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Veterans Affairs

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I've used my benefits before?

If you have not received your VA educational benefits within the past five (5) years, you will be required to complete different paperwork. If you received the Montgomery GI Bill or Post 9/11, you must complete the VA Form 22-1995. If you received dependent benefits, you must complete the VA Form 22-5495.

If you used your benefits at another school, then you must go to our Getting Started page for instructions on using your VA educational benefits at Western Kentucky University.


What is a Certification Request Form (CRF)? Why do I need to complete a CRF? And, how often do I have to complete it? The Certification Request Form is the form in which you indicate in writing the request for enrollment certification from the Veterans Affairs office to DVA. It outlines the courses that you are currently enrolled or pre-registered for. The VA office uses this form to comply with DVA rules and regulations that the courses that you are requesting are within your degree program and/or are university's requirements to complete a deficiency. You MUST complete this form every semester that you want to use your VA educational benefits.     


Why do I have to complete a Change in Status (CIS) form?  

If course changes are made that differs from your original Certification Request Form, you must submit a CIS (Change in Status) form to request the course(s) you dropped/added to be considered for your enrollment certification. If you have to withdraw due to mitigating circumstance, you must claim it on the CIS and submit supporting documentation.


What if I want to take courses at another school so they can transfer back to Western Kentucky University

If you plan to take courses at another school (visiting school) while you are working toward your degree at Western Kentucky University (home school), then you will need to notify our office of the course(s) you are taking at the visiting school. 

If you are taking those courses at the same time you are taking courses at WKU, there is a space at the bottom of the Certification Request Form where you can enter those courses and the school at which you are taking them.

If you are not taking courses at WKU at the same time you are taking courses at another school, then you need to complete the Visiting Student Request Form on our VA Forms page.


How do I pay for school?

Students must be prepared to pay for tuition and fees up front. It normally takes about 8 weeks following the initial application process for VA educational benefits before the first payment check can be expected. DVA works on a reimbursal basis. This means you are paid a monthly entitlement rate the month following your training. Out of that entitlement you are expected to pay all schooling costs.

Students utilizing Post 9/11 GI Bill, MUST submit a copy of their Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to the VA Office at WKU before any portion of your tuition and fees can be covered. 

The VA Office at WKU offers a deferment for students who are utilizing their GI Bill and need assistance with their university bill.  The deferment will defer your balance until the end of the semester in which you request a deferment. 


I thought the VA paid for my school... What is this monthly entitlement thing?

DVA pays for schooling through the monthly entitlement. As part of federal law, DVA has contracted to pay you a monthly benefit amount. This amount is the same nationwide, and is the same for all similarly entitled veterans. Out of this monthly entitlement, you are expected to pay for all schooling costs, which can include: tuition, fees, books, supplies and general living expenses.

**Chapter 33 (Post 9/11) students will have percentage of their tuition and fees paid by the Department of Veterans Affairs directly to Western Kentucky University after you are certified to VA.

How much money will I get each month?

The amount of entitlement is determined by DVA and the amount of your training time. To obtain the amount in your specific case, please contact the DVA at 1-888-442-4551. You may also view the rate chart under PAYMENT INFORMATION.


I am an active duty serviceperson... what happens to me?

You are not authorized the full monthly entitlement rate. DVA authorizes you to be reimbursed for the full amount of your tuition and fees only up to the amount you would be authorized at the monthly entitlement rate. Tuition and fees does not include books or supplies.


Why can't I take the courses I want -- it's my money!

VA Educational Benefits are an earned entitlement to be used for pursuit of an educational goal. The Code of Federal Regulations is very specific regarding proper degree pursuit, and benefits will be paid only four courses that count for graduation credit in an approved degree program or are university requirements to complete a deficiency.


Why is my money reduced if I don't attend course(s)?

Non-attendance or excessive, non-excused absences from a course(s) that results in a failing grade are reported to DVA as punitive grades. The money received for those hours must be repaid. DVA will not pay for you to not attend class.

How do I start my VA educational benefits? 

You will need to complete the application packet that can be obtained from the campus in which your degree program is offered.

I have not received my money, what do I need to do?

Please refer to PAYMENT INFORMATION page.






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