhoudt and Kegan McClanahan Quantifying the Carbon Budget, Upper Green River Watershed, Kentucky (Dr. Jason Polk)

Graduate Poster Session 3: Natural Sciences / Yogesh Kherde Effects of Various Parameters on Tetracycline Assisted Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles (Dr. Rajalingam Dakshinamurthy); Additional Authors Ashley McDade, Varavoot Siriyutwatana, and Dillon Pender

Graduate Poster Session 4: Social Sciences-Services / Kristen Ruga Perceived Personality Trait Alignment with Job Satisfaction (Dr. Tony Paquin)

Graduate Poster Session 5: Social Sciences-Services / Prachi Chavan Prevalence of Seat Belt and Booster Seat Among Drivers, Passengers and Children in Barren, Hart and Metcalfe County in Kentucky, USA, 2012 (Dr. Gretchen Macy); Additional Authors Vickie Poore, Scott Smith, and Gretchen Macy

Graduate Poster Session 6: Social Sciences-Services / Tessa Seidler Examining Energy Regulation as a Predictor of Gender Discrimination Responses (Dr. Amber Schroeder); Additional Authors Amber Schroeder and Cameron Lile

Graduate Poster Session 7: Natural Sciences / Divya Jyothi Lella Functionalization and Modification of Shikonin Compounds as HER2 Inhibitors (Dr. Cheryl Stevens)

Undergraduate Students


Undergraduate Paper Session 1: Humanities / Haley Cade Gender in 20th Century European Art: The Denial of Traditional Gender Identity Through Ambiguity, Androgyny, and Criticized Gender Roles (Dr. Ingrid Cartwright)


Undergraduate Paper Session 2: Humanities / Ethan Morris Border State Complexities: Kentucky's Loyalties During the American Civil War (Dr. Glenn LaFantasie)


Undergraduate Paper Session 3: Natural Sciences / Joshua Slaton and Nathan Barzee Peel the Pup (Dr. Kevin Schmaltz); Additional AuthorsKevin Schmaltz, Kevin Kappes, and Trey Spargo


Undergraduate Paper Session 4: Natural Sciences / Logan Eckler Molecular Dynamics and Quantum Mechanical Calculations of Aqueous Nitrate Solutions (Dr. Matthew Nee); Additional Author Matthew Nee


Undergraduate Paper Session 5: Natural Sciences / Jonathan Hendrie Characterization and Reaction of an Analog Anticancer Drug Oxaliplatin (Dr. Kevin Williams)


Undergraduate Paper Session 6: Natural Sciences / Brandon Farmer and Akhila Bethi Endothelin-1 Induces Phosphorylation of ERK1/2 inBovine Corneal Endothelial Cells (Dr. Ken Crawford)


Undergraduate Paper Session 7: Humanities / Susan Taylor The Prioress's Tale: A Matter of Redemption (Dr. Alison Langdon)


Undergraduate Paper Session 8: Humanities / Robert Rabold Human Rights in the United States Constitutional Doctrine (Dr. Patricia Minter)


Undergraduate Paper Session 9: Natural Sciences / Jordan Olberding Creation of Transgenic UAS-NC1 Drosophila melanogaster (Dr. Ajay Srivastava); Additional Author Ajay Srivastava


Undergraduate Paper Session 10: Natural Sciences / Dillon Pender Green Synthesis, Characterization of Starch Gold Nanoparticles, and Its Application for Bacterial Identification (Dr. Raja Dakshinamurthy); Additional Authors Lakshmisri Vangala, Vivek Badwaik, Tejas Sangoi, and Rammohan Paripelly


Undergraduate Paper Session 11: Natural Sciences / Jordan Seng Ostracode Sieve Pore Morphology: Toward a Reliable Proxy for Paleosalinity in Bahamian Saline Lakes (Dr. Fred Siewers); Additional Author Rachel Bowles


Undergraduate Paper Session 12: Natural Sciences / Ashlan Clark Risks of Nocturnal Tornadoes in the Mid-South (Dr. Gregory Goodrich); Additional Author Gregory Goodrich


Undergraduate Paper Session 13: Social Sciences-Services / Amanda Cook Motivating WKU Students to Persist in General Chemistry (Dr. Lisa Duffin); Additional Authors Lisa Duffin, Shelby Overstreet, and Martha Day


Undergraduate Paper Session 14: Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies / Kelsey Mattingly "Lord Keep Us Safe This Night": Religious Imagery in Depression-Era Kentucky Quilts (Dr. Guy Jordan)


Undergraduate Poster Session 1: Interdisciplinary / Dagan Dalton Defining a "Math Person" (Dr. Jennifer Cribbs); Additional Author Jennifer Cribbs


