Western Kentucky University

Evening Parking Policy

Evening Parking Policy

Effective 08/15/2009


 Customers parking on campus in the evening.


 Permit Required Area – Parking lot or structure which requires a WKU parking permit.

Open Parking Area – Parking lots or structures which do not require a WKU parking permit.

Evening Enforcement Hours – 4:30 PM – 11:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Policy Details

 An “Evening Parking Map” is available at www.wku.edu/transportation, which illustrates the parking permit regulations described below.

Permit Required Parking Areas

• WKU Parking permits are required in the evening in the following locations:

o Housing parking lots remain housing zones in the evening.

 A current Housing permit is required to park in housing zones in the evening.

o Gated Regents, Mimosa, and Gated Hilltop lots become All Permit Zones in the evening.

 A current permit is required to park in these lots in the evening.

 All WKU permits are honored, including Campbell Lane permits.

Open Parking Areas

• WKU parking permits are NOT required in the evening in the following areas:

o Commuter parking lots, including Parking Structure 2.

o The parking lots which are zoned “All Permits” during the day are open in the evening. These are: Creason, Russellville Road, Adams Street, Service and Supply Lot, SLF and Center Street Gravel Lots.

o Premium parking lots (except Mimosa as noted above).

o NonPremium parking lots.


• Enforcement hours for meters are described on stickers at the meters.

Special Events

• Special events may disrupt evening parking plans. During special events, lots may be reserved for the event, or an event parking fee may be charged to park in designated lots.

Other Enforcement Practices

• Safety violations are enforced at all times.

• Disability parking is enforced at all times and a WKU disability permit is required in Permit Required Areas.

• Unless otherwise noted, reserved parking and loading/unloading zones are enforced at all times.


 Last Modified 7/19/13