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Residence Hall Linens and Dorm Bedding Program
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Residence Hall Linens and Dorm Bedding Program
Western Kentucky University Residence Hall Linens and College Bedding Program
The Residence Hall Linens program has been available for students at Western Kentucky University for years. The residence hall beds at Western Kentucky University are made extra-long so that every student will be comfortable. As a result, students must have custom-sized sheets, comforters, and blankets (more than 76 inches long) for their extra-long mattresses.
Residence Hall Linens and Dorm Bedding Program
Guarantee your first choice today!
We encourage all parents and students to respond early to guarantee the best assortment and the availability of your top choice. All residence hall room bedding and accessories are certain to last to graduation and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our bedding, you may return your linens for a full refund.
“My time is limited and ordering from your company was hassle-free and probably saved countless hours of shopping and driving. Very user friendly.” - B. Breaux
Faculty/Staff Textbook Requests
If you visited this page to purchase textbooks and course materials, you are in the wrong place.
Please visit The WKU Store Online to purchase your textbooks and courseware.

How to Request Textbooks:
— Log into TopNet
— Click on 'Faculty Services'
— Look for 'Course Material Requests' near the end
This method will list texts you have used in past – just select from them or enter new ones.

Of course, If you hate computers and would like to call us, our number is 745-5801.
You may also email Emily Ruby. Any way that we can get the info is a good way. Thanks!

Wondering what to use for your courses? Ever wonder what your peers at other institutions use?
Check out the Faculty Center Network. Login: 70898 Password: dnr090

All book data and email information sent via our online form will not be 'mined' or stored in any database other than Topnet, our bookstore text system and email files. All information is provided to local competitors. (Privacy Policy)

Textbook Requests - Due Dates:
Note: These dates allow the best selection and prices for students.

March 15th — All Summer Terms
April 1st — Fall Term
October 15th — Winter Term
November 1st — Spring Term

If you have any questions, call Emily Ruby at 270-745-5801 and ask. You must decide what is best for your class.
The book department staff considers this 'best practice' deadline as being secondary to quality instruction.
 Last Modified 4/8/14