Undergraduate Poster Session 2: Business and Humanities / Hanna Demirjian The Evolution of 20th Century Fashion (Prof. Matthew Tullis)


Undergraduate Poster Session 3: Humanities / Christopher Mundy Pioneer Cartoonists (Prof. Matthew Tullis)


Undergraduate Poster Session 4: Humanities / Julie Washer Examining American Children's Book Illustrations (Prof. Matthew Tullis)


Undergraduate Poster Session 5: Natural Sciences / Charles Coomer Identification of Bacterial Contaminates and Evidence for Temperate Phages in Beerwell Samples From a Bioethanol Production Facility (Dr. Rodney King); Additional Author Rodney King


Undergraduate Poster Session 6: Natural Sciences / Connor VanMeter MyOTP, a Newly Discovered Mycobacteriophage From Bowling Green, Kentucky (Dr. Rodney King); Additional Authors Rodney King and Claire Rinehart


Undergraduate Poster Session 7: Natural Sciences / Corbin Allender and Grace Babbs Exploring Genetic Diversity By Isolating and Comparing Novel Bacteriophages (Dr. Rodney King); Additional Authors Rodney King and Claire Rinehart


Undergraduate Poster Session 8: Natural Sciences / Nick Cottrell Synthesis and Crystal Structure of a Two-Dimensional Metal-Organic Framework (Dr. Bangbo Yan); Additional Author Bangbo Yan


Undergraduate Poster Session 9: Natural Sciences / David Keltner and Andrew Johnson Accuracy and Precision Test Fixture for Evaluating a Range of Weapon Platforms (Dr. Joel Lenoir); Additional Authors Jake Doran and Evan Pitt


Undergraduate Poster Session 10: Natural Sciences / Micaela Montgomery and Jacob Fose Competition for Food Resources of the White Bass by Two Introduced Congeners in Barren River Lake (Dr. Philip Lienesch); Additional Author Philip Lienesch


Undergraduate Poster Session 11: Natural Sciences / Rachel Beyke and John Clark Eastern Black Rhino Home Range Activity Based on Human Disturbances (Dr. Michael Stokes)


Undergraduate Poster Session 12: Natural Sciences / Hannah Rodgers Single Step, Antibiotic Mediated Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles with Potent Antimicrobial Activity (Dr. Rajalingam Dakshinamurthy); Additional Authors Rammohan Paripelly and Dillon Pender


Undergraduate Poster Session 13: Natural Sciences / Gretchen Walch A Newly Discovered Cluster E Mycobacteriophage Identified Through Genomic Analysis (Dr. Rodney King); Additional Authors Rodney King and Claire Rinehart


Undergraduate Poster Session 14: Natural Sciences / Mary Spraggs Properties of Cold Galactic Interstellar Clouds (Dr. Steven Gibson)


Undergraduate Poster Session 15: Natural Sciences / Amy Ni Effects of Growth Hormone (GH) Antagonist on Zebrafish Auditory Hair Cell Regeneration (Dr. Michael Smith); Additional AuthorsMackenzie Perkins, Huifang Sun, and Michael Smith


Undergraduate Poster Session 16: Natural Sciences / Scotty Davis, II Identification of Short DNA Repeats and Their Functions in Mycobacterio-phages (Dr. Claire Rinehart); Additional Author Claire Rinehart


Undergraduate Poster Session 17: Social Sciences-Services / Emma O'Grady and Charvinia Neblett No Tunes Allowed: Can Listening to Music Improve Your Exercise Performance? (Dr. Steven Wininger); Additional Author Steven Wininger


Undergraduate Poster Session 18: Social Sciences-Services / Caitlin Gover Analysis of House Bill One, the "Pill Mill Bill" (Dr. Gregory Ellis-Griffith)


Undergraduate Poster Session 19: Social Sciences-Services / Mary Higginson Honors Versus Non-Honors College Students: How Are They Different? (Dr. Steven Wininger); Additional Author Steven Wininger


Undergraduate Poster Session 20: Social Sciences-Services / Kathryn Drye Cross Sectional Analysis of Noise Regulations in Kentucky Cities with Populations > 25,000 (Mr. Jeffrey Barefoot)


Brandi Button

Brandi Button (third from left) pictured with Dr. Jane Olmsted, Chad Green, and Dr. Kay Gandy at La Pascana in Iquitos, Peru / 2013 Student Research Conference graduate session winner


Joseph Kimeu

Jospeh Kimeu / 2013 Student Research Conference graduate session winner


Kelsey Mattingly

Kelsey Mattingly / 2013 Student Research Conference undergraduate session winner

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