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Your academic journey to WKU starts here.

The Academic Transitions Program (ATP) is a required online orientation program for all students transferring* to WKU. Through ATP, you will have the opportunity to learn about WKU's history, class registration, academic resources, and create a class schedule with an academic advisor.

*At WKU, a transfer student is defined as a student transferring 24 or more earned credit hours from another post-secondary institution.  The credit hours earned must be articulated by the Office of Admissions before you register for ATP Online.Red Towels Waving

Step 1. Be admitted to complete ATP Online
  For admission info, click here.
Step 2. Register for ATP Online 
  To see a list of dates, click here.
Step 3. Confirm/Change Your Major
  To confirm or change your major, click here
Step 4. Take Your Required Placement Exam(s)
You must take the Math Placement Exam. 
 Other exams may be required. Click to learn more.
Step 5. Complete ATP Online
  To log-in to TopNet, click here
Step 6. Meet with your advisor
  ATP Online will display advising contact info upon completion.

 Last Modified 2/6/14