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Intake Process

Please note that the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) organizations at WKU do not allow undergraduates to join until they have completed at least one semester of school and have proven themselves academically. Some organizations require that one full year of academics be completed before they can begin to discuss the membership intake process for their organization. The intake process varies between the fall and spring semesters depending on each NPHC organization.

"Greeks 101" is required for all students interested in membership in an NPHC organization. Please see the link for information on "Greeks 101."

Each NPHC organization has their own requirements for minimum standards for academics, community service and leadership. However, each group requires a minimum grade point average and an official transcript. The Granting of Membership also varies among organizations. Each NPHC organization implements the guidelines and details of its own membership intake process, so the lengths of the specific programs vary. 



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 Last Modified 12/10/13