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WKU Police Access Control

WKU Access Control serves under the direction of the WKU Police Department Chief of Police and is responsible for managing all keying systems for WKU campuses.  We abide by the 2011 Access Control Key Policy to ensure all issued keys are physically secured and only issued to authorized key holders. Our management and staff are dedicated to quality service and strive to provide the safest environment possible to all members of the campus community. 

As a security conscious team, we encourage everyone to become part of a cooperative effort to maintain a high level of safety and security on our campuses.  Effective safety and security practices by all users of university buildings are paramount for the protection of people and assets.  Become part of the solution and review the Access Control Key Policy for "best practices" to follow while handling university keys.

We are always looking for ways to improve. If you have any questions or comments please direct them to the following email:  accesscontrol@wku.edu.  Thank you for your interest in WKU Access Control. 

Key "Best Practices":

    • Sorry, these Keys are Non-Transferrable: Avoid loaning out your keys to others and remember to check your keys back in with Access Control or Housing when separating from WKU
    • Issued keys are WKU Property and may not be duplicated through external sources
    • Maintain possession of your keys: Never leave "hidden keys" for others to find. Even "hanging keys" in the lock so you "won't lock yourself out" creates opportunity for others to take control of your space
    • Verify Authorization:  WKU Keys are only issued to those authorized to enter an area.  Avoid letting unauthorized people have access to your space and please call the WKU police immediately if you observe suspicious activity
    •  Lost / Missing Keys? Contact WKU Police and file a report immediately. They can help you start the necessary paperwork to re-secure your building and complete "Lost / Missing Key" report


 Last Modified 3/6/14