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Teacher Work Sample Data Collection Information

The file must be opened in Excel 2007 and must stay in the .xlsx format.  If the file is opened in any other version of Excel or saved in a previous version, the pivot tables and formulas will not work. 

1. Open the file in Excel 2007.
2. Read the directions included in the file.
3. Enter the student information as requested in the green area
3. Enter data into the yellow areas, following the format in the example.
4. Remember to scroll down and enter the proficiency Learning Goals. This is the score that indicates proficiency, not the total score for the assessment.
5. In the "Data" tab at the top, click the green "Refresh All" button.
6. You can now view the graphs on the other sheets included in the file.  (you may view the Calculations sheet but do not modify any data on this page)
7. Graphs and tables included in these pages can easily be copied and pasted into Word 2007 using the Copy/Paste function or CTRL-C/CTRL-V.

Things to be aware of:

  • if modifications are made to the data in the yellow area after the initial entry, the student will need to  go to the "Data" tab at the top, click the green "Refresh All" button to update all graphs
  • If you see an error about "invalid references", ignore it and press OK.
 Last Modified 7/19/13