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Changes to Commuter Parking

Commuter Students

Parking and Transit changes for the 2014-2015 academic year will make it easier for Commuters to get to and from class. In developing this plan, we focused on the experience of the commuting student.

Limiting Commuter Permit Sales

Commuter Permit sales for main campus will be limited to the capacity of campus. This is being done to fulfill the expectation that if a person purchases a parking permit, they will be able to find a parking space on the main campus.

  • Commuter Permits will be sold on a first come, first served basis.
  • Once the Commuter Permits are sold out, a waiting list will be maintained. We will sell permits off of the waiting list when parking becomes available on the main campus.
  • We expect that all students on the waiting list will be able to upgrade to Commuter permits by the start of Spring Semester.

There will be several options for commuters besides the campus Commuter parking permit. These include:

  • Alumni Square Garage Permits
  • Increased park and ride service from South Campus
  • Transit service from nearby off-campus housing complexes

Alumni Square Garage

The Alumni Square Garage is a good alternative for commuting students taking classes on the main campus.  It is located on Alumni Avenue at Kentucky Street and is served by the RED LINE

  • WKU has expanded its lease of the Alumni Square Garage, which means more permits will be available to commuting students.
  • Permit sales to the Alumni Square Garage are limited to provide guaranteed parking for permit holders. Permits are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and are managed with a waiting list.
  • We are reducing the price of the ASG Commuter permit to $160/year.
  • The new permit provides guaranteed parking in the garage weekdays from 6 AM – 6 PM.  In addition, it will also be honored in lots zoned "All Permits"  (AP). 

To make it easier for students to get to class from the Alumni Square Garage, transit service will be re-routed to provide direct access to major academic buildings on State and Normal Streets. The new RED LINE will pick up passengers on Center Street next to the Augenstein Alumni Center on its way to campus. The old Blue Line, which stopped on Kentucky Street, is being replaced by the new Red Line.

South Campus Park and Ride

With limited Commuter permit sales on the main campus, the South Campus Park and Ride will be a good alternative for Commuting students. South Campus permits are only $50/year, and allow parking at South Campus all day.  South Campus Permits are also honored on the main campus after 2:00 PM in Commuter Lots (except PS2) and lots zoned "All Permits"  (AP). 

To simplify transit service, the WHITE LINE will be the only route serving South Campus. The route will remain the same as it is today, but we will shorten the wait between buses by adding another bus to the route. During peak service, a bus will be leaving South Campus every 6 minutes.

Off Campus Housing Transit Service

To make it easier for students to get to campus, transit service is being provided from nearby off-campus housing areas.

  • On Creason Drive, a bus stop will be added at the Campus Evolution Villages apartment complex. This will also serve students living on or near Topmiller Drive.
    • This stop will be served by the White Line during the day and the Green Line in the evening.  See WHITE LINE Map.  See GREEN LINE Map. 
  • On Center Street, a bus stop will be added at the Columns Apartments on Center Street. We will also stop at the GObg station on 11th Avenue.
    • These stops will be served by the new Red Line during the day, and the Green Line in the evening.  See RED LINE Map.  See GREEN LINE Map.  
  • For students living off Campbell Lane near College Suites Apartments, or along Fields Drive or Patton Way behind the Kroger's Shopping Center, transit service is provided by GObg public transit to and from campus.  GObg WEBSITE.
    • PTS is partnering with GObg to provide 15 minute peak service on this route.
    • PTS sells GObg bus passes for $10/semester.

Parking Lot Zone Changes

The University Boulevard Lot, located at the corner of University Blvd and Normal Street (PARKING ZONE CHANGES MAP), is being re-zoned to Commuter parking. This will:

  • Increase the amount of Commuter parking on the main campus.
  • Be served by both the White Line and Red Line transit routes going to and from the main academic buildings on Normal and State Streets.

The Chestnut Street South Lot will no longer be zoned for Commuter parking.

Transit Service Changes

Transit Services are being adjusted to provide better service for commuting students.

  • The WHITE LINE SOUTH CAMPUS PARK AND RIDE ROUTE will now provide service every 6 minutes at peak. Stops will be added at off-campus student housing areas on Creason Drive.
  • The Red Line is being re-routed as the RED LINE NORTH CAMPUS CIRCULATOR and will now serve 11th Avenue, off-campus student housing on Center Street, the Alumni Square Garage, and the academic buildings on "The Hill" and on State and Normal Streets. 
    • PLEASE NOTE:  The Red Line will no longer serve Chestnut Street.
  • The evening GREEN LINE "SHOPPING SHUTTLE" service will be increased to 20 minute frequency and will provide service to off-campus housing on Creason and Center Street.

For more details, follow the CHANGES TO TRANSIT link.  

Commuter Student Permit Options for the 2014-2015 Academic Year

Alumni Square Garage Commuter Permit $160/year

While supplies last                         

  • Guaranteed parking in Alumni Square Garage, 6AM – 6PM weekdays.
  • Lots zoned AP, "All Permits", on main campus
  • South Campus / Campbell Lane Park and Ride Lots
  • After 4:30 PM - all lots except Housing Lots
Commuter Permit $90/year

While supplies last

  • Commuter parking lots on main campus
  • Lots zoned AP, "All Permits", on main campus
  • South Campus / Campbell Lane Park and Ride Lots
  • After 4:30 PM - all lots except Housing Lots
South Campus Permit $50/year
  • South Campus / Campbell Lane Park and Ride Lots all day
  • After 2PM – All Commuter Lots (except PS2) and lots zoned AP, "All Permits"
  • After 4:30 PM - all lots except Housing Lots
Disability Permit $90/year
  • A WKU disability permit is required to park in disability spaces on campus.  WKU Disability permits are issued in person at the PTS office.  For more information regarding disability parking requirements, click HERE


 Last Modified 3/26/14